Karen Avanesyan: biography of a humorist and his personal life

Karen Avanesyan is a Russian humorist with Armenian origin. Do you want to know where he was born, studied and when he began to perform on stage? Then we recommend reading the article.

Karen Avanesyan


Karen Avanesyan was born on September 18, 1957 in Baku(Republic of Azerbaijan). He is from an educated and wealthy family. The parents had high hopes for their son. My father wanted Karen to become an artist or a musician. But the boy had his own plans for life. He dreamed of becoming a clown to give people smiles and positive emotions.

Karen's childhood took place in the courtyard of Torgovaya street. It is also called the Baku Arbat. Together with his friends he arranged small concerts and performances. The boys sang and danced amusingly. The neighbors went out onto the balconies to watch their "performances."

The talent of the parodist Karen Avanesyan found in himself,being a schoolboy. He copied the manner of communication and the behavior of teachers. Guys literally rolled on the floor with a laugh. And the teachers advised Karen to make skits not on them, but on fairy-tale heroes. The boy listened to their recommendations. Later he enrolled in a local drama circle.


In 1980, our hero graduated from high school. He already knew where he would go. His choice fell on the Institute of Arts, located in the city of Baku. The guy passed the exams successfully.

It was hard for one scholarship to live. And Karen did not accept material assistance from his parents. He wanted to become independent and financially independent. So the guy thought about finding a job. He mastered several professions - loader, waiter and assistant chef.

In 1982, a novice humorist was invited to work in Azkontsert. Avanesyan was one of the main characters in the show program "Parade of the stars."

In 1984, our hero tried himself in the roleactor. He starred in the movie "Stole the groom." The director praised his game. Soon on the screen came another film with Karen - "Bastard". Avanesyan did not bring fame and recognition to the audience. But he received an invaluable acting experience.

The Conquest of Russia

In 1985, Karen Avanesyan was awarded a diploma ofgraduation from the university. He continued his work in Azkoncert. However, after 2 years I decided to radically change my life. The guy packed his bags and went to Moscow.

Settled in the Russian capital, he helpedfriends and relatives who have been there for several years. Karen Gareginovich participated in various humorous competitions. In some of them he even received awards and awards.

Karen Avanesyan (photo: above) continued to appear in films. In the period from 1986 to 1999, on the screens there were some pictures with his participation. Among them you can distinguish comedies "Impotent" and "Ultimatum", as well as the series "Life after the hunt."

Karen Avanesyan photo


For several years, Karen Gareginovichthe constant participant of collective "the Curved mirror" created at the Moscow theater of humor. He not only performs in various entreprises and sketches, but he also composes jokes.

Team "Curved mirror" traveled with toursthe whole country. In every city, humorists were cheered. The viewers have a special attitude towards Karen. They consider him to be an honest, good-natured and cheerful person. And for Avanesyan the best reward for his work is loud applause in the hall and screams "Bravo".

Karen Avanesyan family

Karen Avanesyan: family

The first spouse of the comedian is not known. They say that she gave birth to him two daughters. The reason for the severance of relations is also not disclosed.

10 years ago, Karen Avanesyan met withcharming girl Nonna. He fell in love with her at first sight. At first Nona did not reciprocate. But soon she saw in Karen an interesting man and a caring man. The couple officially formalized the relationship only in 2010.