Internship in the workplace: how it should be?

Today, some unscrupulous companies accept new employees with only one condition. This is an internship at the workplace.

on-the-job training
It often happens that a newcomer who has worked2-3 weeks, is declared an unsuitable employee and leaves without salary. This is a gross violation of the Legislation, which gives a precise definition of the concept of "on-the-job training" and regulates it. Internship is called mastering in practice the skills of the work indicated in job descriptions. Most often such a practical period are specialists working in production with harmful conditions. However, it can sometimes be assigned to people who move to another position, receive a promotion, or the like. The term of internship in the workplace can vary depending on the duties, the specifics of production. Usually it takes from three to ten days. Newly recruited employees who do not have experience in this field or profession are not trained but trained. Only after him, an employee who has received the necessary theoretical knowledge and skills, is sent to practice.

Internship in the workplace

internship in the workplace

The process of obtaining skills in the workplace has its positive and negative points. Good, of course, more:

  • Employees have time to get acquainted with the range of duties, assess the correctness of their own choice, get to know their colleagues, assess their own strengths.
  • There is time for adaptation in a new place.
  • The employer also gets time to evaluate the future specialist.
  • Time of the internship allows the employee to get used topeculiarities of the work collective, the schedule of work, conditions, other features of the specific workplace. This helps to start full-fledged work without additional stresses and nervous strains.

The bad news is that some leaders, violating everythinglaws of the Russian Federation, turn this process into an unpaid work time, after which the trainee is dismissed without monetary compensation. Internship in the workplace is not training, but practice, that is, activities that are paid without fail. The size of the salary is agreed in advance.

The order of passage

term of internship in the workplace

Internship in the workplace begins with the fact,that the leadership issues an order to start it. In the same document, the person responsible for the practice is appointed. Most often it's the head of the site or department, another head of the unit. After that, the trainee goes through initial briefings on safety precautions, gets acquainted with job duties, etc. The head daily keeps a journal, which marks the length of working time, the content of the trainee's work, takes into account all types of completed cases. When the internship is over, the employee must take the safety and skills test. Usually it requires not only the professional performance of duties, but also the knowledge of the documentation to which he must be guided during his work. If one of these internship rules is violated, the deceived person has the right to apply to the court.