What do they expect from the administrator? What awaits the administrator in St. Petersburg?

The post of administrator is today onefrom the most popular in the northern capital. All-Russian classifier of professions implies two areas of activity, which determines the significant difference in the proposed salaries.

Ads in the Trud catalog.com with job offers administrator in St. Petersburg offer earnings from the absolute minimum of 10 thousand rubles. A lot of proposals, for example, with a salary of 40 thousand rubles. Salaries in this field of activity vary greatly depending on the place of work and the list of duties performed.

How often do administrators vacancies open?

The natural processes taking place in the labor markettoday, invariably affect the number of vacant seats. Applications for the post of administrator in St. Petersburg appear daily. The average mark of monthly income is 25-30 thousand rubles. The maximum number of vacancies is fixed for the position of the store administrator, as well as the administrator of the hall. These statistics, however, do not apply to vacancies for the system administrator. The peculiarity of this field of activity determines the great attachment of specialists to a particular place of work. So, system administrators, in comparison, for example, with salon and store administrators, change their work not so often. Here it is necessary to speak specifically about the specifics of the IT sphere.


What should an administrator be able to do?

The employer's requirements forthe applicant, claiming the post of administrator, is quite diverse. Regardless of the direction and specialization, the preference is given to specialists with work experience from 1-3 years, who are fluent in computer and communication tools. The very content of work implies the applicant's high degree of self-organization and responsibility, as well as highly developed communication skills. Modern conditions of accounting at enterprises are directly related to the use of automated accounting systems, such as 1C. Knowledge and experience with such programs are also one of the points of the requirements for administrators.

As for system administrators,here the list of requirements is much deeper and more specific. In addition to profile education, the employer lists a number of computer programs, experience with which is desirable, and sometimes required for the applicant. In addition, many jobs imply the existence of work experience in a similar position.

Administrative duties

What are the functions of the administrator? The duties of a specialist may vary significantly depending on the scope of the organization. But the standard requirements for an administrator, say, a store, a hall, a salon have common points. And, first and foremost, it is the provision of work to effectively serve visitors and create comfortable conditions for them. His duties include taking measures to eliminate and prevent various types of conflict situations, and to review claims. Also, the expert provides advisory assistance to visitors on the issues of services, shares and bonus programs. In addition, often the administrator maintains a client base and records the appointment to the specialists.