Natalia Zakharova: biography and personal life of the actress

Natalia Zakharova is a talented actress andsurprisingly beautiful woman. Fate presented her with many unpleasant surprises. However, this only tempered her character. Do you want to know when she was born and where did she study? In what films was it shot? We are happy to share information about her person.

Natalia Zakharova

Natalia Zakharova: Biography

She was born on March 22, 1955 in the city of Bogotol, in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Father and mother of Natalia are ordinary people, far from the world of cinema.

Our heroine from an early age showed creative abilities. The girl liked to arrange home concerts and performances. Natasha had perfect hearing and a sense of rhythm.

In 1962, her parents took her to the first class. Baby quickly found a common language with other guys. Teachers have always praised her for diligence, good behavior and active participation in the life of the class. Natasha visited various mugs - dances, drawing and needlework.

Acquaintance with cinema

For the first time our heroine appeared on the screen in 1973year. It happened quite by accident. Then Natalia Zakharova worked in a kindergarten in two positions - a psychologist and a tutor. The girl did not want to give up her long-standing dream of becoming a famous actress.

In the summer Zakharova took leave and went to Leningrad. She was going to enter LGITMiK. During a walk along Nevsky Prospekt, an unfamiliar girl approached Natasha. It turned out that this was an assistant to the director Viktor Okuntsov. Our heroine was invited to take part in the tests for the painting "Behind the Mountains, Behind the Forests". Zakharova did not want to miss such a chance. The girl was tested and was approved for the role of a fairy.

Filming in the film brought Natasha invaluable experience. But she did not manage to take exams at LGITMiK. She had to return to her hometown and work in kindergarten again.

New life

A year after the trip to Leningrad, Nataliadecides to get an acting education. For this she goes to Moscow. Thanks to her perseverance and good preparation, she becomes a student of VTU. Shchukin. Five years later, Natalia Zakharova was awarded a diploma of graduation from the university. Her dream came true. Now she is a professional actress.

The diploma work of our heroine was the role of Zhenechka Shulzhenko in the production of "Factory Girl". Khudruk appreciated her game and creativity.

Natalia Zakharova is an actress

Theater and cinema

Natalia Zakharova is an actress who, from all over the world,seriousness refers to the tasks assigned to it. For several years she changed several jobs - the Drama Theater of the city of Gorky (now Nizhny Novgorod), the Riga Youth Theater and the Moscow Art Theater. Gorky.

A young and talented actress was involved invarious performances. She managed brilliantly to play Elena Andreevna and Sonya in Uncle Van, Olivia in the production of Midsummer Night's Dream, Shurochka in Duel and so on.

Our heroine not only worked in the theater, but alsoacted in film. In 1980, the film "The Story of an Unknown Man" appeared on the screens. Natasha got used to the image of Darya Mikhailovna. In subsequent years she starred in such films as "Sincerely Yours", "Woman in the Sea", "Auction" and others. But these were only episodic roles.

Attractive appearance and chiseled figure allowed Natalia Zakharova to make a successful career as a model. She was invited to participate in fashion shows and appear in commercials.

In 1989, she tried herself as a leader. On one of the Russian TV channels, the "Musical Forecast" program was broadcast. Zakharova led her along with Alexei Mitrofanov.


In 1993 Natasha left for permanent residence in France. There the blonde graduated from the Sorbonne and opened several literary and musical salons that were popular with the Russian-speaking population. The actress organized events for artists, poets and composers.

Natalia Zakharova's daughter

Personal life

In 1994 Natalia Zakharova got married. Her chosen one was wealthy Frenchman Patrick Wari. A year later, the actress gave him a charming daughter. The baby was named Russian - Maria. At first, the couple's relationship was ideal. But over time quarrels and scandals became frequent. In 1997, Patrick and Natasha officially divorced. The French court ruled - the girl must stay with her father.

The Russian actress was not going to put up with this. In which only institutions and human rights funds did not contact Natalia Zakharova. The daughter lived with the French pope all this time. And in 2008 he took her to a closed boarding school.

Natalia Zakharova biography

Hard times

The former husband was not going to return his daughter Natasha. In 2006 he appealed to the police. Patrick accused the ex-spouse of trying to set fire to his apartment. In order not to get behind bars, Natalia Zakharova, returned to Russia. But it did not save her.

In 2011, the actress came to Paris for anothercourt hearing. She was arrested and sent to the women's prison "Fleury-Merozhis". There, a woman undermined her health. Only after a few months it was extradited to Russia. The trouble, as you know, does not come alone. Zakharova fell unsuccessfully and damaged her spine. For two months she stayed in a female colony, in terrible conditions and without medical assistance.

On August 5, 2011, President Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on pardoning the actress N. Zakharova. One problem in her life was less.


We reviewed the biography and personal life of the actressNatalia Zakharova. Her stamina, diligence and dedication can only be envied. Let's wish this wonderful woman success in her career and family life!