Paustovsky, "The Cat-thief": a summary

Konstantin Georgievich Paustovsky wrote a lotinteresting stories about animals. This is "The disheveled sparrow", "Hare paws", "Badger's nose" and others. A brief description of the tale "Cat-thief" you can read right now.

A little about the author

Wrote this work for children and adultsKonstantin Georgievich Paustovsky, who loved animals, nature, people. Before you learn the summary of the story "Cat-thief", it's good to talk a little about the author.

Konstantin Georgievich was born on May 19, 1892,lived 76 years. When he started to work in the newspaper "Sailor", he traveled a lot around Russia, gaining invaluable experience. He had a chance to see the beauty of his native land, to communicate with interesting people, to listen to their stories. All this is reflected in the writer's work.

When you read the story of Paustovsky"Cat-thief", you will see that one of the buddies of the author is called Reuben. Indeed, Konstantin Georgievich had a friend Ruvim Fraerman. And many of the characters that the writer described were real. This applies not only to people, but also to animals.

Acquaintance with the main character

cat of the thief

The work is written from the second person. The narrator begins the narrative by acquaintance with the main character. This is a homeless cat who, in search of food, stole food. Therefore, people called him Voryuga.

The animal had a rather deplorable appearance. He had the tip of his dirty tail cut off and his ear ripped open. To see his storyteller and friends was possible only a week after daily robberies. Rather, the cat arranged its sorties at night, and did it so cleverly that only the morning it was possible to detect the loss.

It is from this that the story begins, "Cat-thief". The summary goes on to describe what it was possible to drag to the homeless animal. He stole meat, fish, bread, sour cream. One time I found a jar of worms in a closet. A red-faced tomboy did not eat them, but the chickens saw the prey, and they destroyed what was cooked for fishing.

It took them a whole month to track down the thief. You will learn about this by reading the following short summary.


Paustovsky further says that they helpedto track down the cat village boys. They said that they saw a cat dragging a bug with perches in its teeth (the Kukan is a special device for carrying and storing fish, made of a wire loop and a strong cord).

The fishermen rushed into the cellar and saw that it was lost10 fat perch, which they caught in the river Prorva. Such people could not forgive, they wanted to catch a cat and punish him for tricks. The same evening the animal stole from them a piece of liver sausage and climbed with it on the birch. People began to shake the tree. The cat held itself firmly, but dropped a piece of sausage on Reuben's head (it was one of the fishermen), after which the thief still broke from the birch and ran under the house.

The fishermen laid their lazes and waited for Voryugawill want to go outside. But the animal did not show up. Then it was decided to call the boy Lyonka - the son of a village cobbler, dexterous and fearless. He was asked to lure the cat. The boy tied a piece of fishing line to the fish and threw it into the hole. The hungry cat clung to the fish's head with a dead grip. The boy pulled the line. Together with her, the cat-thief was taken outside. The brief contents will acquaint the reader with further events.

To feed or punish?


People managed to see the cat. It was a very thin animal of fiery red color. Reuben asked what to do with it. First they wanted to tear the cat out, but Lyonya gave him some clever advice. He said that it is better to feed the animal simply. And this is correct, since the cat stole not because he had a bad character, but because of hunger, and good deeds are capable of doing miracles. This is the main idea.

Cat-thief, fed to the dump with pork,cottage cheese with sour cream, jellied with perches, became quite different. At first he rubbed his head against the floor, fell asleep, and the next morning began to perform noble deeds. So he wanted to thank the people for their kindness.

a short story of a thief cat

Fight with a cock

After people fed the cat, they reacted tokindly, he stopped stealing food and began to help them. Somehow the chickens climbed onto the table, standing in the garden, and began to glue the porridge remaining on the plates. The cat crept up and jumped on the table. Chickens cackled and rushed to get away.

a short story of a thief cat

A cock was running ahead, the cat was racing after him and beating himpaw on the back. At the same time, a sound was heard, as if Voryuga was striking a rubber ball. The rooster fell, rolled his eyes, and lay, moaning softly, until it was poured cold water. But after this case, the chickens ceased to go beyond what is permissible. When they saw the cat, they ran away from him and hid under the house. He felt himself a real master and watchman, so it was decided to give him a new name. So the cat of Voryuga became the Militiaman. The summary in the next chapter will tell you about the place where people lived.


the story of the pawn cat of the thief

To make it easier to mentally move to wherethe action of the work took place, we will tell more about the house in which people lived. As we remember, the cat fell from the birch and rushed with a howl under the house. The building was in an abandoned garden and was small. But people here lived well. At night apples fell on the roof, the house was swamped with them, shot and rods. Hence, friends not only fished, but also hunted. Perhaps they took a gun into the forest for self-defense, because dangerous animals could be taken there.

In this house, people spent only nights, and all daysThey were on the shores of lakes, rivers, where fires were raised, and fish were caught. It is felt, with what love the author describes the nature, calling the grass fragrant, telling how the corners of tall plants swayed over heads and covered the shoulders with yellow flower dust. That's the end of the summary.

the main idea is the thief cat

"Cat-thief", Paustovsky. What the story teaches

After reading the work Paustovskyyou come to the conclusion that goodness and compassion can work miracles. At first people were very angry, as the cat was dragging their provisions. They began to hunt for the mischievous, hunted down it. When the animal was caught, it's good that people have shown enough wisdom and did not punish him. If they did, the cat-thief would be even more embittered. The summary brings to the reader an important idea.

The punished animal would still have continuedsteal food, because he did not have a master, he always wanted to eat. Lyonya suggested an excellent way out of the situation, and the cat was well fed. The animal became kind and wanted to help its saviors.

Why do children need to read similar works

For a young reader, the story will become very useful"Cat-thief." They can read the summary together with their parents, get acquainted with the work, conclusions, supplement them with their own thoughts. After that, the guys will understand that feeding a hungry animal is very good. And if they have a cat in their family, they, like adults, are responsible for it and should provide all possible help - feed, wash bowls, clean up after the animal. Such skills teach not only kindness, but also responsibility, and this is very useful for children in adulthood. Therefore, they simply need to read stories about animals, learn how to treat our lesser brothers, and grow up as good responsible people, capable of compassion and helping the weak.