Professional Skills in Resume

Modern job sites are full ofadvice and recommendations on correct summaries, interviews, suitable answers to questions from recruiters and similar information. Find a decent job is really easy, if you follow a few simple truths.

  1. Invite a piece of paper, that is, a competently compiled resume.
  2. They are interested in what the candidate really knows how to do, that is, check his professional skills.
  3. Refuse for deception and inconsistency of written and revealed.

A small clarification on the wording "worthy work."

professional skills
In this article, this meanslegal work not related to unlawful activities, corresponding to the knowledge and experience of the candidate, presenting him with opportunities for growth (career, professional or material) and paid just above the labor market for this position. The key concept in the definition is the correspondence.

The higher the post, the lesshighly specialized professional skills are in demand. It is not so important for a CFO of a transnational corporation to know how to do the posting, but strategic thinking and managerial skills will be adequate. Conversely, when filling a vacancy for a banking operator, the so-called hard skills, that is, a set of accounting and economic knowledge with excellent knowledge of specialized software products, will be brought to the fore. Professional skills and knowledge must necessarily be reflected in the candidate's summary.

professional skills and knowledge
There is a theory of signs, according to which,recruiter, forced to regularly review dozens, hundreds of resumes, to speed up this process, looking for certain signs or markers. For each vacancy, a job profile or competency map is compiled with a list of key search points (recruitment is not so formalized in small and medium-sized businesses). As a rule, this is experience, education and age. In the case of receiving an "empty" resume, the professional skills in which are not reflected or do not meet the requirements of the vacancy, the HR-employee mercilessly or indignantly throws it into the basket. It is important to remember that different vacancies or areas of activity can be considered. For example, a candidate can claim the position of a sales manager or a distribution network development manager. In this case, it is necessary to make 2 different summaries, each of which emphasize those professional skills that most fully meet the chosen position. And send recruiters need different CVs to increase the chances of getting into the number of invitees.

In the case of the sales manager, you should focus on the personal volume

resume professional skills
sales, implementation of the plan, accounts receivablearrears, number of articles; to take the position of a development manager, it would be appropriate to mention the number of contracts concluded with new distributors and reflect their geography and dynamics. Of course, the information reflected in the resume should be at least 90% reliable, especially in the section "professional skills", as this is checked immediately. Before you post a resume for a job, it is advisable to highlight the key points in the job description.

Having made a resume you need a point, highlighting the most advantageous your compliance with the expectations of the company, thereby you can significantly increase your chances of successfully finding a job.