Actor Alexei Anishchenko: biography, personal life. The best roles

Bryansk region gave the country manytalented people, among them Alexei Anishchenko. Biography of the actor says that he came to fame after the television project "Daughter-Mother", in which he embodied the image of one of the central characters. At 32, the star can be proud of more than thirty roles played in movies and TV shows. What is known about Alexey, besides this?

Alexey Anischenko: biography of the star

Dyatkovo is a settlement in which thethe future actor. It happened in July 1984. Freestyle wrestling is a hobby that Alexey Anishchenko indulged in school years. Biography of the young man claims that he did not intend to become a professional athlete, he was engaged in sports for his own pleasure and health promotion.

alexey anischenko biography

The childhood of Alexei can hardly be called cloudless. His parents constantly quarreled because of a lack of money, his father's unsuccessful business project led to the ruin of his family. Anishchenko had to spend most of his time with his grandmother. As a result, his parents parted, tired of conflicts, the child stayed with his mother. Alexei's mother is still grateful that she supported him, when he decided to become an actor, helped in preparing for the entrance exams.

Youth years

Moscow is a city where after graduation from schoolAlexey Anischenko moved. The actor's biography testifies that he succeeded in becoming the student of the famous "Sliver" on the first attempt. Prior to that, he had already studied for a semester in one of the universities of the Bryansk region, abandoned him, disappointed in the level of preparation of students.

alexey anischenko biography personal life

The novel with the theater in Anishchenko did not work out.As a four-year student, the young man flashed in the production of "Years of wanderings." Then he attracted attention by playing Romeo in the play "We Shakespeare's Rehearsal". The latter role earned him the honorable award "Golden Leaf", which is traditionally awarded to gifted graduates of the capital's creative universities. However, Alexei preferred the theater to shooting in movies and serials, which he does not regret at all.

Movies and TV shows with his participation

"The Godfather" - the first series in which he starredAlexey Anischenko. The biography of the young man claims that his role was episodic. But the fellow's colleagues on the set were the stars of the national cinema - Polishchuk, Livanov. Two years later, the beginning actor was offered to play in the TV project "Secret Communications", but the audience did not get to the TV series, the reasons for which remain a mystery.

actor alexey anischenko biography

"Cruel business" - another popular series, inwhich was given the role of actor Alexei Anishchenko. The biography of the star says that he liked to appear in this TV project because of the fact that the action takes place in a provincial town, similar to his native Dyatkovo. Interesting images Alex embodied in the film "Life, which was not", the series "Love in the neighborhood."

Starry hour

"Daughters-mothers" - a teleproject, after the releasewhich awoke famous Alexei Anishchenko. Biography, the personal life of the young actor began to arouse lively interest among journalists, and the first fans also appeared. In the series, he embodied the image of Denis - a guy who can be called a revived girl's dream. His hero is intelligent and gallant, has an attractive appearance, fascinates with kindness and honesty. Anishchenko is still proud of this role.

alexey anischenko personal biography

In recent years, Alex has enjoyed popularity with the directors of serials. It can be seen in the TV projects "Dark Waters", "I'll come myself", "Love healing power", "Eclipse", "Chop" and so on.

Life Behind the Scenes

Alexey Anischenko, biography, personal life and roleswhich are discussed in the article, is married. His chosen one was actress Olga Nikonova, whom the young man met while working on the TV project "Cruel Business". The wedding took place in 2007.

Aleksey has little free time, but he does everythinghe also tries not to forget about his hobbies. For example, Anishchenko writes poems, even issued a small collection. His other passion is traveling, he likes to study the culture of other countries. Finally, the actor chooses with friends to the nature, resting from the bustle of the metropolis.