Crusade movies worth seeing

The time of the Crusades is of great importance inworld history. Interest to them will never fade, and hence films about the crusades, the list of which will be presented below, will always be popular. There are a lot of them, so in this article we will consider only a few.

"Kingdom of heaven"

Films about the crusaders will begin to describe with thispaintings. Actions take place in 1184, in southern France. The main character, a blacksmith named Balian, most recently lost his wife, but already managed to find his father. They were Baron Gottfried, who once looked to his forge and invited him to take part in the crusade against Jerusalem. Not immediately, but the smith agreed.

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True, a joint trip of loved onesrelatives did not last long. During the battle with the French soldiers, the baron was wounded, from which he died. It's good that before that he managed to make his son a knight and heir to his lands. The smith continues the campaign and reaches Jerusalem, where he meets King Baldwin and his sister Sybil. They express sympathy for each other, but Balian hastens to inspect the possessions of his father, located somewhere in Palestine.

There he is engaged in the improvement of theseterritories and actually turns them into a blooming paradise. Then Sybil comes to visit him, who confesses to the knight in love. It would seem that life begins to rebuild, but a sudden war with the Saracens forces him to do everything in order to preserve peace and rest in this place.

Arn: Knight Templar

Continuing to consider the best movies aboutCrusades, let's pay attention to the history of the Swedish knight Arnan of Gotha. He had a difficult life. As a child, he fell from the watchtower and was seriously injured. Parents made a lot of efforts to save his son, and vowed that if he survived, he would become a pupil of the Warnham monastery.

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This is what happens. Arne is in the monastery, where he begins to deal with the monk Gilbert. The boy learns archery and swordplay, learns the Bible, Latin and learns riding. He becomes a true knight and is now ready to return home.

But there his trials do not stop. At home, he is waiting for a coup d'état, participation in the attempt on the king and love relations with Cecilia Algosdotter. For this he is punished. And he has two choices: to serve 20 years in a monastery or join the army of crusaders to participate in the war in the Holy Land. What will a guy choose if we consider that he already visited the monastery?

"Crusader in jeans"

There are also fantasy films about the crusade. The boy Dolph is not associated with the Crusaders at all. He loves football and is a part of the national team of the Netherlands. But in the last game he leads the team, and they are defeated. Fortunately, he knows how to fix the situation. After all, his mother works in a laboratory where time machines are tested. Dolph gets there to get everything back one day. But instead of the date it enters a password, so it falls in 1212 year.

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The guy has a chance to return, but not earlier thanin 12 hours. During this time he becomes a victim of robbery attack, gets acquainted with a group of young pilgrims and becomes a participant in the children's crusade. But this is only a small part of his great adventure, because the time machine broke down and is not yet going to return it home.

"Liberated Jerusalem"

Pictures about the crusaders are many, but notall these films about the crusade to Jerusalem. Although such projects exist. The Saracens occupied Jerusalem, and the Crusaders plan an assault to free it. They sincerely believe that everything will turn out, because additional forces are rushing to their aid under the leadership of the commander of Tankred of Tarent. And while he does not know that in his squad wound up a spy.

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In order to find out the plans of the crusaders to themthe daughter of the Persian king, warrior Clorinda is being introduced. When Tankred finds out about this, he does not hurry to punish the girl, but invites her to a date. Explains that he can not kill a spy, as fascinated by its beauty. Clorinda, of course, accepts the gift, but warns that at the next meeting they will have to fight. Obviously, this will happen. That's just how it ends?

Arn: The Kingdom at the End of the Road

Some movies about the crusade, evenreceive continuations. And again the Swedish Templar Arn Magnasson with his uneasy fate. At last his crusade is over, and he can safely return home. Arn wants to meet with Cecilia, who is still in the monastery. The woman was offered to take the place of the deceased abbess, but she refuses and returns to the court of King Knut to see her son Magnus.

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In general, Arn and Cecilia meet, createfamily, restore the village, build a house and begin to live a quiet happy life. Exactly 6 years. So far, after the death of King Knut, a man does not appear who claims his rights to the land where the village of Arna stands. Further events lead to a full-scale war, and Arnu will again have to join the ranks of the Crusaders.

Knight Kenneth

It is important to note that Russian films are also being shotabout the crusade. In 1189, King Richard the Lionheart went to the Third Crusade. He has just recovered from a serious illness and is now ready to go to Jerusalem. But an attempt is made against him, in which he is accused of the faithful knight Kenneth. And the indignant king condemns him to death.

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Fortunately for Kenneth, the sultanSaladin. He convinces Richard not to kill the knight, but to give him into slavery. Lion Heart agrees and warns Kenneth that he never came across his eyes. But after a while the knight with a slightly changed appearance comes back. And most importantly, at the moment when a new conspiracy against the King is brewing ...

"Secrets of the Order of the Templars"

There are also documentaries about the crosshiking. One of these will complete this list. Probably, the crusades will always be of interest. The wars for the liberation of Jerusalem and the conversion of the Gentiles to Christianity have long become a legend and left a huge mark in history. Knights Templars for more than 200 years managed the territories stretching from Europe to Asia itself. Until the beginning of the 14th century, they were not accused of heresy, of committing terrible crimes and did not open a full-scale hunt for them. It was ordered to destroy them all to one.

movies about the crusades list

Such films about the crusade, as "SecretsOrder of the Knights Templar ", offer to plunge into the mysterious atmosphere reigning in those days, to learn the truth about the Masonic societies, the Holy Grail and the Shroud of Turin. And also uncover secrets, which are not mentioned in any of the modern films about the Crusaders.