Love for art is brought up in the Palace of Creativity, Zelenograd

All children and their parents know about the Palace of Creativity. Zelenograd gathers under one roof in the halls of the Palace of Creativity of Children and Youth for various festivals and events. Young talents are happy to demonstrate their ability to sing, dance or practice applied art. In the Palace of Creativity they know perfectly well what to do with young people and how to raise the cultural level.

Palace of creativity Zlenograd

Main information

The main pre-school arts establishment in the district- this is the Palace of Youth Creativity. Zelenograd is famous for its teachers who teach various disciplines. Among them are three honored teachers of the Russian Federation, six having a scientific degree and three masters of sports. Every year 3,500 schoolchildren visit the institution.

The pupils of the Palace not only take part in local festivals, competitions and exhibitions, but also represent their region at the regional and state levels.

To write to different circles of the section, you need toaddress: Moscow, Zelenograd, Silino district, Columbus square, house 1. Many children are happy to study at the Palace of Creativity. Zelenograd is the place where talents are born. In order to get to the institution, you need to go to the metro station "Komsomolskaya", from the Leningrad station, take the train and go to the station Kryukovo. Then - by bus to the stop "Oktyabrskaya" (№ 1, 10, 12). From the stop to walk to Columbus Square 6 minutes.

palace of youth creativity zelenograd

Collectives and mugs

In total there are three directions of additional education in the Palace of Creativity. Zelenograd probably knows those bands that show the best dance and musical numbers.

  1. Choreographic department.

Here they are engaged in classical, folk andmodern dances. It consists of four teams: "Magic shoes" (the direction of classical dance), "Zelenogradochka" (modern choreography), "Olympus" (modern dance) and "Fortune" (folk dances).

2. Department of musical creativity.

As the name implies, the youth of thisThe unit is fond of playing various instruments. The most revealing are the performances of such groups as the orchestral studio "Harmony" (folk instruments), the musical and choral center "Lel", the studio "Inspiration" (saxophone, bass guitar, author's song).

3. Department of artistic and intellectual-cognitive orientation.

In this department, students can get acquainted with various groups of skills:

- air modeling;

- origami;

- "Living tree";

- "Stargazer";

- "Create in virtual space";

- motor sport;

- journalism;

- Literary study of local lore;

- the foundations of motion pictures;

- and others.

palace of creativity of children and youth zelenograd

Activity of pupils

All pupils and teachers at the regional andstate level proudly represent the Palace of Creativity of Children and Youth. Zelenograd is proud of the fact that there are so many talented people here. Festivals are often held. All the teams have a tight schedule schedule for 2016. By the way, by the New Year for all guests and residents of the district the students prepared a festive performance.

After the New Year the exhibition of Lyudmila will openAnnenkovoy "Enamel casket. Secrets of the seabed "in the Palace of Creativity. Zelenograd this exhibition will attract the attention of many, because enamel painting is a kind of a crown of creativity. It is not for everyone to understand the secrets of this supercomplex art.


On the site of the Palace of Creativity, you can find manypositive feedback from citizens. Simple spectators and parents of pupils thank the skillful teachers, who in today's realities have a hard time. They work hard to raise worthy musicians, dancers, journalists, artists who perform at various festivals and competitions. Teachers of this institution live with music, creativity and love of art, they create a wonderful atmosphere that can not be passed on to children.