Lymarev Alexander Andreevich: biography, personal life. Best movies and TV shows

Lymarev Alexander Andreevich is a talented actor,announced himself through the series "Soldiers". In this comedic TV project, he brilliantly embodied the image of Sergeant Mikhail Medvedev. Most often, Alexander gets the role of heroes-lovers, he himself is sure that his main achievements are yet to come. What else can you tell about the actor?

Lymarev Alexander Andreevich: the beginning of the road

Future performer of the role of Mikhail Medvedevwas born in Moscow, there was a joyful event in January 1983. Lymarev Alexander Andreevich is a person who was lucky enough to be born in a creative family. Actor Sergei Rusanov is his grandfather.

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It was thanks to grandfather that a boy aged fiveyears was carried away by the Irish step. A few years later, Sasha attracted the attention of the artist Vladimir Kirsanov, who began to engage with the child step. In 1996, the young dancer showed himself at the European championship in step, and then the dance duet "The Brothers of Paravozov" was born. In addition to Alexander, a member of this collective was his friend Anton Molotkov. For about seven years young people entertained with their performances visitors to the capital's restaurants and nightclubs.

Choice of life path

It's hard to say, would Lymarev AlexanderAndreevich actor, if not for Vladimir Kirsanov. The teacher persuaded the young man to start studying at the theater studio. Acting education a young man received at the Shchukinsky School. And Rodion Ovchinnikov, in whose studio he fell, made some efforts to get a promising newcomer.

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Already in his student years, Alexander began to appearin the movies and TV shows. The young actor made his debut in the film "Hello, the capital!", And he was entrusted with a key role. He embodied the image of a guy named Seva, who dreams of conquering Moscow and becoming a famous director. Then the student starred in the series "The Fifth Angel" and "Honeymoon".

Starry hour

Lymarev Alexander Andreevich - an actor who does nothad to achieve fame. Glory fell on a talented newcomer already in 2004, it was due to the comedy series "Soldiers". In this television project he embodied the image of Mikhail Medvedev. His hero - a man who quickly goes from private to sergeant, then begins to engage in entrepreneurial activities.

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Surprisingly, Alexander himself almost regrets theshootings in the TV project, which gave him a lot of fans. Actor many people began to associate with his character, the directors began to offer the young man similar roles. In addition, it was difficult for him to play the hero, since he has nothing to do with him. It is not surprising that the actor voluntarily left the series before its completion. Many fans stopped watching the TV project when Alexander Andreevich Lymarev left him. Photos of the actor in the image of Mikhail Medvedev can be seen above.

Movies and TV shows

Thanks to the rating TV project "Soldiers"Lymarev's career quickly went up the hill. He played Alik in the series "Airport", and then embodied the image of the key character in the melodrama "Orange Sky". His son was the son of the governor of Kiev, Mark, who used to lead an idle lifestyle. A young man does not need to worry about his future, he drives expensive cars, rests in elite clubs. Mark's life changes when he falls in love with a simple girl named Ivanna, who is his complete opposite.

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Then followed the bright role in the tape "Zerokilometer, shooting in TV projects "Fee for Love", "Svoy-Stranger", "Rails of Happiness", "Hijacking", "Wedding Ring", "Zistina Zilina". In the comedy drama "Plato" the actor embodied the image of one of the secondary heroes - Anton, then he played the goalkeeper in the film "The Game".

A separate mention should be made of the historicaldrama "Red ice. Saga of the Khants, "in which Lymarev portrayed Ilya Gromov. For the sake of this role, he had to improve his riding skills, as well as learn how to work in forty-degree frost. The picture tells of the Kazym revolt that took place in 1933. Of the latest achievements of Alexander should be noted shootings in TV projects "Thresholds", "The Abduction of Eve", "Wake me".

Life Behind the Scenes

Of course, fans are interested not only inrole, which managed to play to 34 years old Lymarev Alexander Andreevich. The personal life of the star also occupies the public. In movies and serials, a young man often plays heroes-lovers. Many are surprised when they learn that he has lived with a woman for many years.

Even in high school Lymarev metAlexander Andreevich with his wife. Photo of a happy couple, unfortunately, can not be seen, because the actor does not like to draw attention of the public to his chosen one. About Maria is not very well known, only that she is a graduate of the Academy of Art and Industry, working as an artist. Officially, young people are not married, they decided to postpone the wedding until they decide to have children.