Tempting work: "packer". It is not that simple...

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"I'm looking for work as a packer" - such announcements are veryrarely meet, because there is no profession with this name. In the services of packers, food enterprises, and some warehouses, factories producing a variety of goods, and shops are in need. This work will be filled with meaning in every production. A packer (woman or even a man) can pack gifts, sort labels, hang out groceries in shops, dismantle newspapers or magazines, etc. Such work is needed in St. Petersburg, the woman can work in Moscow, Vladivostok, and other Russian cities. But is every woman able to cope with monotonous duties?

Who is the packer?

Sometimes under this name two similarspecialties: packer and packer. These workers usually do not have education, because it is rarely required to pack or sort the goods. Performance of official duties is a simple unskilled job. The packer produces hard and monotonous work. Even if you just have to put candy in bags or sort by the size of the grain of coffee. Fasovshchitsa have all day to perform a monotonous, tedious, mechanical work. Not everyone can endure this: the muscles get tired, the nervous system strains, and the same work is the fault. The clerk receives a piece-rate payment. This means that the fewer "unnecessary" movements the worker performs, the more money she will earn.

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American researchers conducted an extremelyinteresting experiment. They optimized the work of packers working on the conveyor. The movements were calculated strictly by science and eliminated unnecessary gestures, head turns, etc. Man almost completely turned into a robot. Productivity first rose, and then began to fall sharply. It turns out that "unnecessary" movements do not happen: they help to relieve stress. Having become a robot, a person begins to struggle with difficulty, his intellect decreases. Perhaps, that is why low-educated personnel are recruited to the position, not bored by mental activity. However, in some industries, for example, pharmaceutical, chemical, etc., these workers must have a special education.

"Work: the packer with earnings from 40 thousand a week ..."

Such announcements can be found in the media, on theadvertising curbstones, on the Internet. Unknown employers offer houses to lay out seeds on sachets, cut and paste tea labels, hand-sort through coffee.

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Women are offered extra-high wages,free work schedule. Materials with which it is necessary to work, promise to be delivered on the house or to send by mail. But ... motivating that raw materials (goods) are very expensive (or belong to the elite class), potential workers are asked to make an advance, which will then be returned. It's scammers. Schemes of deception, they choose different. Someone disappears immediately after receiving the advance, someone does not pay the earned money. There are also those who impose on the employee such a fine system that not only does not bring profit, but drives a person into debt such work. When choosing a kind of activity for herself, the packer should be cautious: this is a low-skilled work and can not bring millions.