Goncharov's biography: interesting facts and figures

Ivan Alexandrovich Goncharov went down in historyRussian literature as the author of three novels on "Oh": "Ordinary story", "Oblomov" and "Cliff". This fact often becomes the subject of discussion. However, the biography of Ivan Goncharov is full of mystical coincidences, which could become the basis for questions of the literary quiz. By the way, if you look for funny or unusual moments in the life of the author, then it will be remembered better. Well, let's get started.

Biography of Goncharov: interesting facts (a little about the figures)


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The future famous writer was born on the same day with Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin - June 6, only Goncharov - in the old style, and the great poet - in a new way.

2. Ivan Goncharov was born in 1812. Literally a few days after his birth, Napoleon Bonaparte's troops invaded Russia, and throughout the summer and autumn the Patriotic War continued. In the same year, there was a devastating earthquake in the capital of Venezuela - Caracas, practically wiped the city off the face of the Earth. By the way, in February 1812 in Britain, another great writer was born - Charles Dickens.

Biography of Goncharov: interesting facts (a bit about cities)

  1. The author of Oblomov was born on the Volga, in Simbirsk, inmerchant family. As you know, it is also the birthplace of VI Ulyanov-Lenin, AF Kerensky and NM Karamzin. In turn, the historian Karamzin - a descendant of a noble family, the Minister of the Provisional Government Kerensky - from the clergy, and the revolutionary Lenin - from the intelligentsia.
  2. Goncharov received his higher education in Moscow, atverbal (philological) faculty of the University, from 1831 to 1834. At the same time, Vissarion Belinsky (Faculty of Philosophy), Alexander Herzen (physics and mathematics faculty), Ivan Turgenev and Mikhail Lermontov (verbal department) studied at the famous brainchild of Lomonosov. However, Mikhail Yurievich studied at the university for less than two years.

Goncharov's biography: interesting facts (a little about professional activity)

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    The first place of work of Ivan Alexandrovich wasreception of the Simbirsk governor, where he was offered the post of secretary. A year later, without any protection, Goncharov managed to get an interpreter in the Department of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Finance in St. Petersburg. In parallel, the young man worked as a tutor, teaching the children of the poet Maykova Latin and the Russian language.
  2. Goncharov made a round-the-world trip fromPetersburg to the shores of Japan on the famous frigate Pallada - on business affairs. In parallel, he kept a detailed diary, which formed the basis of the book with the same name - "Frigate" Pallas ".
  3. The writer managed to work as a censor, but already at the age of 45 he retired to fully concentrate on literature.

Goncharov's biography: interesting facts (a little about literary works)

  1. The first in 1847 in the journal Sovremennik was"Ordinary story" was published. A year later, in the journal Otechestvennye zapiski (The Notes of the Fatherland), they published a translation of the novel by the Englishwoman Elizabeth Inchbold-Simpson. By fatal accident, he wore the same name - "Simply story". Many readers have already met with him in the original. Goncharov begged the editor-in-chief to publish a novel called "Simple (but not ordinary) history," as he was accused of plagiarism.
  2. Meanwhile, Ivan Alexandrovich himself constantlyaccused Turgenev of intellectual theft. Once the writers were friends, and Goncharov read a companion sketch of the future novel "Cliff". He wrote for a long time, because the work was published only 14 years later. Over these years, the author saw the influence of his novel in Turgenev's "Noble Nest", then in the novel "On the Eve". Then it seemed to him that the "Spring Waters" were very similar to "Ordinary History". Even "Mrs. Bovary" and "Education of feelings" Flaubert suspiciously resembled "Cliff". He was sure that the treacherous Turgenev transmitted the literary material to Flaubert. Writers almost fought a duel.
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We only talked about some moments in the futurefamous writer. Perhaps, if we combine them together, we would get an entertaining brochure called "Goncharov. Biography. Interesting Facts". After acquainting with them, perhaps someone would like to slowly, savoring, reread all the author's works: three novels for "O" and several essays.