Cash gathering of "Star Wars-7" in the US and other countries

The box office fees of Star Wars 7 arean indicator of the popularity of this iconic saga on the world's screens. For more than three decades the epic epic, created by J. Lucas, continues to delight fans of his fantastic universe not only with the original franchise, but also with serials, cartoons, sequels and extensions of the story's main storyline.

World Success

The release of a new film about the famousThe battle in the distant galaxy was, perhaps, the most anticipated event in the cinematograph of last year. The box office fees of Star Wars 7 were simply deafening: having collected almost two billion dollars, the project, in fact, gave a start to the beginning of the filming of the long-awaited continuation. Despite the fact that many fans of the movie studio were dissatisfied with the fact that the plot of the new film was very similar to the very first, original part, however, it did not stop the film from typing the above amount, taking on the overall list of the most successful commercially films honorable third a place. The above were two works by director Cameron, among them - the cult "Titanic." The box office fees of Star Wars 7 proved that this project took place, although skeptics continue to assure that the picture has lost its originality due to too many borrowings from the original part.

box office Star Wars 7


The lion's share of revenues from general fees receivedAmerica, which, incidentally, is not surprising. In this country, especially love the old trilogy, created in the distant 1970-1980, in contrast, for example, from our country, where the prequel is also in high esteem. Cash gathering "Star Wars-7" in the states amounted to more than 930 million dollars. In addition, here in the first weekend, the picture broke all the records, squeezing the "World of the Jurassic period", which says a lot. The reason for this success lies in the fact that Abrams, the creator of the new picture, very carefully approached the original trilogy, which he has been a fan of for a long time. He very carefully transferred the familiar and so beloved to the fans of the galactic world in modern computer design.

box office of the Star Wars 7 in the world

In Russia

The last part of the movie "Star Wars" - an episode7, whose box-office collections were much more modest in our country - despite the huge popularity all over the world, did not receive the prestigious Oscar. Perhaps, because it was perceived ambiguously. There are many controversial points in it, although most viewers and fans of the picture took it with delight. But the revenues from the new episode in Russia, compared to other countries, were not that great. The reason, most likely, should be found in the fact that domestic viewers, as already mentioned, positively accept the prequels of the early 2000s. At least, this point of view exists, and probably will be able to explain that our picture has collected twenty-five million dollars.

In other countries

The box office of Star Wars 7 in the world wasvery impressive, despite the criticism and skepticism that accompanied the output of the picture. Nevertheless, in other countries the new episode collected more than one billion dollars. The audience was glad to see the familiar world, which they so fond of from the original trilogy of Lucas. In Asian countries, the picture was also successful. It is significant that the box office of Star Wars-7 in China amounted to fifty million dollars - the amount is very impressive.

Star Wars Episode 7 box office

Reasons for success

In principle, this was predictable, especially iftake into account the fact that even from the beginning of the trailer's exit, discussions and debates about the possible development of the composition have unfolded around the plot. Then it became obvious that Abrams decided to return to the old trilogy, which, in fact, provided the success of the film. So impressive world box office "Star Wars-7" is due to the fact that the sale of tickets was announced in advance. After the release of the teaser, the excitement before the premiere seemed to have climaxed. However, the interest was fueled by the news about participation in the filming of all fond of H. Ford in the role of cult character Han Solo. It is not surprising, therefore, that long before the release of a new episode in the rental various American companies predicted the film huge fees and unprecedented success with viewers and fans.

box office of the Star Wars 7 in China

About the next part

Of course, such success pushed the creators tocontinuation, which, however, was planned earlier. Expectations for the next episode are very high, as evidenced by the impressive box office of the last film. Nevertheless, critical judgments are voiced that there is nothing new in the picture, and that, in fact, she repeated New Hope. In fact, there are a lot of parallels in the new picture, and the plot decisions are similar. Nevertheless, there is every reason to hope that the continuation of the popular movie saga will expand the universe of galactic wars and will please fans with new plot twists.