Bruce Lee's son: life and death on stage

Bruce Lee's son - Brandon, like his father, is knownnot only memorable fighting scenes and acting, but also a tragic death on the set. Friends after the incident talked about their family as a dynasty, attracting troubles. The senior philosophers from the Chinese quarters were sure that the "bad weather" fell on their heads because of pride. As if they did not like to ask for fate about favor, but openly told her about their demands.

The son of Bruce did

Life Path

Bruce Lee's son - Brandon - was born in 1965 inCalifornia (USA). His childhood passed at the crossings. When he was 6 years old, the family left for Hong Kong. In 1969, Brandon had a sister - Shannon. After the death of Bruce Lee (1973), his wife Linda Lee Cadwell and her children returned to America.

From an early age, Brandon studied Chinese combatart by the system of the father and well owned by him. While still at school, he participated in theatrical productions, later studied acting in college, then at the institute. He loved music, he composed and played the guitar.

At the age of 20 he began his career in cinema and managed to star in ten films. Young Brandon was originally aimed at serious dramatic roles, but the producers saw him as the son of a famous kung fu master.

In 1990, Brandon meets Eliza Hatton. At that moment she was an assistant director. Brandon and Eliza since 1991 live together. Later it was announced about their engagement, but before the appointed date of the wedding in April 1993, Brandon did not live 12 days. He received a fatal wound on March 31, during the filming of the movie "The Crow", and died in the hospital. He was buried next to his father, on the shores of Lake Washington in Seattle.

Son of Bruce Does the Movies


He started shooting Brandon Lee in 1985. The glory of his father overshadowed his personality. Brandon wanted the main roles, but they did not offer their first actor in Hollywood. After several unsuccessful trials in low-budget films - "Criminal Killer" and "Kung Fu: KinoVersion" - Bruce Lee's son throws this venture and leaves for China, then to return to the cinema.

From 1986 to 1989, Brandon Lee managed to star inseveral full-length action films: "Kung Fu: The Legacy of Anger", "Framed", "Kung Fu: The Next Generation" and "Operation" Laser. " There were also two minor roles in the series: CBS Summer Playhouse and "O`Haara." After a successful work in the film "The Soldier of Fortune" (1990), Brandon was noticed seriously. In the action movie "Showdown in Little Tokyo" (1991), he is already playing with Dolph Lundgren.

In the film "The Fugitive Fire" (1992)) he, in addition to playing the role, himself acts as the director of combat scenes. The last motion picture of Brandon Lee - "Raven" (1994), started in 1993, was finished without his participation. Bruce Lee's son suffered a fatal wound during the filming. The last episodes in the film were filmed with the participation of his backup. In the final critical scenes, the image of Brandon Lee at the stage of editing was imprinted using computer graphics.

Son of Bruce Does Brandon

Fatal role

In the mystical thriller "Raven" Brandon Lee playedrole of rock musician. According to the scenario, he comes back from the other world to avenge the bruised honor of the bride, after a gang of rapists, breaking into the house at night, brutally dealt with them.

Almost the whole shooting cycle Brandon had towearing a make-up on his face, depicting a mask of death. He, according to the idea of ​​the authors, got out of the grave to become the Raven avenger. The hero must find the murderers and restore justice.

The last episode, which managed to win back beforeinjured on the site by the son of Bruce Lee, was the final in the cycle where firearms were to be used. Michael Massey - the actor who played the role of a bandit, shot a Crow from a revolver from five meters. Brandon had a device that simulated a bullet hit into his body. The cartridges in the revolver were idle, but despite this, after the shot and fall, the Crow did not rise to his feet.

Death of the son of Bruce did

Death of Bruce Lee's son

After the director's command about the successful double Brandonstill lying. The camera crew thought that he was playing them, and no one was in a hurry to check his condition. When it became clear that Brandon was wounded in the stomach, he was immediately sent to the hospital.

The operation lasted 5 hours, but the surgeons could notstop the bleeding. A large artery was ruptured and internal organs damaged. Brandon died after his bride arrived to him. He waited for Elisa for 12 hours, until after her notification of the incident was urgently taken to the hospital.

It turned out that there was a bullet left in the barrel of the revolverafter the previous scene with shots. It was planned to use fake cartridges, but because of the rush in the store bought combat, and gunpowder of them removed. The weapons were not checked due to negligence, they did not notice the jammed bullet, they were loaded with blank ammunition with a reduced dose of gunpowder. Despite this, the charge was sufficient for a bullet of 45 caliber, hitting the stomach, punched it and stopped at the spine. On that fateful day, Brandon refused to use bulletproof vests.

After the death of Brandon, rumors spread about the possibleinvolvement in this Chinese mafia. Also they were saying about a bad omen. After all, his father died during the filming of the movie "The Game of Death" under strange circumstances, and no less tragically died son Bruce Lee. Films with his participation became the most popular after the death of the actor. "Raven" for the fans of the talent of Brandon Lee became a cult, like the film "The Exit of the Dragon" after the death of Bruce Lee.