Biography of Elena Kondulainen: career and personal life

Biography of Elena Kondulaynen begins in the townToksovo in the Leningrad region, where she was born on April 9, 1958. The real name of the actress is Lembi Tutuvilhu Kondoulainen. Such an unusual name is due to the origin of Elena - she is an Ingermanland (Finnish). The family of the actress was simple - parents lived in the farm and engaged in agriculture. Lena almost did not communicate with her peers - the nearest farmsteads were three kilometers from their house.

biography of Elena Kondulainen

Already in childhood parents notice a daughter's talent formusic and give it to learn. After graduating from school, she becomes a student of the conductor-choir department of LGITMiK Elena Kondulaynen. Her biography could be a story about a vocalist or a teacher, but her role was played by the case: she was offered to go to the acting department. Without thinking twice, Elena agreed.

The first achievements of Lena in this field -extras, then there were roles in the episodes. The theatrical biography of Elena Kondulainen begins after the end of LGITMiK at the Lenin Komsomol Theater. Further, she worked in the theater of comedy. Akimova, and in 1990 left the theatrical stage.

The biography of Elena Kondulainen continues already inMoscow, where she moved, becoming an actress in a private film studio. An unusual name prevented Lena, but soon everything changed - perestroika began, and the fashion for everything foreign played its positive role. The name "Rusova", which the actress wanted to take, was no longer needed.

Elena Kondulainen biography

Actress Elena Kondulaynen is one of the first whoappeared on the screen naked. This happened in the 90s in Huseyin Erkenov's film One Hundred Days Before the Order. Many asked the actress if she was ashamed to appear on the street, and was immediately called a sex symbol. Elena herself believes that she has the gift of playing "nudity." This gift, she successfully demonstrated in the films "Swamp Street", "Daphnis and Chloe."

After 1995, the actress goes to work in the theaterMoon, at this time she did not act in films, but already at the beginning of the 2000th biography of Elena Kondulaynen replenished with several significant paintings: "Down House", "Thank you for everything". In 2012, the viewer sees her in the humorous series "Interns".

actress elena condulainen

Elena is not only an actress, but also writes books andsong, even released her album. Master of shocking, Condulainen once shocked the public, driving behind the wheel of a car naked to the waist. She created her social movement - "The Party of Love." As the actress says, it was she who came up with the day of the family, which has now become a national holiday.

Elena had several marriages. The first - with the teacher, from which she gave birth to her son. After the divorce in the life of the actress, misfortunes began - her mother died, she and her son became seriously ill. Struggling with depression, she moved to the capital and met her second husband, who was a businessman and forbade her to lead a "free" life. As Elena says, she really liked the life of the "nun", but this marriage ended.

The third husband also became a businessman, from whomthe actress gave birth to her second son. However, this marriage failed. Elena claimed that she had made a choice in favor of the scene and would not marry any more. However, the biography of Elena Kondulainen as a wife did not end there. In 2010, she married herself with a 27-year-old businessman who was her fan.