Occupational safety engineer's job description: basic functions

According to Article 217 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, anyspheres of activity (with the number of 50 people or more) the position of an engineer in the field of health and safety is introduced and a labor protection bureau is formed. In small organizations with a staffing level of less than 50 people, the functions of a specialist in this field can be performed personally by the manager.

job description of the engineer for labor protection

In job descriptions of the engineer for labor protectionand safety engineering includes the organization and control over the safe mode of operation for all employees of the enterprise. This implies the maintenance of the relevant documentation in the current Russian legislation. In addition, the job description of the occupational safety engineer includes control over the provision of certain compensation payments to employees and benefits under their working conditions.

The first step towards compliance with the law in the field of occupational safety at the enterprise is the initial briefing of the employee when entering the workforce.

labor safety engineer job description
It is conducted with new, newly adoptedemployees, as well as when transferring employees from one unit to another. The instructor is organized by a labor safety engineer whose job description imposes the obligation to familiarize the new employee with the general working conditions in the organization, the rules of conduct on its territory, the main harmful and dangerous factors, etc.

Identification of harmful and dangerous factorsis carried out based on the results of performance appraisal of workplaces, which is performed at certain intervals depending on the profile of the enterprise. Based on the results of certification, measures are taken to bring the working conditions at a particular workplace in line with the norms and requirements of legislation in this area.

In the process of the HSE engineer's activity,there are situations that require you to make some changes and additions to the system of work of the enterprise. Therefore, the job description of the labor safety engineer also gives the performer the right to submit his proposals for improving the functions of the structure with regard to improving the working conditions for consideration by the employer.

job descriptions of a labor safety engineer

In case of productioninjuries by order of management appointed by the commission investigating the incident. Responsibilities for monitoring the work of the commission and collecting the necessary documents for submission to the relevant bodies are assigned to the engineer for HSE and TB of the enterprise. All requirements in this regard contain the job description of the engineer for labor protection.

At large enterprises involved inproduction or release of any product, there is a need to provide workers with overalls, PPE, detergents, disinfectants, etc.

Control over the procurement, issuance andThe use of these means is carried out by the engineer on HSE and TB. These items are clearly prescribed by the job description. The engineer for labor protection is appointed by the head of the enterprise by an appropriate order. Applicants for this position are persons with higher technical education and work experience of three years.