Profession storekeeper. Duties and features

This profession is not taught in higher educationinstitutions, but it is necessary in any production process and in the service sector. People in this specialty must possess many professional qualities. This post is called "storekeeper". Its responsibilities are multifaceted and require certain character traits. Consider the duties of the storekeeper in more detail.

This post provides for materiala responsibility. Therefore, the storekeeper must be responsible and professionally competent. This means knowledge in the field of warehouse accounting and an analytical mindset. In the modern age of technology development, it is also necessary to have a good understanding of computers and related programs. But these are not all qualities that a storekeeper must possess.

The duties of this profession are such that, despiteon apparent ease, not everyone is able to cope with them. The need for an education depends on the position held in the warehouse accounting system. So, for example, the profession of a storekeeper is considered to be a working class, and the warehouse manager is already a managerial position.

To work in a warehouse, you do not need to have a highereducation, enough professional and technical level of training. But special training is needed at the factory. Every worker in the field must know the job description of the storekeeper. In addition, you need to study the categories of goods or their groups.

Here is a list of what the storekeeper should be able to do. Duties are not complex, but require utmost attention.

1. First of all, the employee must know the methods of conducting and recording the warehouse.

2. He is obliged to study the entire range of material values ​​and their purpose.

3. The storekeeper must be able to fill in all the accompanying documentation necessary for the movement of goods.

4. You also need to know how to store goods or wealth and how to store them. An experienced employee will not allow food storage near industrial products.

5. It is the duty of the storekeeper to make inventories and compile reports on the movement and availability of goods in the warehouse.

This position is well suited to commodity experts, who perfectly know the features of each group of products, their characteristics and methods of storage.

Sometimes the storekeeper, except for his mainduties, can perform additional, which depend on the specifics of production. So, you can find a storekeeper-collector at a furniture factory. The storekeeper-loader also performs loading and unloading of goods. The warehouse accounting operator manages the documentation using a personal computer.

Depending on the specifics of the profession,the post of storekeeper is recruited by men or women. If the work is limited only to the maintenance of documentation and the release of products, the loading and shipment of which is carried out by individual workers, then the candidatures of the female are quite suitable. But if it is necessary to independently carry out the movement of goods, then physically strong men are recruited for this position.

In addition to these requirements, the storekeeper mustknow the principles of marking, culling and packaging of goods. For this, a special technique can be used, which a person of this profession must also be able to manage.

Of the characteristics necessary to the storekeeper, it can be noted sociability, the ability to work with people, mindfulness and accuracy in the documentation.

Among other things, do not forget aboutmaterial responsibility, which obliges to be vigilant in the process of work. This all must be able to storekeeper. Duties may vary slightly depending on the nature of the production.