We translate from Russian into Russian: popular science style

What are speech styles? This is a certain system that has developed in the process of language development. There are several such systems, they are designed for different purposes. Each has its own purpose, its own means of expressiveness, its place in society.

For example, a colloquial style servescommunication of people in everyday life, in a relaxed atmosphere. It is characterized by expressive vocabulary, the presence of incomplete sentences, irregular grammatical forms, emotionality. (They say that the hair does not grow from the shampoo "Creative", but simply falls out).

To communicate with each other, there is a formal business style. Perhaps its main feature is the presence of speech stamps. «Authorized to declare, "we, the undersigned," the representative of the customer in the person of ..."- such expressions are unambiguous, they lack emotion, but there is a statement of fact. Business language facilitates business communication.

Publicistic style is necessary for propaganda and dissemination of ideas among the masses. He is appealing, emotional, because his task is to convince the reader. (Sensation! Shampoo leads to baldness! Millions of victims!)

Scientific research can be described only with the help of a scientific style. There are a lot of terms in it, there is no emotionality or ambiguity of expressions. (In the course of the study it was established that use Hair shampoo "Creative" leads to alopecia).

Very often it happens that the conversation between two learned men is completely incomprehensible to others. (AC has the properties of a direct and indirect antioxidant).

To acquaint the masses with scientific achievements is called upon topopular science style. Textbooks, articles on research, achievements, etc. refer specifically to it. Unlike scientific, it has an additional function - communicative. This means that the popular science style is designed to popularize knowledge, how to translate from a scientific language to a public language.

At the moment, the opinions of linguists are divided. Some of them believe that a scientifically popular style of speech is an independent phenomenon. Others are sure that this is just the litter of the scientific language.

But they both agree that this style is characterized by very specific signs that distinguish it from others. What are these signs?

Scientifically popular style is relevant. Science is a constantly evolving branch of human activity, therefore the popularization of scientific achievements or knowledge is extremely important. Today, there are three types of popularization: general education, intrascience, and internship.

Like a work of art,popular science text has its own plot. It is a search for truth. In order to find out the answer or come to a conclusion, the reader is obliged to go all the way of thinking, to realize logical moves. However, part of the evidence or search is omitted.

A scientifically popular style uses a lot of terms that make the text more or less deep. The more narrowly specialized words, the deeper the account is considered.

The term can be introduced directly or inversively. In the latter case, the notion itself is emphasized, but the phenomenon associated with it.

In order for the text to be interesting, it mustBe entertaining and imaginative. That is why the popularly popular style allows the use of metaphors, anaphores, epithets, exclamations and rhetorical questions.

A scientifically popular style of speech allows for the presence of expressive syntax ("for hunting for bosons the accelerator was specially converted"). In the style there is an assessment of facts, social assessment - all that helps make scientific knowledge accessible, while forming public opinion.

Naturally, these are not all the features peculiar to the popular science style. However, according to these signs it is quite possible to determine the style belonging to any narrative.