Secretary's resume. How to make it effective?

Being the face of the company and the right handthe head, the secretary should possess the big list of personal and professional qualities. A competent employee familiar with business etiquette is a find for the manager. Often it is more difficult to find a good secretary than a specialist in a rare field.

Secretary Summary

Secretary's resume is more than anyanother specialist, is his visiting card, demonstrating to the selection manager the ability of a candidate to laconically and competently present important information that allows you to evaluate not only his experience, but also presentation skills. In addition to the standard requirements for the content and design of this document, there are some nuances that should be considered when preparing a resume of the secretary.

So, in the event that you are applying forthe post of secretary, the resume should be at least competently compiled. Think about whether a candidate who is responsible for engaging in business correspondence and drawing up documents that have admitted several stylistic or punctuation errors will be invited to an interview.

Secretary Summary

Particular attention in the preparation of the Secretary's resumeshould be given to the section "professional skills". Here you can include the speed of printing both on Russian and Latin keyboard, knowledge of the basics of office work, foreign languages, level of computer skills. Separately it is worth mentioning the knowledge of business etiquette.

Knowledge of foreign languages ​​isA significant plus for a candidate for the post of secretary. We advise not only to reflect the information on language knowledge in the resume, but also to make a duplicate of your resume in a foreign language. This will significantly increase your chances of getting an invitation for an interview, and will automatically expand the circle of potential employers, including foreign companies. Do not forget: the foreign resume says not only about your professional experience, but also about the level of knowledge of the language.

Most searchable resourceswork, you can attach a photo to your resume. The candidate who is applying for a position of secretary should not neglect this opportunity. But it should be remembered that the photo should not only demonstrate the pleasing appearance of the competitor, but also be sustained in a strict business style.

The resume of the secretary-referent will be incomplete withouta cover letter in which the candidate should briefly state his desire to qualify for a vacancy and to argue his desire by submitting in 2-3 proposals a description of professional experience.

Resume of the secretary of the referent
The best supplement to the description of the professionalexperience will be enclosed with the resume of the secretary covering letters from previous employers that will help to make an impression of the candidate as a specialist. Recommendations should be presented on the official letterhead of the company with the seals of the organization.

The secretary, whose resume is compiled correctly, has a better chance of getting the desired job.

And most importantly - the resume should truly reflect your experience and skills, otherwise it will forever remain just a beautiful business card.