List of Russian comedies: favorite movies

Cinema is a relatively new kind of art,which nevertheless has already conquered the whole world. The reasons for this popularity are accessibility and entertainment, multiplied by the lack of the need to do something in order to get this entertainment. Some people consider watching movies as a primitive occupation, which can not be compared with going to the theater, an art gallery or reading a good book. However, this approach is nothing more than a cheap self-piracy, they say, see what kind of intellectual I am, do not watch movies, I am immersed in the spheres of high art. After all, movies are very different: "smart", art house, action movies, thrillers, fantasy and, of course, comedies.

list of Russian comedies

Comedy - a universal genre of cinema, and its likeall categories of spectators. However, they prefer for some reason only foreign films, and tapes of domestic production are left without attention. Meanwhile, the popularity of foreign comedies largely depends on the level of translation - Russian specialists in this matter often completely adapt the speeches to our sense of humor, and all the sparkling jokes and amusing speech turnovers are present only in the Russian-language version of the film. In domestic tapes, our audience understands everything: jokes, witticisms, plot twists that can happen only in this country.

Of course, not all comedies hold out to the rightlevel. Some are frank remakes of the best foreign films with a slight national touch or slightly changed plot. For example, the film "New Year's Tariff" - the idea of ​​this movie is clearly borrowed from the American director Alejandro Agresti, who shot "House by the Lake". Remember this beautiful story with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock in the lead roles? They communicated with each other by letters, while being at different times. Replace the letters with mobile phones, move the heroes into the snow-covered city, and determine the further development of the story according to the circumstances - that's the film "New Year's Tariff". Although you can admit that the tape is still a success and look it definitely worth it.

best russian comedy list
Below are the best Russian comedies. The list is far from complete, despite the fact that the domestic cinema only began to "recover" after the "coma" of the early 1990s. Although it was not even a coma, they just filmed such frank nonsense that I do not even want to remember. Of course, during this period five or even six decent films were released, but, as they say, the exception only confirms the rule.

This list of Russian comedies does not include very old Soviet tapes. The latter do not need special ideas, they are familiar to everyone from childhood.

Russian comedy-2013: the list of the best films

Here they are, the best of the best:

  • "What the girls are silent about";
  • "The Game of Truth";
  • "What are men doing";
  • "Pelmeni";
  • "12 months";
  • "A ticket to Vegas";
  • "Luck on a loan."

List of Russian comedies for the New Year holidays:

  • russian comedies 2013 list
    "Tariff" New Year "»;
  • "New Year's matchmakers";
  • Poor Sasha;
  • "The orphan of Kazan";
  • "Carnival Night-2";
  • "Firs" (all three parts);
  • "Snow angel";
  • "The Irony of Fate. Continuation ».

Do you have a lyric mood?

List of Russian comedies for this case:

  • "Love in a big city" (three parts);
  • "Wedding by exchange";
  • "Frills";
  • "My boyfriend is an angel";
  • "Jungle".

Recall the best films of the 1990s

List of Russian comedies of the time:

  • "The weather is good on Deribasovskaya";
  • "Peculiarities of the National Hunt";
  • "Moscow holidays";
  • "Crossroads";
  • Shirley-Myrli.

Watch and enjoy all the features of multifaceted national humor!