Miroslav Skoryk. Composer

Miroslav Skoryk is a notorious musicologist andcomposer hails from Ukraine. Skorik made a huge contribution to the development of both domestic and world art. For his achievements, he was awarded a lot of prestigious awards. Do you want to know more about the work and life of this composer? Welcome to this article!

Miroslav Skoryk. Biography

The future composer was born in Lviv on July 13, 1938of the year. Miroslav comes from an intelligent family. His parents were educated at the University of Vienna, and Skorik himself is the grand-nephew of the legendary Ukrainian singer Solomiya Krushelnytska. The elder brother of Miroslava during the Second World War was a member of the division "Galicia". After the war, he managed to emigrate to Australia.

Miroslav Skoryk

Miroslav began to get carried away with music from the verychildhood. Parents supported the initiative of the child, and in 1945 the boy began his music education at a local school with a musical bias. Even then, Miroslav began creating piano compositions that included both Ukrainian and Russian musicians in his repertoire. Achievements in terms of music were highly appreciated by the famous composer Dmitry Shostakovich. His letter Miroslav Skorik keeps in his personal archive to this day.

Link to Siberia

Nevertheless, Miroslav studied in the musicalschool only two years. After all, in 1947 the Skorykov family, like most of the Ukrainian intelligentsia at that time, was repressed. The next eight years they spent in Siberia.


Union of Composers

The Skorikov family managed to return to their homeland only inthe time of Khrushchev's thaw. Two years after the death of Joseph Stalin, Miroslav, along with his parents, moves to Lviv. There the young composer entered the Lviv State Conservatory (now Lviv National Music Academy named after Nikolai Vitalievich Lysenko). Miroslav studied during the 1955-1960-ies under the guidance of Stanislav Lyudkevich (the legendary Ukrainian musicologist and composer). After graduating from the Lviv Conservatory in 1960, Miroslav moved to Moscow. There the brilliant composer continues his studies at the Moscow Conservatory. Skorik for four years studying under the wing of Dmitry Kabalevsky (famous music figure). In 1964, Miroslav successfully defended his thesis on "The peculiarities of Sergei Prokofiev's music." Thanks to this work, he received a Ph.D.

Further activities

Skorik Miroslav Mihajlovich

Throughout the 1966-1980s, Skorik MiroslavMikhailovich taught composition in the prestigious Kiev Conservatory. Then the talented composer left the country: for a long time he worked in the United States of America, and in 1996 Skorik moved to Austria. In the late 90's, Miroslav returned to his homeland. In 1999, Skorik received the post of head of the department at the National Music Academy of Ukraine named after Pyotr Tchaikovsky (NMAU). Since 2002, Miroslav Skoryk has become famous as the artistic director of the musical festival "KievMusikFest" (organizer - the Union of Composers). In 2005, the composer was invited to the popular Ukrainian music contest "Chervona Ruta" as a jury member. Throughout 2006-2010 Skorik was one of the leaders of the NSCU (National Union of Composers of Ukraine). And in April 2011 the composer received the post of artistic director of the Kiev Opera.

Music by Miroslav Skoryk

The influence of Miroslav Skorik on the development of music onIt is difficult to overestimate Ukraine. The glory of the composer has its origins since the 60s of the last century. Then it was Skorik who first introduced the rhythms of jazz and rock into Ukrainian music. In addition to serious music, cantatas and large concerts, which are now being studied in all the country's music schools, Miroslav wrote soundtracks for Russian films. The most famous work of the composer is music for a cult film called The Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, which is based on the story of the famous Ukrainian writer Mikhail Kotsyubinsky. In addition, Skorik is known as the author of the soundtrack for film adaptations of the "Stone Cross" by Vasily Stefanik and "The Princess" by Lesya Ukrainka. As Miroslav himself admitted, he still writes songs to this day.

Music by Miroslav Skoryk

Also, thanks to this composer, the scene lightsaw such operas as "Bathing" by A. Vakhnyanin, "Roksolana" by Denis Sichinsky, "The Youth Symphony" by Nikolai Lisenka and so on. That is, Skorik Miroslav Mikhailovich had a great influence not only on music, but also on art in Ukraine as a whole. The last achievement of the legendary composer at the moment is the opera based on the poem of Ivan Franko "Moses". The new brainchild of Skorik has become one of the most significant events in the cultural life of Ukraine over the past few years. From this opera were in utter rapture both critics and ordinary spectators.