Barris Ofpi - character of "Star Wars"

To date, millions of people across thethe planet is a fan of "Star Wars" and everything that is associated with them. Therefore, Barris Offi is a fairly popular character both abroad and in Russia.

Biometric and other data

  • The species (race) is a mirialanka.
  • Sexuality is a woman.
  • The height is 166 cm.
  • Hair (color) is dark.
  • Eyes (color) are blue.

barris office

Barris Offi lived in an era of historical change, andit was during the period when the Galactic Republic began to fade and eventually ceased to exist. Change led to the formation of the Galactic Empire. By status Barris Ofpi is a Jedi Knight (healer), as well as a Jedi Master, and later a General of the Great Army of the Republic.

short biography

Barris had a rather difficult fate, likemany characters of the Star Wars universe. Barris Offi was born on board a transport ship, which drifted right in open space. She did not know her parents.

In early childhood, her relationship withBy force. This contributed to her being taken to Coruscant to teach Jedi skills. Despite her impatience, Barris was a very capable student, grasping everything on the fly.

Star Wars Barris Offi

Teacher of the young Padawan Barris became Luminara Unduli, whom Barris was always faithful to.

Barris Ofpi was true to her mentor, and infurther and to the commander throughout the entire Clone Wars. In the course of this war, Ofi accomplished quite a number of various raids and operations, including independent ones, including operations at Ancyon, on the ice Illum, and also on Drongar.

Ahsoka Tano and Barris Offi

Being still a Padawan, Barris became friends witha student of Anakin Skywalker Asoka Tano. Although they had completely different characters, they still managed to find a common language with each other and become friends. In many ways, this was made possible by the restrained and patient nature of Offi, who was forced to endure the harsh character of Ahsoka.

During the Clone Wars, Barris was disappointed inthe actions of the Jedi, deciding that they had abandoned the existing ideals of the Order by going to the Dark Side. Therefore, she decided to carry out an explosion in the Jedi Temple. The terrorist act in the Temple caused the discontent of many citizens, because of it clones were killed, and this could have very unpleasant consequences.

barris ofi inquisitor

To evade the suspicion, Barris Offiframed Ahsoku Tano, despite their friendly relations. She did so that the suspicions of the explosion fell on Ahsoka. However, Barris was quickly unmasked by Anakin Skywalker.

At the trial Ofpi openly confessed to the deed, andalso expressed its position of disagreement with the actions and policies of the Republic and the Jedi Order, primarily predicting the death of the Republic and the Jedi Order.

Barris Ofpi - Inquisitor

At the end of 2015 there were rumors that Barris was an inquisitor, which, incidentally, were not officially confirmed, so it's impossible to confirm something reliably. According to the animated television series "Star Wars: The Clone Wars", Barris died on Felucia, so the appearance of a woman inquisitor, like two drops of water similar to Offi, stirred the public.

Fans began to build all sorts of theories,assuming that she could survive and, becoming angry, become an inquisitor. Be that as it may, no official confirmation of these fanatical theories has not arrived, so it's impossible to talk about 100% reliability of this information.

Interesting Facts

Initially, the authors planned to showevents related to the implementation of Order 66. However, these frames were cut from the picture together with the frames where Luminari Unduli and Shaak Ti died.

In the films of the series "Star Wars" (Star Wars) Barris Offi was played by an actress of Filipino origin Nalini Krishan.

star wars barris offi

In the Russian version of the cartoon"Star Wars: The Clone Wars" actress, dubbing voice Offi, became Tatiana Yassukovich, also known for such works as "Batman: Courage and Courage" (2008-2011) and "Guardian Angel" (2001).

"The new Star Wars guide - the characters" claims that Barris Offie is not a mirialanka by birth, but a person.

The book "Illustrated Encyclopedia: Attack of the Clones ", which was published in 1995, claims that Barris tattoos are of Chalaktan origin, but in Medstar's opinion this statement was found to be incorrect. According to this dilogy, Offi tattoos are considered to be traditional for Mirialan. fans of this character and the universe of "Star Wars" in general.


"Star Wars" is one of the most popularfictional universes, on which not only a lot of films have been shot, but comic books, novels and animated series are also produced. The universe of this world has expanded so much that it started producing reference books and encyclopedias, where information is collected about characters, events, and so on.

Ahsoka Tano and Barris Offi

Barris Offi, although not a keyThe character of the Star Wars universe, but plays quite a significant role. The popularity of this heroine is quite high, especially in the West. In Russia, interest in this character is not so great yet.

Every year, hundreds of fans of the "Star Wars" copyThe image of Barris at various cosplay festivals and events, which indicates a fairly large interest in this fictional character. Even though she is not the most popular character in the universe, she has hundreds of thousands, and maybe millions of fans around the world, who create whole fan clubs for Barris Offi.