The combination of pink with other colors: in clothes, in the interior

Ambiguous, life-affirming and gentle, brightand shocking - it's all about pink. Like any other, it has a large number of shades that are distinguished by warmth or coolness, saturation and purity. We suggest you learn more about how not to spoil the combination of pink with other colors. Clothes or interior, he can add a unique touch of elegance.

combination of pink with other colors

Shades and meaning

Despite the fact that the shades of the named colorthere are a great many, there are still some that are known to the whole world under one name. For example, a rich pink, familiar to all under the word "fuchsia", in honor of the flower of the same name, was introduced into fashion thanks to the French designer Else Schiaparelli and eventually became her business card. In addition, we should highlight such shades as the merry widow, hydrangea, mov, marquise Pompadour, pink ash, Parnassian rose, salmon, magenta.

From the point of view of psychology, pink color(a combination of other colors, photos you can see the text) is quite soft. He, being a derivative of red, as a result of adding white has become the way we see it now.

Experts in Feng Shui claim that shades of pink are required where calm, withdrawal of aggression and fatigue, increased appetite and sleep improvement are needed.

Pink in the interior

combination of pink other interior colors

The whole spectrum of shades of color is traditionally associated in the majority of the population with the female half of humanity, romance and sweets (not for nothing they are sometimes called candy).

Pink color as the basis of the interior inbedroom or living room is used by married couples very rarely, except children's rooms as a tribute to tradition. And this is absolutely undeserved discrimination. Of course, pink monochrome looks luscious and boring, but when it is diluted with other colors, the picture changes dramatically. You can create amazing and very harmonious combinations that will satisfy even the most demanding taste.

Combination of pink with other colors in the interior

It should be noted that the pink color in the interior is good in limited quantities. Designers recommend inserting it in small bright spots or using muted pastel shades.

pink color combination of other colors photo

The final result of independent searches in many respects depends on with what exactly you will combine color. The most successful are the following options:

  1. Pink and white. A win-win. Basic color, combined with shades of pink varying degrees of saturation, looks very harmonious. The interior can be bright and saturated or calm and calming.
  2. Pink and gray. Absolutely elegant and aristocratic neighborhood. It is unlikely that any other combination of pink with other colors of the interior will look just as noble. Strengthen the effect is recommended by the abundance of mirrors and metal forged elements.
  3. Pink and green. The combination, inspired by nature itself - it is enough just to remember the beautiful rose in the garden. The interior made in a similar vein refreshes and cheers up, so it is recommended for dining and living rooms.
  4. Pink and blue. If these shades are traditionally intended for girls and boys, then why not combine these two halves. With a skilful approach, they can look very fresh and interesting, you can try a similar combination in the living room or bathroom.
  5. Pink and red. A great example of how two colors from one range can be adjacent to each other. The most harmonious fit burgundy and wine tint. For example, make a pale pink wallpaper. The combination with other colors in this case will not seem vulgar. The interior is complemented with soft furnishings of a rich shade of bordeaux and natural wood.
  6. Pink and black. A classic mix of colors. Thanks to him you can make a bedroom or living room in Japanese style.

pink wallpaper combination with other colors

Five tips for using color

But, using a combination of pink with other colors, you should still observe some rules:

  1. Do not abuse pink. If it is used sufficiently actively, then dilute it with different shades. To the pale pink walls, add wooden furniture, carpets of warm coffee color, and a rich version (for example, fuchsia), on the contrary, must be balanced with white, gray or pastel.
  2. Do not use for small areasthe room is rich and bright pink, it visually makes space smaller. It is good in limited quantities. The best option - a combination of pink with other colors, more calm and light (white, beige).
  3. Very spacious rooms and rooms are also notit is recommended to make out a bright pink, it is best to choose a gentle shade - a light purple, ashy or tea rose. In this case, the interior will be fresh and light - unobtrusive.
  4. The shade of flamingos, fuchsia, purple and cyclamen is not recommended when applying large areas. They are too tired of the eyes and quickly bored, so limit yourself to a bright spot.
  5. Pay attention to design projects. That's the only way, by comparing you will find the best option. Monochrome has long been out of fashion and looks depressing. Dilute space in several colors.

combination of pink lacquer in other colors

Pink in clothes

It is completely erroneous to believe that the described color scale is the exclusive prerogative of blondes. Alas, but it is in this capacity that he is characterized as frivolous and sugary-sweet.

Opinion about him is so polar that some womenadmires him to an easy degree of madness, and the second half - methodically excludes from his wardrobe. Meanwhile, the number of shades of pink is so great that it is enough for blondes, brunettes, and redheads. It is important to choose the color exactly to your wardrobe, image, hair color, skin tone, etc.

By experimenting and cold evaluation, youfind your perfect combination of pink. Other colors (in clothes, accessories, shoes), it is supplemented quite easily, it is important only to know some rules.

combination of pink other colors of clothes

Choice of color shade

The division of the beautiful half of humanity - independing on the color of the eyes, hair and skin tone - in 4 groups known to most. Pink color with an inept approach can grow old and add vulgarity, and with a competent calculation - refresh and even rejuvenate. Identify with a touch of color often help:

  • For the girl "winter" with fair skin and darkhair all bright colors - from a peach to a fuchsia will approach, though the preference should nevertheless be given cold. Pale pink is not recommended, it will make the face even paler and will emphasize all its shortcomings.
  • The color-type "spring" can safely use all gentle and pastel tones, especially warm ones. They most successfully emphasize blonde hair and skin, blue eyes.
  • Color-type "summer", characterized by swarthy skin,as a rule, brown eyes and dark hair can safely trust the pink color in any of its variations. Cold and warm shades will look equally good. It is recommended to find its combination of bright pink color. Other colors it is complemented much easier than it might seem at first glance.
  • Red or light-brown hair and blue or gray eyes of the color-type "autumn" successfully emphasize the warm tones of pink diluted with beige or apricot hue.

combination of bright pink in other colors

Combination of clothes: tips

Pink color can be considered whimsical. It is individual, self-sufficient, choosing it, one should be careful. Other shades can simply get lost on its background. The combination of pink color with other colors in clothes partly corresponds to the rules that apply when decorating an interior.

So, clearly a good choice will be gray,black, dark blue, white and brown addition. Depending on the shade of pink, you can supplement it with green, beige, brick, burgundy and bright blue. Categorical "no" stylists declare a combination with yellow, blue and orange.

However, such rules are unambiguous for a monochrome wardrobe. In the case of prints, you can find a wide variety and at the same time successful combinations.

Pink color in manicure

Shades of pink, used to createmanicure, are as varied as in clothes. In such a small amount in the image, it will look harmonious almost always and only to use pictures of contrasting colors should be approached carefully.

The most optimal variant of manicure -Natural, light pale shade without any decor. Many prefer the ombre with the transition to white - an unusual and stylish combination of pink varnish. By other colors it is supplemented by analogy with clothes.