Popular action films: Russian and foreign films and serials

Popular action movies - this is one of the mostwell-known genres in cinematography. Dynamic plot, action, intrigue always attract viewers. The best-known American films of this genre, but French and Russian paintings also occupy a prominent place in the world film industry. In this review, the most iconic films will be considered.


Popular militants are an important part of theFrench cinematography. The most famous paintings in this genre are the tapes with the participation of J. P. Belmondo. He played in many films, both comedic and dramatic, but the most famous movie with his participation is the picture "Professional", where the actor played a hired killer who deftly bypasses the persecution of his former colleagues who are trying to protect his victim. Particularly famous for the soundtrack to this film, which has gained worldwide fame.

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Other french paintings

Popular militants in French cinemaappear mainly in 1980-1990. Another famous film featuring Belmondo is the comedy thriller Who's Who. In this picture, the actor played a policeman who, in the guise of a bandit, is implanted into a criminal grouping to expose corruption in the police. Another famous French action film is a film called "Her name was Nikita." The picture tells of a girl with criminal inclinations, who, being in prison, was forced to accept the offer of special services and work as an agent under cover. The picture became so famous, that on its motives the Canadian television series was removed. Popular militants have received worldwide recognition due to the sharp plot, colorful characters and dramatic history. This is the film "Leon". This tape tells of a hired killer who lives in perfect solitude. Once he witnesses the massacre of one family, of which only one girl survives. She asks Leon to teach her his craft in order to avenge his family. After a while, mutual affection and sympathy arise between them, and the protagonist helps the heroine to take revenge on the murderers of her family.

"Terminator" and "Die Hard"

Popular foreign militants are in the first placeturn American blockbusters. D. Cameron's film about a human robot has become a real breakthrough not only in this genre, but also in world cinema in general. An interesting plot in which many modern problems are raised, such as questions about artificial intelligence, nuclear war, about survival, quality action using computer technology, which are not outdated to this day, excellent actor's work and, finally, the magnificent soundtrack rightly brought this picture world fame.

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"Strong nutlet" - this is a well-known picture with B. Willis from the title role. The film tells how the hero of a police officer helps save a large building in New York from terrorists. This tape has become a landmark not only in the career of the main performer, but also for the genre of the action movie in general, since it was it that laid the basic principles of the action, which were subsequently used in paintings of a similar kind.

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TV projects

Popular action movies are also prominentplace in modern cinema. Among the most famous projects can be called an adventure story about the Chinese town-comedy thriller, which spanned several seasons. The show shows the work of a Chinese policeman in America. Almost all episodes are shot in a comedic spirit and with a lot of tricks, which, no doubt, will please the fans of the action. Recently on the screens there was one more serial from studio Marvel "Daredevil". The story is dedicated to the next superhero who, having lost sight, acquired unusual abilities of hearing and touch, which helps him to fight evil, while remaining invisible and practically invulnerable to the public.

Domestic projects

Russian serials-fighters are used in our countrynot less popular than foreign ones. First of all, among the paintings of this genre can be called the multi-series project "Streets of Broken Lights". This story about everyday everyday life of the Russian militia has acquired truly popular love, and the performers of the main roles have been remembered for a long time by the audience thanks to their talented actor's play. Another notorious project in its time is called the "Brigade". This film tells the story of the so-called new Russians. The adventure spirit and dynamic action attracted to this series a large number of spectators. Among the films of this genre there are also comedy Russian serials-insurgents. In this series, we can name the project NEXT. This film tells of a former "thief in law" who, having discovered that he has a son, ties up with his criminal past and tries to start living a normal life. History does not differ in originality, but it attracted viewers with its witty humor.

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Domestic films

Popular Russian militants are prominentplace in the cinematography of our country. The cult film in this genre is the painting "Pirates of the XX century." This was the first experience of Soviet cinema in the filming of paintings of this genre. The experiment was a success. A movie with a fairly simple story about how a simple ship mechanic helps a crew save itself from a sudden attack by sea robbers is still a true benchmark and best example.

In our cinematograph a prominent place is occupied byRussian militants. Crime plays a significant role in them. One of the most iconic paintings of the 1990s is the movie "Brother". This tape tells the story of a young man who, unable to settle down in life, becomes a bandit under the pressure of his elder brother, who himself eventually gives it to the bandits, but the protagonist gets out, straightens out his enemies and forgives him for betraying. In the 1990s, Russian militants began to appear on the screens. The crime was the main plot of the plot. The second part of the movie "Brother" continues the story of the protagonist, who this time struggles with the foreign mafia. Both parts are popular with the domestic viewer, despite the cruelty of many scenes.

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The last premieres

Recently on the world screens came outseveral militant films worthy of mention. "Glorious guys" is a comedy adventure movie with a detective line, which takes place in the 1970s. In the center is the joint work of the two detectives and their interaction in the investigation process.

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Another last premiere is the continuation of the story of Jason Bourne, the next super-player, who has already won spectator sympathy thanks to the original trilogy.