Isabel Macedo. Life and art

This year, the Argentinean actress Isabel Macedoexchanged the fifth ten. It's time to beat the results and see what the beauty achieved in forty years. Russian actress is familiar to the actress on the series "Rich and Famous" and "Wild Angel". But what is the complete "track record" of Isabel in films and on television? And most of all viewers of both sexes are concerned with the question related to the personal life of the actress: "How's her novel with the amazing blond Facundo Arana?" Is it free? Who now owns the heart of a handsome man? This we will try to tell in our article.

Isabel Macedo


The full name of the actress is Maria Isabel Macedo. She was born on August 2, 1975 in Buenos Aires. Her father is an agronomist, and her mother is a teacher. Isabel has three younger brothers. By the fact that the family lived in an apartment in the prestigious seaside district of Buenos Aires "Palermo", we can conclude that it was secured. The girl received a secondary education at the school of St. Catherine of Murland. Then she entered the University of Belgrano, specializing in hotel and restaurant business. But this science seemed to Isabel very boring. As a result, the university, she never finished, but moved to show business. Good luck to her, and already the first role made her a more or less prominent actress. She starred in only three episodes of the series "Rich and Famous" released on the screens in 1997, but that was enough to be remembered by Russian viewers.

Isabel Macedo and Facundo Arana


Everyone knows that in order to get towide screen, actors have to act in television series. Some such work is so successful that it becomes their role. It seems that this also applies to Macedo. In her career, which began in 1997 and continues to this day, the actress starred in twenty-one films. The vast majority of them are television series, what snobs call "soap operas". After the "Rich and Famous" starring actress starred in "Death in Heaven" and "My Love". More than three years (1998-2000), she worked in the long telenovela "Endless Summer", where Felicitas played. The Russian audience is more remembered by the series "Wild Angel". It should be said that the original title of the TV story is "Muñeca brava" ("Brave Doll"). Isabel Macedo in the "Wild Angel" brilliantly played the role of Anna. Then there were works in "Wings of Love" (Eugenia Ferrarotti), "Son amores" (Iness) and "1000 million" (Carmen).

Isabel Macedo's personal life

Star at the zenith

The debut of the actress can be called successful. But the real fame Isabel Macedo brought the role of villain Dolphins in the series "Floricenta", which was shot from 2004 to 2005. The image of Clara Troglio in "Pirate Soul" only added popularity to the actress. And the role of Sissi in the "Family of Fiero" ensured her high status in the world of television series. In 2008, she again had to get into the skin of a fatal villain - this time under the name of Serena Monterre in the telenovela "Don Juan and his beautiful lady." This series was a great success. After all, the actor's team in it stole "starry". Judge for yourself: Benjamin Vicuña, Romina Gaetani, Joaquin Fourriel ... As a mystical prognosis of the future personal life of the actress was her work in the film "Married to a football player." For this role of Margarita Mollinari she was nominated for the second time to the Argentine television prize "Martin Fierro" (the first attempt was for the work in "Don Juan").

Isabel Macedo in the wild angel

Recent work of the actress

Isabel Macedo continues to star intelevision. Her last works were "The Man of Your Life", "Dance" and "Classmates". The model appearance of the actress allows her to appear in commercials as well.

Isabel Macedo: personal life

Beauty at one meter 72 centimeters longtime was the beloved of the famous actor Facundo Arana. She knew him from early childhood. They studied at the same school, and Isabel was friends with his younger sister. Relationships from comrades outgrew into love in 1996. But the personal lives of the stars of the television series suffered greatly from the female attention to Facundo. Fans simply ran after the actor on their heels. Rumors spread about the betrayal of the actor. And not all of them turned out to be slander. In 2007, it became known about the novel of the actor with TV presenter and model Maria Susini. Next year, Isabel Macedo and Facundo Arana parted ways. And Maria Susini had a daughter, India. However, the girl's parents legalized their relationship only four years later, when the pair had twins Moro and Yako. But, they say, the reason for Isabel's break with Facundo was not jealousy at all. The actor allowed himself very indiscreet interviews (for example, in the magazine Gente), where he spread extensively about sex with his lover, their joint fantasies and other intimate things. Isabel was very worried about this gap. But time heals, and now in 2010 it was often noticed with the football player Frederico Insua. In August 2011, the publication "Karas" published their joint photo. However, something did not work out - it did not happen before marriage. Since 2014, Isabel Macedo is often seen in the company of a businessman. Whether this is a novel and what it will lead to - time will tell.