Elena Dobronravova: biography and creativity

Today we will tell you who Elena isDobronravova. Her personal life and creativity will be examined below. It's about the Soviet dramatic actress MADT Vakhtangov. She was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR.


Elena Dobronravova
Elena Dobronravova is an actress who was born in1932, on the 21st of July. It comes from the artistic medium. Her parents were artists of the Moscow Art Theater - Boris Georgievich and Maria Yu. Dobronravov. It should be said about the native aunt of our heroine, Elizabeth Alekseev. She was also an actress of the Vakhtangov Theater. Young Elena acted in accordance with all family traditions. She decided to become a dramatic actress.

In 1950 she graduated from school, receiving a gold medal. I entered the university. They became a school-studio named after Nemirovich-Danchenko, who works under the Moscow Art Theater. There I studied from 1950 to 1952. She continued her education at the Theater School named after Shchukin, who works at the Vakhtangov Theater. She graduated from this university in 1954. Her teacher was AA Orochko.

After graduation from the school in 1954. she was taken to the stage of the Vakhtangov Theater. Elizaveta Alekseeva worked there - her aunt's aunt. They often played together. In the theater, the actress was immediately involved in a variety of performances. In addition, she was noticed by the directors, she began to appear in films. In the theater Vakhtangova actress worked all her life, from 1954 to 1999. Dobronravova Elena Borisovna died in 1999, on the 24th of January. She was buried near her parents in the Novodevichy Cemetery.


Elena is a kind-hearted actress
Elena Dobronravova embodied the image of Sasha inthe play "Foma Gordeyev". She worked on the production of "City". Played a slave in the play "Princess Turandot". She received the role of Olga Leonardovna Knipper-Chekhova in the production of "Mocking my happiness." Played Octavia, Caesar's sister, in the play "Anthony". She won the role of de Rosier in the production of "Summer". Played Rose in the play "Great Magic". She took the role of Baroness Charlotte Castelli-Glembai in the production of "Lord Glembai." She played Antonina in the play After Separation. She got the role of Katya in the production of "Man". Sasha played in the play "The Living Corpse." She worked on the production of "Irkutsk history." Elena played in the play "Children of the Sun". She received the role of Nina in the production of "Coronation". Played Betsy Tverskaya in the play "Anna Karenina." Has received the role of Ophelia in the production of "Hamlet". Elena Dobronravova was awarded many awards. She is a laureate of the Cannes Film Festival. Thus, her work on the "Big Family" tape was noted.

Personal life

The actress married the writer Eduard YurievichShima. Thanks to this marriage, she had a new, unusual circle of acquaintances. The girl plunged into the writer's element. She maintained long conversations about books, art and theater. In life, the actress combined a propensity for solitude and phlegmatic with extraordinary vigor. If she wanted something, she always achieved this.

Roles in the cinema

dobronovova elena borisovna
Now consider the filmography of the actress. Elena Dobronravova in 1954 played Katya Travnikova in the film "The Big Family". In 1956, Mr .. received the role of Solomy in the film "Three hundred years." In 1958, played by Valya Ostrogorskaya in the tape "City". In 1959, Mr .. received the role of Nadia in the film "The Golden Echelon." In 1962, Agniya played in the film "Tomorrow's Cares". In 1965, Mr .. received the role of Frosya Mekhotneva in the film "Workers' Village". In 1966, played Vilma Martinelli in the movie "They knew". In 1967 she worked on the film "Courier of the Kremlin." In 1968 she played the duchess in the painting "Portrait". She worked on the film "Shield". In 1969, Vasin's mother played in the film "Accused". She received the role of Nina Savina, Kraft's school friend, in the "Story" tape. In 1970 she played Elena in the film "Mission". In 1972 she received the role of Svetlana Ivanovna Vedenina in the film "Commander". In 1974 she played Elena Nikolaevna in the film "Moscow". In 1975 she received the role of Olga in the film "Mocking My Happiness". In 1976 she played Anna Sergeyevna in the film "Here". In 1978, she received the role of de Rosier in the film "Summer". In 1979 she played the queen in the film "This fantastic world". In 1980, she received the role of Octavia in the film "Anthony". She worked on the film "Great Magic". Played a female registry office in the film "Melody". She played Legran's secretary in the film "Teheran-43".


elena doboravova personal life
Elena Dobronravova starred in the movie "The Big Family." The plot of the picture tells about the Zhurbins. This family of hereditary workers who are engaged in shipbuilding. Three generations live together.