The main purpose of the resume is an invitation for an interview

Resume - a document containing information about yourExperience of work, education, skills, as well as other useful information. In other words, this is your face in the eyes of the employer. The main purpose of the resume is to get an invitation for an interview.

In your resume it is important to describe the inherentquality, while the phrases should be clear and concise. Mandatory in the structure of the resume are: full name, contact details, education, work experience, personal information and qualities. Remember that the purpose of the resume is to show you the best part, because the first impression that an employer will receive about you will be formed from it.

In the "Contact information" section, your phone for communication, e-mail address must be indicated. You can also tell your home address.

Purpose of the resume

Undoubtedly, one of the most important sections of thisthe document can be considered that part of it in which it is described why your candidature will be the most suitable. It is important to correctly formulate the purpose of the work in the resume, to try to do it as clearly as possible and more clearly. It will be better if you specify the position in the company you are applying for. It is not necessary to interlace various posts in one resume, because each of them has its own peculiarities. It will be much better if you compile different summaries for each of them. The purpose of the resume is to present your skills and experience in such a way as to attract the attention of the employer and get an invitation for an interview.

A person who is looking for work, points out in thisdocument your skills and your goal. A resume, an example of which can be found on the Internet on bulletin boards, should contain information that could be of interest to the potential employer.

The purpose of the resume

For example, if it is a document submittedcandidate for the position of a proofreader, the purpose of the summary can be formulated as: "Get a job as a proofreader of the journal in order to practice your experience and skills in practice".

In the section "Education" you can list yourbasic and additional education, and yesterday's graduates can include in the summary the topic of their thesis work. Please note that the information in this section should point to the position you can claim.

One of the main in the summary is the section "Experiencework ". In it you describe what experience you have received, how you can apply it in practice. It is necessary to accurately and in detail list their previous work places (specifying the direction of the company's activities: services, construction, etc.), the date of employment and dismissal from the organization, the positions held. In general, we can say that in this paragraph it is necessary to describe your opportunities and to let the employer understand why he needs you.

In "Personal qualities" it is necessary to tell abouttheir merits, for example: stress-resistance, politeness at dialogue, aspiration to success, ability to search for non-standard decisions. As with the rest of the sections, this also requires a thorough and responsible approach, so that the employer is fully convinced that he has the characteristics of an excellent candidate for his vacancy. It is not superfluous to describe your character, goals in life, your interests.

Purpose summary example

If a resume is compiled for a foreign company, send it in several copies - in Russian and in that foreign language that is used to work in this organization.

Finally, it should be noted that in order not to get into an embarrassing situation and not lose the trust of people, do not resort to deception and attribute to yourself a summary of non-existent qualities.