Elena Valaeva - Soviet film actress

Elena Yarayevna Valaeva is a Soviet film actress. How did the life of this woman? How did she become famous? On the life and creative path of the actress will be discussed in the article.

Biography of Elena Valaeva

The future Soviet film actress E. Valaeva was born in the small town of Zhukovsky, Moscow region in 1953, April 1.

After graduation she decided to realize herdream to become an actress and entered the All-Russia State University of Cinematography (VGIK), where she studied with the famous Soviet actor, theater and film director and professor Boris Andreevich Babochkin.

Her life she associated with the famous Soviet director Igor Voznesensky, with whom she lived until her death.

Elena Valeeva

The beginning of a creative career

Her first starring actress is Elena Valaevareceived very early, as early as 19 years. It was a picture of Vladimir Basov "Dangerous Turn", based on the eponymous work of John Boyton Priestley. This film was first aired in 1972.

Elena Valaeva got the role of a young wifeGordon Whitehouse, Betty, through a false and greedy person, but in his own way unhappy. In the process of development of the plot line of the movie, the details of the murder are spun and some unflattering secrets of the heroes. All of them reveal their true nature, and Elena Valayeva was especially successful in transferring reincarnation from a cute little doll to a calculating predator.

Soviet movie actress

Working in a movie

For his creative career from 1972 to 1991Soviet film actress Elena Valaeva played in 16 films, most of which were filmed by her husband Igor Voznesensky. All her film works were related to the genres of detectives, fighters or dramas.

Elena Valaeva is an actress who had roles of different importance: both main ones, and second plan, and almost episodic.

In 1973, the film "Old Walls" of the director was releasedVictor Tregubovich with Lyudmila Gurchenko in the title role. Elena Valaeva got the role of a worker of the textile factory Ali Voznesenskaya, a young girl who aspires to find herself a good guy and therefore prefers dancing to work during after-hours.

In 1974, the film of Igor Voznesensky was released"Lot". In the picture we are talking about the young hockey player Victor Golikov, who should take the place of goalkeeper Krotov in the famous hockey team of the USSR, playing at the world championship. Elena Valayeva played a small role as the daughter of goalkeeper Krotova, Irina.

In the work of Igor Voznesensky "StunningBerendeev », filmed in 1975, the actress got the tiny role of a music teacher. It was an easy childish picture of a student vocational school with great ideas to reach out to the alien intellect.

1977 brought the actress Elena Valayeva rolesecond plan in the tape "Rings of Almanzor" directed by Igor Voznesensky, based on the tale "Tin rings". There she played a court lady at the royal court.

In the same year, 1977, Ascension took a biographical film "The Fourth Height," where Valaeva had the role of a teacher.

1979 - the year of the publication of a fantastic tapeIgor Voznesensky "Aquanauts." In it, Elena Valaeva played the part of Natasha. The picture tells of the bold experiments of scientists, the consequences of which no one could foresee.

In 1981, the actress starred in the movie "I'm staying with you," shot by her husband, in a small role as a doctor.

In the same 1981, Valaeva co-starred with the directorSergei Nikonenko in the film "Gypsy Happiness", where she played the role of Nastya. The film tells about the mother and son, the gypsies who decided to change their lives for the better.

1982 brought the actress to the actress in the tape of AntonVasilyeva "You can not prohibit a beautiful life." Elena Valayeva played the role of official of the Ministry of Light Industry of the RSFSR. And the speech in the picture is about a young fashion designer of a textile factory, who, not having found understanding in his native penates, is going to seek improvement in production in the Ministry of Light Industry.

In 1982, Valaeva receives an episodic role in the social drama Mark Osepyan "Odnolyuby."

1982 also brought the actress another role of the second plan. It was a picture of Valentin Popov "Rendezvous with Youth". In Valaeva there is the role of Rodionov Oksana's secretary.

Elena is a Valaeva actress

1983 brought Valaeva a small role as a visitor to a savings bank in the comedy melodrama of Gennady Melkonyan, "Unexpectedly-Negative."

In 1983, the actress starred with her husband Igor Voznesensky in the crime drama "Recognize Guilty", where she played the role of teacher of English in the 9th grade "A".

In 1985, the detective Voznesensky saw the light "Attention! To all the posts ... "about the policeman Viktor Koltsov. Valaeva there played a teacher at a police school.

The continuation of the detective story was published in 1986 under the title "Where is your son?". There, the actress has one of the main roles - a policeman Lazareva.

In 1986, the actress starred in one of the satirical-humorous magazine "Wick".

In the crime scene of Igor Voznesensky's "The Perfect Crime", released in 1989, Elena Valaeva played a small role as a resident of the town.

In 1989, the social drama of StanislavRostotsky "From the life of Fedor Kuzkin" about the life of an old peasant who does not want to join a collective farm. Elena got a small role as a seller in a special distributor.

In 1990, Valaeva had an episodic role in the mystical drama of Vladimir Grammatikov "Sisters of Liberty".

In 1991 Elena last took off from her husband, Igor Voznesensky, in his detective fighter "Adventure Company."

cause of death

Scoring Movies

Elena Valayeva was able to participate in the movieonly as an actress. In 1991, Vladimir Grammatikov's film "The Tale of a Merchant's Daughter and a Mysterious Flower" was released on the screen of the tale "The Scarlet Flower" of Aksakov. In this picture Valaeva was involved in the process of voicing female characters.

Cause of death of Elena Valaeva

For all fans of the creativity of the actress, as well asfriends her death, of course, was a tragedy. However, during the last years of her life Elena Valaeva struggled with a serious illness, because of which she received a disability. In 2010, on September 9th, the torment of the Soviet film actress Elena Yaraslavovna Valayeva ceased.