Alexey Komashko: Filmography and biography

"Apostle", "Black cats", "Tula Tokarev", ""Method", "Sniper" - serials, thanks to which the audience is known Alexei Komashko. The filmography of the 35-year-old actor contains over twenty films and television projects. Also, fans can see the star on the "Snuffbox" scene. What else is known about Alexey, his creative achievements and offscreen life?

Alexey Komashko: biography of the star. Childhood, hobbies

The future actor was born in Zaporozhye,there was a joyful event in April 1981. Initially Alexei Komashko, whose filmography now includes more than 20 films and serials, did not plan to become a star of the screen. It is known that in his childhood he dreamed of becoming a clown. Near the house where the boy lived with his family, there was a circus. Alexei constantly persuaded his mother, who had to raise his son alone, take him to the show.

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Cooling the child to the circus is associated with the movethe Komashko family. The future actor stopped dreaming about the career of the clown, he was increasingly seen in the cinema. He also began to study choreography, studied modern dances. It is possible that Alexei Komashko inherited interest in creativity from his mother. The woman worked as a paramedic, but her hobby was singing in the ensemble. Finally, the child became firmly established in his intention to become an actor, playing the herald in the New Year's performance. After that, he went to the theater studio.

Choice of life path

After receiving the certificate, Alexey Komashko, filmography andwhose biography are considered in this article, intended to enter the theater institute. However, the mother persuaded his son to graduate from college, acquire the profession of an artist-designer, which seemed more reliable to a woman. The young man followed the mother's advice, but his dreams remained unchanged.

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On the first attempt Alexey managed to become a studentSaratov Conservatory named after Sobinov, he began to study the art of drama under the direction of Alexander G. Galko, whom the actor still remembers with warmth. He claims that the talented teacher had a great influence on his life's path, "infected" with his passion for art.

Work in the theater

At the end of the third year a talented studentwon the Yevgeny Mironov Prize, to receive the award he had to go to Moscow. Acquaintance with Mironov proved crucial for a young man. It was thanks to the assistance of the famous actor that the future star of the series with Oleg Tabakov met.

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Alexey Komashko, photo of which can be seen inthis article, made an impression on Tabakov. Oleg Pavlovich agreed to take the young actor to "Tabakerka", which allowed the young man to move from Saratov to the capital. In "Tabakerka" Aleksey works since 2005. "Under the Blue Sky", "Elder Son", "Passion for Bumbarash", "Ride" - the most famous productions with his participation.

First roles

Of course, it was not because of the game in the theater thatstar Alexei Komashko. The actor's biography shows that he started acting in serials and movies about a year after moving to Moscow. Debut for a young man was a mini-series "Diamonds for Dessert", presented to the audience in 2006.

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To consolidate the success of Komashko the TV project helped"Alexander Garden 2", in which he successfully embodied the image of a football player due to excellent physical training. After that, Alexei was constantly invited to appear. Most often the directors offered the young actor roles in the series, that it absolutely did not bother him.

Shooting in movies and TV shows

"Apostle", "Cowboys", "Tula Tokarev" - one forothers were followed by successful TV projects, in which Alexei Komashko was shot. Filmography of the young actor was constantly replenished with new projects. Of course, the number of his admirers grew steadily.

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A great popularity was won by criminal dramawith elements of the thriller "Live", in which he received one of the key roles. It was after her release in 2010 that he acquired the star status of Alexei Komashko. Filmography, the main role of the Ukrainian actor became the objects of close attention of fans and the press.

What else to see

The actor claims that for him has no decisivevalue, whether the main role he got, or he will appear only in the episode. In each of his characters, Alex tries to put his soul, make it as lively and interesting for the audience, carefully preparing for the upcoming role. Komashko also tries to ensure that the images that he embodies in serials and movies are not repeated.

It is not surprising that such a large numberKomashko Alexey Alexandrovitch was able to acquire admirers. The filmography of the actor is very interesting to study, as his roles are rarely repeated.

In the sensational melodrama "Sniper" he is brilliantembodied the image of a major special forces unit leading a double life, which even the closest people - a spouse and a daughter - are unaware of. In the criminal television project "Method" he got the image of a crazy maniac Grigory Belykh, who is called a "Lipetsk strangler", he is chased by law enforcement agencies. In "Arithmetic of meanness" Komashko appeared in front of the audience as an ordinary physical education teacher, and in "Angel and Demon" and did try on himself the image of a celestial who has to resist the mighty forces of evil and save a beautiful girl. In the adventure thriller "Asian" he very convincingly played the brutal leader of a criminal group, ruthlessly cracking down on rivals.

Life Behind the Scenes

Alexey Komashko, films and serials with participationwhich is in great demand among viewers, is successful in his personal life. His second half Ukrainian actor met after he moved to Moscow. The chosen star was Galina Vakhrusheva, a girl who has nothing to do with the cinema world. On Vakhrushevoy actor married a few years ago.

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At the moment, Alexei and Galina are growing upthree children: a daughter and two sons. However, the husband and wife argue that in the future they plan to have another child, as both dream of a big family. It is known that parents with children permanently reside in the capital. To the role of father Komashko is very responsible, always finds time for children. It is possible that this is due to the fact that the actor began to withdraw less often, focusing on working in the theater.

Fortunately for the fans of the star, finallyTo refuse to shoot in films and serials Komashko does not plan. In favor of this is shown by the sports drama "Warrior", presented to the audience in 2015. In this drama the talented actor embodied the image of the company.