Actor Artem Osipov: biography, film career and family

Artem Osipov is an actor with great talentand attractive appearance. He has many fans who live in different parts of our vast country. Want to see the biography of the artist? Learn the details of his personal life? We are happy to give you this opportunity.

Actor Artem Osipov

Actor Artem Osipov: biography, family

He was born on January 29, 1983 in Saratov. In what family was he raised? Artem's parents are educated and respected people. His father is a professional musician. And her mother received a higher pedagogical education.

Our hero has a sister (3 years older) andbrother (3 years younger). As a child, Artem often clashed with them. And when he became an adult, he found a common language and established relations. His brother lives in St. Petersburg. He is an artist of the ballet. And what about the sister? She works as an English teacher at the VTU. Shchukin.

Childhood and youth

Our hero grew active and sociablechild. From an early age, he showed love for the scene. Especially for parents, brother and sister Artem arranged home performances. To direct the energy and talent of the son in the right direction, the father and mother recorded it in the theatrical circle. The boy was happy to attend classes.

In his school years, Osipov Artem studied at the Saratov Conservatory. The teachers were confident that he would have a brilliant musical career. But fate decreed in its own way.

In high school, the guy was carried away by extreme sports. Together with friends he jumped from the bridges, fired, exploded something. They liked to take risks and receive their portion of adrenaline.

Private life wife


After receiving the certificate, Artem went toMoscow. The guy submitted documents to the Moscow Art Theater School by choosing the course of K. Raikin. By that time our hero had a solid baggage of knowledge and skills in this profession. Therefore, he easily entered the school-studio.

Work in the theater

Osipov was one of the best students on the course. So he had no problems with employment. From the second year on, the native of Saratov began performing at the Satirikon Theater. And after graduating from high school Artem was accepted into the main troupe.

One of Osipov's first works in The Satyricon was the role of Mizgir in the production of The Land of Love. The performance turned out to be lively and colorful. And this role later became the hallmark of the young actor.

Soon K. Raikin entrusted Artem with more serious work. He approved the actor for the role of the French king. The production was called "King Lear".

Artem Osipov actor

On the stage of "Satyricon" the native of Saratov performedmany bright and interesting roles. For example, in the play "The Case" he successfully got used to the image of Philibert. And in the production of "Look back in anger" Jimmy played excellent.

Film career

Artem Osipov - the actor, whose filmography takesits beginning in 2005. An attractive brunette performed an episodic role in the series "Advocate-2". He liked the atmosphere reigning on the set. Our hero decided to continue to develop his film career.

In the period from 2006 to 2007, he starred in several TV series. The directors were satisfied with the cooperation with the novice actor.

In 2007 Osipova was approved for the main role in thethe picture "Sasha, my love." His character is a firefighter, whose name is Alexander Mokhov. The director, spectators and even critics appreciated the game of Artem.

In 2008, he was able to perform one morethe main role. The film was called One Night of Love. In it, actor Artem Osipov played Dmitry Ignatiev. After that, his career went up the hill. Directors and producers piled up the young man with proposals for cooperation. Our hero carefully studied the scenarios. He chose only those roles that were to his liking.

Artem Osipov actor

Viewers liked the images created by Artem, inthe following series: "There is no better", "Under the heel", "Curious Varvara", "Terms of the contract", etc. Below are listed his most successful and memorable film works for the period 2008-2016:

  • "Its true" (2009) - Volodya.
  • "Gangs" (2010) - the operative author Egorov.
  • The "ticket" (2011) - Victor.
  • "The Right to Truth" (2012) - Sasha Volkov.
  • "Priceless love" (2013) - Yuri.
  • "Son of the Father of Nations" (2013) - Dolgushev.
  • "Temptation" (2014) - Plant Director G. Grigorievsky.
  • "London. Know ours! "(2015) - Pavel Kulikov.
  • "Pearl" (2016) - Nikolay Kuznetsov.
  • "Shuttles" (2016) - doctor Popov.

Artem Osipov (actor): personal life, wife and children

Many Russian women dream of such a beautiful and talented man as our hero. But is the heart of a famous actor free? Now you will find out about it.

Since his youth, actor Artem Osipov has been popular with girls. However, he did not hurry to build serious relations. In the first place he had his studies and further career.

Actor Artem Osipov and his wife

Several years ago, the artist met his soul mate. Unfortunately, her name, surname, age and occupation were not disclosed. One thing is known: it has nothing to do with the acting profession.

At first, the couple lived in a civil marriage. The stamp in the passport was a formality for them. Artem took the family of his beloved's son from his first marriage. Now the boy is 7 years old. But after he learned about the "interesting position" of the lady, he immediately proposed to her. The couple signed in one of the capital's registry offices.

Currently, actor Artem Osipov and his wifethey also bring up two common sons. One of them is almost 3 years old, and another - a year and 4 months. For a long time the spouses dreamed of a big family. And it seems that their prayers have reached the heavenly chancery.


We reported on where the actor Artyom Osipov was born, studied and now works. The personal life of the artist was also examined in detail. We wish him creative prosperity and family well-being!