Actor Afanasy Kochetkov: biography and filmography

Athanasius Kochetkov is an actor of the Soviet era. However, many representatives of the modern generation are happy to revise the films with his participation. Today we will tell you about where the famous artist was born and studied. His personal life will also be voiced in the article.

Athanasius kochetkov

Afanasy Kochetkov: biography

He was born on March 9, 1930 in the village of Balakhonovka,located in the Samara region. He is from a large peasant family. Athanasius is the youngest child. He had two older brothers and a sister. The guys lived amicably, never quarreled or fought over toys.


In 1941, his father, brothers and sister went to the front. Afony's upbringing was dealt with by his mother, Lyubov Prokopievna. In 1942, it became known about the death of his father, Ivan Vasilyevich. The boy did not want to believe that the parent is no longer alive. After the victory was declared, the brothers and sister returned home. Mother was happy to see her krovinushek safe and sound. Soon the whole family went to find my father's grave. It turned out that he was buried in a mass grave near Staraya Russa.


Athanasius Kochetkov grew up to be an inquisitive and impressionable child. He loved his land, his native land. The beauty of nature inspired him to write poetry.

At the age of 12 our hero began to showlove of acting. He arranged whole representations for family and friends. The boy memorized large texts - prose written by famous authors. Mom was sure that her son had a brilliant theatrical future.


AT Afanasy Kochetkov, a village school, went onlyfirst 4 years. Then the mother took him to the city of Tuymazy (Republic of Bashkortostan). There, the guy graduated from high school. But our hero was not going to live and work in this city. He had very different plans.

student life

After receiving the "certificate of maturity", Athanasius wentin Chisinau (Moldova). He managed to enter the university at the Faculty of Geology. He was one of the best students on the course. The young man continued to dream about the scene. Therefore, he was very happy when he was invited to the troupe of the student theater. There he became acquainted with the reader-performer Dmitry Zhuravlev. This man saw a great actor's talent in Athanasius.

In 1951, Kochetkov received a diploma of graduation from the Chisinau university. Now he is a professional geologist. But he did not have to work on his specialty.

Athanasius kochetkov actor

The Conquest of Moscow

Our hero decided to leave Moldova. His new goal is Moscow. In the Russian capital, Athanasius Kochetkov was going to stay forever. First of all, he went to the VTU them. Shchepkina. The guy successfully passed the exams and was enrolled in the acting department. Afonya never missed lectures and passed exams on time.

Actor Athanasius kochetkov biography


In 1956, Kochetkov was awarded a diploma of completionSlivers. Almost immediately he was taken to the theater actor. The work in this institution our hero gave 6 years of his life. In 1962 he moved to the Drama Theater. Pushkin. The young actor quickly joined the team. He was involved in the best productions. Afanasy was also happy with the fees.

Since 1979, he was listed in the acting troupe of Malytheater. A. Kochetkov played dozens of roles. The native of the Samara region successfully got used to the images in the plays of Gogol, Schiller, Ostrovsky and other authors. The last work of the actor was the role in the play "Wedding, Wedding, Wedding" by A. Chekhov. But he could not come to rehearsal. And all because of the deterioration of health.

Athanasius kochetkov movies

Afanasy Kochetkov: movies

To act in film our hero has begun, beingstudent of "Shivers". For the first time Afanasy Ivanovich appeared on the screens in 1954. It was then that the film "The Swedish Match" was released. The director of the picture was pleased with the cooperation with the young actor.

In 1957, the viewer's court was representedseveral films with the participation of Afanasy Kochetkov: "Gutta-percha boy", "So the song is born", "Shepherd" and others. The actor has tried on a diverse image. He managed to fulfill all the tasks set by the directors. To many spectators Kochetkov was remembered for the role of Maxim Gorky in the film "Mayakovsky Begins So". He managed to convey the character and emotions of the famous writer.

For his film career Afanasy played more than 100roles. He collaborated with Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian filmmakers. Specialists called his main qualities a strong temperament, straightforwardness and distinctive individuality.

Let's list the most striking films with A.Kochetkov's participation:

  • "The First Date" (1960);
  • "Ugryum River" (1968) - Danila Gromov;
  • "The city under the lindens" (1971) - Tomilov;
  • "Day by Day" (1972) - Athanasius Muraviev;
  • "Let's talk, brother" (1978);
  • "Muzhiks!" (1981) - Uncle Grisha;
  • "Without the sun" (1987);
  • "Forgiveness" (1992);
  • "Brezhnev" (2004) - Konstantin Chernenko.

Athanasius kochetkov biography

Personal life

Hard-working, good-natured and sympathetic person -and all this is Afanasy Kochetkov. The filmography of this actor was examined by us. Now let's talk about his personal life. Not everyone knows that he married after graduating from the Shchukin school. His wife is the film director Iskra Babić. It was true love at first sight. Soon the couple had a daughter, Olga. Mom and Dad always spoiled her, surrounded with care and affection. The girl grew up, became a singer and poetess. Parents were proud of their krovinushkoy. Olga died at the age of 43. Afanasy Ivanovich only survived his daughter for a few months. He died on June 25, 2004. The cause of the death of the actor - complications after a head injury. A well-known artist was buried at the Troekurov cemetery.


Today we recalled another legend of the Sovietcinema. Actor Athanasius Kochetkov, whose biography was examined by us, lived a long and eventful life. People like him are not forgotten. After all, the actor left a notable mark in the Soviet (and later Russian) cinematography.