Profession of the forester: duties

Profession forester is in demand in forestry andhunting farms. This employee is a real forest defender. Because green plantations are the lungs of our planet, a huge resource that requires protection and careful attitude.

The history of the profession

Since ancient times in many religions of the world the forestis a sacred ecological system. As a rule, people who were nearby and used its resources and gifts were engaged in forestry protection.

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Forests helped hide themselves from enemies, fed whole villages. The wood extracted in the forest was used during construction and as fuel.

The first memories of people guarding the forest,fall on the 9th century. Since that time, the ecological system has been protected from unauthorized cutting and hunting. Followers of the order in the territory employed feudal lords. But for the simple reason that the feudal lands included not only forests but fields, ponds and pastures, the workers were called not just foresters, but representatives of the forest guards. The official establishment of the post dates back to the 18th century.

On a huge area belonging to the Russian Federation, the forest tracts began to expand and revive in the middle of the 20th century. And the first forest districts were established at the beginning of the century.

Profession forester - description

A forester is a forestry worker(abbreviated to the leshoz), staff member of the forestry department. Under his protection, property belonging to the state is transferred. For each person acting as a forester, a certain part of the forest fund is fixed, which must be constantly bypassed and controlled. When an employee notices any violations on his territory, he must necessarily inform the forestry department.

profession forester which responsibilities

For each detour, an individual passport is provided indicating the buildings, structures, forest plantations, lands and other property that are documented in the document.

Requirements for a candidate

In order to master profession, it is necessary to undergo special training on the basis of a forest school, college, technical school specializing in "Forest and forest park economy" or attend special courses.

In farms in which there are hunting grounds, the forester is additionally entrusted with the duties of the huntsman.

is a preferential profession forester

And what duties does the profession of forester mean? What are the important qualities of a candidate for this position? Is a forecourt profession a forester?

Nowadays the salary of the forester is 6-7 thousand.rubles per month. However, the authorities plan to implement the indexation of wages and increase the rate by 6%. Also, for state employees, the authorities are going to introduce benefits that will allow workers to pay less for utilities and public transport.

Required qualities

The profession of the forester suggests that the candidate for the position should have certain qualities:

  • excellent physical preparation;
  • good health;
  • love of the environment;
  • courage, courage and the desire to protect nature;
  • ability to navigate the terrain;
  • endurance and familiarity with manual labor;
  • mindfulness and good memory.

Profession of the forester: duties

The duties of the forester include the following activities during the circumvention of the fixed area:

  • detection and suppression, and prevention of forest fires;
  • protection of the forest against illegal logging;
  • animal protection;
  • protection of green plantations from diseases and pests;
  • carrying out of economic works.

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The forestry worker is not only engagedplanting trees, he also monitors the order in the territory entrusted to him. Defines plots for felling deadwood. Thinning planting. The forester monitors the health of the forest: it destroys harmful insects, treats and destroys unhealthy plants.

An employee is required to have knowledge and skills inarea of ​​botany, zoology, nature management. Must be able to read and compile maps, and also to own ways of conducting forestry. When appearing on the territory of strangers who wish to hunt or chop firewood, the forester is obliged to check the documents that confirm the right to these actions.

Features of the profession of forester

Forestry and its inhabitants need protection from natural disasters and the destructive activity of irresponsible people.

Staff members should always be in good physical shape, in order to manage to bypass large areas, punish poachers and stop illegal actions of violators.

Also, a person who wants to become a forester shouldto have good health. Medical contraindications during admission to this work include: diseases associated with the musculoskeletal system, allergies, various visual and hearing impairments.

The profession of a forester obliges a person to always be in nature. Even in bad weather, he must perform job descriptions: regularly monitor the territory assigned to him.

To the negative sides of this professionpermanent risks to human health and life. Frostbites, attacks by armed poachers or predators, the threat of life in natural disasters is an incomplete list of all the dangers that lie in wait for the forester.

profession forester description

Employees forestry, in contrast to otherprofessions have to wait for the fruits of their work for a long time. For the simple reason that any tree planted by the forester melt very slowly, for 50-75 years, or even longer. The task of the forester is to ensure that in order to replace each felled tree, a young plant must have been planted.

A professional forester's holiday is celebrated annually on September 17.