Biography of famous German singers Kim Petras, Neno and Bobo

Germany is the birthplace of beautiful musicalperformers who develop in different genres. It is worth remembering many rock and pop singers who have made their way onto the American stage. German singer sometimes can hurt fans with his story. An example of this was the biography of Petras. More details about it can be found in this article. You need to be prepared for the fact that the girl is pretty nice appearance has ticklish facts in the biography. They helped her to become popular on the modern German stage.

Short biography of Kim Petras

Petras - a girl who has become quite famous due to the change of her gender. Her popularity after the operation quickly increased. Currently, she acts virtually throughout the state.

A girl was born in Cologne in one of the summerDenkov - August 27, 1992 (23 years). The boy's parents (at the time) shared in the interview that in 2 years the child complained and claimed that he was a girl! Lutz and Koni were alarmed, but Kim soon stopped thinking about it. However, after a while, parents noticed that their child really behaves like a girl and, most surprisingly, looks accordingly. Dad and his mother Petras supported him. However, they had to be rather difficult, because children's transsexuality is a rather scrupulous topic. The specialist for the operation they managed to find soon. They became Professor Meyenburgh. He studied this phenomenon since 1970, and this child seemed to him a very interesting personality.

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Sex change

Kim Petras already at the age of 13 began to take hormones. She was given a certain period of time so that she finally decided on her gender. As a result of a study that "authorized" the operation, as early as 16 years, Kim officially changed the male to the female sex. As a result, she became the youngest person in the whole history of mankind, who managed to achieve such a complex operation.

For several years of training, Kim Petras has shownDefender of all people who do not agree with the "decision of nature". It not only waved the flag and organized rallies, but also studied the laws, rules and medical nuances that are associated with the process of reincarnation.

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At the age of 13, the girl first appeared onTV, shocking its history of many. A documentary film was made about her, thanks to which Kim received the strongest moral support from understanding people from all over the world.

In 2007, Kim Petras decided to record the video onwho sang their favorite songs. And since she did it perfectly, she was offered to cooperate with an independent label in Germany. Now she has several singles, which the majority of the population of the state liked.

But still it is worth noting that the main reason for itspopularity - transsexuality. The girl herself does not see anything wrong with that. She once said in an interview that she always felt like a woman, just happened to be in the wrong body.


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Nena, whose real name is Gabriele Kerner,is a singer and actress. She is a representative of the new German wave. This trend in music arose in the 70's, but the peak of popularity reached exactly when Nena and other colleagues were on the scene.

Gabriele was born on March 24, 1960 (56 years old). Pop music, rock, underground - all these areas are close to her. In the discography of the singer more than 40 singles, which quickly made her popular.

For a long time Nena was in the same group. Her work with Nena lasted more than 5 years (from 1981 to 1987). Literally a year after the debut, the band "shot" a hit, after it the band began to flourish. However, the following albums no longer interested foreign listeners, and the latter were not even needed by the Germans. So the group broke up.

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May 11, 1966, Bobo was born. She is a favorite among those who prefer classical German metal. Bobo - backing vocalist of the legendary band Rammstein.

In addition to working in a rock band, shedeveloped independently and even released many solo singles. At the moment, Bobo rarely appears on stage, is focused on the family (has a daughter), but sometimes she can be seen as a guest artist at some events, including performances by Rammstein. She took part in recording some songs, starting with the album "Lust" (the second album of the group).