Actor Bruce Dern: Biography, Best Movies

Bruce Dern - a talented actor, to 80 years oldwho managed to star in many famous films and series. "The Great Gatsby", "Homecoming", "Monster", "Nebraska", "The Fugitive", "The Great Valley" are just some of them. On account of the American many roles of psychopaths and murderers, he succeeds and images of positive characters. What can you tell us about Derna besides this?

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Bruce Dern: the beginning of the road

Actor, whose current filmographycontains more than 140 films and serials, was born in Chicago, it happened in June 1936. Bruce Dern was born in a wealthy family, among his ancestors many writers and politicians. The godmother of the boy was Eleanor Roosevelt.

Parents believed that the son should choose for himselfprofession of lawyer. However, Bruce himself as a child was fascinated by dramatic art. By the time he left school, he no longer doubted that the acting profession was his vocation. At the University of Pennsylvania, Dern was enrolled in order to please his mother and father, but the lessons immediately bored him. He left the university, became a student of Lee Strasberg's acting studio.

Bruce Dern in his youth had a low-key appearance. It's no wonder that none of the guy's entourage believed that he could claim himself as an actor. However, the young man confidently walked to his dream, not paying attention to the pessimistic forecasts of friends and relatives.

First roles

His first serious role is a novice actorperformed in the Broadway play A Touch of the Poet. Then the young man starred in the episode of the painting "Wild River", so he attracted the attention of director Alfred Hitchcock. Maitre suggested that the young man play a secondary character in the thriller "Marni", which tells the story of an elusive swindler.

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Thanks to the thriller Hitchcock became popularactor Bruce Dern, films and series with his participation began to appear more often. Mostly the young man played the role of maniacs and murderers, from time to time he played victims. "Loner", "Hush ... Quiet, Sweet Charlotte", "Vertical Takeoff", "Escape from Your Life", "The Greatest Show on Earth", "The Theater of the Creation of Suspense", "The Fugitive", "The Great Valley" - films and serials , in which the actor took part.

Film career

Bruce Dern is an actor who starred in severaldirected by Roger Corman. In the film "Wild Angels", introducing spectators to the subculture of bikers, he brilliantly embodied the image of one of the motorcyclists. In the film "Journey" his character became a drug addict, who becomes a "conductor" in the world of LSD for other heroes.

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Once Bruce realized that he was in danger of remainingthe performer of secondary and episodic roles. He remained unemployed for about a year, but courageously refused to shoot in episodes. The real salvation for him was the vivid role of the second plan in the film "Forward, he said" Jack Nicholson.

"The Great Gatsby," "Smile," "Family Plot,"Hunted horses are shot, is not it?", "Driver", "Hard Love" - ​​tapes in which Bruce Dern (photo it can be seen in the article) embodied images of interesting characters. There were critics who expressed regret that in the film "The Great Gatsby" the main character was played not by him, but by Robert Radford. He also starred in the films "Hero-loner", "Rock Mulholland", "Ghost of the house on the hill", "Glass house", "Indomitable hearts", "Monster". From his latest achievements, we can note the role of Richard Morton in the film "American Cruelty."

Personal life

What is known about the personal life of a talented actor,which, no doubt, is Bruce Dern? The biography of the star indicates that he was married three times. In a marriage with a woman named Marie, imprisoned in his early youth and quickly disintegrated, there were no children.

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Actress Diane Ladd, the second wife, gave birth to her husbandtwo daughters. Laura Dern, the youngest of the girls, went on paternal footsteps and connected her life with cinematography. The continuer of the actor's dynasty can be seen in the painting "Jurassic Park". Diana Dern, the eldest daughter, died as a child. His luck found the actor only in his third marriage, with Andrea Beckett, he still lives.

Journalists often ask Bruce about how heit is possible to keep an excellent shape, to remain vigorous and energetic. This phenomenon Dern explains his love for long jogs. He ensures that the distance traveled is at least ten miles per day. Also, the actor has been watching his food for many years, refusing unhealthy food.