Sociology: what kind of profession and where you can work?

Sociology is the science of society. This narrow definition has a vast scope. Everything that is connected with man and society is in the zone of close study and interest of this fairly young branch of knowledge.

A specialist who received a higher profileeducation in sociology and studying society, its social strata, institutions and groups - a sociologist. In what spheres of professional practice can a sociologist apply his or her education? What can he do in life? Sociology - what kind of profession? And what level of income can a representative of this sphere have? We will try to answer these and other questions.

Who is a sociologist?

Sociologist - a specialist who received a profile higher education.

sociology what a profession
Sociology chairs are usually included in the systemhumanitarian knowledge. Organized in the faculties of philosophy, political science, or economics. A specialist who has received a sociological education can work in different spheres. The subject of his activity is the study of society in the plane in which the professional interest is carried out. Professions related to sociology are quite diverse.


Teaching in the system of higher education is the direct purpose of a sociologist.

professions related to sociology
In addition to proper sociology and special courses onprofound profile, the specialist has the right to read courses in economics, philosophy, political science and other fields of social sciences. The development of a toolkit for sociological research is the field of professional activity of a sociologist. This toolkit has practical value in virtually all areas of social practice - from studying consumer demand in a trading store and up to the level of research of demand for space research on a global scale.

Demand Analysis Expert

For any organization, it is important to understand the objectives andtasks of activity. And for some social institutions it is impossible to exist without statistical data on the state of society. Analysis of these data provides sociology. What professions does she "feed"?

  • Government institutions. Without knowledge of the structure of society, public inquiries, statistical indicators of the development of the economy and the whole of society as a whole, it is impossible to operate state institutions - politics, power, law, jurisdiction.
  • Commercial organizations. It is clear that a day the commercial organization will not be able to function without assessing the market, its capacity, resources, analysis of the requests of target groups.
  • Non-profit organizations. Non-profit organizations that have the goal of producing socially significant goods are the first in the list of interested economic operators. And here comments are not required.

As we can see, virtually all participants in the economic space feel the need for the services of professional sociologists.

Wages of specialist sociologist

In an ideal variant, the salary serves as the form of compensation for socially significant activity.

sociology what professions
This measure of the demand for professionalresource by society. If sociology is a profession, the salary is from 30,000 rubles for a beginner and up to 70,000 rubles a month for a professional. The tools of sociological research and market valuation are especially in demand. Here the level of income depends on the cost of the project, the priceline of prices significantly exceeds the average statistical data.

If the degree is "sociology", what kind of profession can be elected after graduation? In which areas of social practice will the specialist of this profile find?

Sociology: what kind of profession?

Marketer, analyst, head of departmentinformation management - these specialists have a high need for modern employers. And these are all professional sociologists. For them, the field of application of knowledge is unlimited.

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Knowledge of different social groups and stratasociety, possession of systems for assessing statistical information obtained in the process of research on a social object, the ability to develop a sociological research program and apply the knowledge acquired to assess the social phenomenon is just a small sketch about the specific work of a specialist in the field called sociology. What kind of profession and what is the future of this specialization, eloquently speak about the ratings of professional demand. In the top 10 most popular professions include specialties for which a sociologist diploma is required.

Interest in the knowledge of society and the laws of itsdevelopment is an element of a common human culture. Since without this knowledge it is impossible to adequately assess the prospects for the development of the personality in him. And the role of the sociologist is noble in its essence. His knowledge is the golden key to the secrets of society and the strategy of success!