The storekeeper is who? The job description of the storekeeper

From ancient times to the present, in connection with thethe necessity of maintaining a permanent record and control over the movement of inventory items of one of the sought after specialties is the profession of the storekeeper. The storekeeper is a specialist who belongs to the category of technical executors. This position is assigned to a person with a secondary vocational education, preferably having work experience, however, if necessary, training is provided at many enterprises. Any goods entering the warehouse, from food products to concrete mixtures, for the storekeeper is called commodity-material values ​​(TMC), for which he is directly responsible. In connection with the computerized accounting of inventory items, one of the requirements for an employee claiming to be a storekeeper is knowledge and ability to work with the 1C Warehouse program (of course, not in all companies).

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Who is appointed, who obeys

Since the storekeeper is a specialist who obeysdirectly to the chief or the warehouse manager, he is appointed to the post by the order of the head of the enterprise with the approval of the direct superior. In the storekeeper's jurisdiction, employees, such as stevedores or drivers, can also be located.

Official duties

The job description of the storekeeper is being developedand approved at each enterprise, taking into account the specifics of the work. Official duties - this is the sphere of activity for which the person assigned to her is responsible. For the storekeeper this is:

  • acceptance, sorting, accounting of movement and release of inventory;
  • conformity of the goods delivered to the warehouse indicated in the accompanying documents;
  • placement of goods in stock taking into account the maximum possible rational storage;
  • management of the process of loading, unloading, moving the incoming goods;
  • preparation of income-expenditure documentation;
  • inventory of inventory;
  • distribution of duties and control over their implementation by employees who are directly subordinate to the storekeeper.

Each post is regulated by regulatory documents. For this position:

  • storekeeper's instruction
    legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • technical conditions and standards for the storage of inventory items, organization of accounting;
  • conditions of acceptance, storage, release of commodities;
  • types, marks, standards, storage conditions of goods and materials;
  • qualitative characteristics and norms of costs of goods and materials;
  • rules of safety and fire safety in places of storage of goods and materials;
  • organizational and administrative documents of the enterprise management.

Place and time schedule

The storekeeper's workplace is a storage roomat the enterprise, in production, in the places of storage of goods (stores, warehouses, logistics companies). When accepting an employee for the position of "storekeeper" in the warehouse, the amount of payment and the schedule of work are negotiated individually and depend on the specifics of the company's activities. Depending on the amount of workload, the storekeeper's employment varies from half the rate to a day's work. In some areas, the profession of a storekeeper can be traveling around.

storekeeper at the warehouse

A responsibility

Since the storekeeper is a personmaterially responsible, then he is responsible within the limits of the labor legislation of the Russian Federation. However, for deliberate unlawful actions performed in the performance of their duties, he is responsible, established by the administrative and criminal codes of the Russian Federation. The storekeeper is also responsible for the actions of employees who are in his immediate jurisdiction.