Comedy about zombies: funny subgenre

Once the future classic of horror films Romero laid the foundation for thrillers, in which the revived dead live, enjoying ordinary citizens with pleasure.

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Zombo films have become bored with time, and thena curious subgenre was born - a comedy about zombies. Step to it were already all the parts of the "Reanimator" with the eccentric-infernal Jeffrey Combs. Yes, and a little earlier Sam Raimi's "Sinister Dead" was not very scary, but rather looked funny. However, to the full extent, the theme was ridiculed by the British, known for their unique humor. "Zombie called Sean" with a wonderful pair of bosom buddies Shonom and Edom (played by inimitable Simon Pegg and Nick Frost) was a breakthrough in the category "comedy about zombies." Two average Englishmen do not notice, like sand through their fingers, day after day their aimless existence behind a beer mug in a nearby pub. But they were forced to shake up a strange, unexpected and very terrible epidemic, which almost became fatal for many people.

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Idyllic 50's

A slightly different picture, almost idyllic,painted by the creators of the black comedy about the zombies "Fido" (another name - "Zombies called Fido"). As if descended from the pages of classic American magazines exemplary families thrive in the 1950s in one of the lovely provincial towns. So is the family of little Timmy Robinson. Perfilled with the sun, a decent idyll is slightly broken by strange servants. They are zombies! Once there was a flash of an incomprehensible plague that turned people into malicious, brainless monsters. But now everything is over. One powerful corporation has taken the liberty to curb the zombies with the help of special devices - collars. Now these subdued creatures can guard your house, like dogs, can cut lawns or clean up. That's Timmy's mother, a respectable housewife Helen, she believed in advertising and bought herself such a servant. The case made the boy get close to the monster and even made friends with him. Movies about zombie comedies can sometimes make you scared, but soon you will realize that there was nothing to be afraid of. Then they are comedies!

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Notes of sadness and lyrics

The producer Ruben Fleischer managed to make ofcomedy about zombies sort of road-movie, sometimes lyrical, places instructive. "Welcome to Zombiland" was a pleasant surprise for 2009. In the picture flashed a "veteran" of American cinema Woody Harrelson. Young Abigail Breslin, young Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone did not give in to him. The old, exquisite, as always, Bill Murray, played himself. It is a pity that the authors so strangely ordered this role-cameo. But what a comedy without a note of sadness? Last year, Fleischer presented to the audience a curious film of a completely different genre - "Hunters on gangsters." There are rumors about the sequel "Welcome", but who will take off there, and who will be staging the show is still unknown. I fell in love with fans of the genre and comedy about the zombies of 2013 "Heat of our bodies." In it, the creators tried to take the place of the bloodthirsty creatures themselves (perhaps for the first time). It turned out that, eating people's brains, zombies are able to learn and part of the memories of their "lunch." Thanks to this, the main character of the film was able to win the heart of the young blonde Julie.