The best Russian crime serials: TOP-4

Russia annually produces hundreds of wonderfulserials, shot in completely different genres. Some people like to watch melodramas, someone is more interested in multi-series pictures, shot in the genre of "comedy", and someone is delighted with the criminal works presented by Russia.

Today, specially for you will be compiled TOP "Best Russian crime serials (2014- ...)". Ready? Then we begin!

The series "Major" (2014- ...)

Russian criminal serials

This is a very interesting story of a man's life,which is a real major from the capital of Russia. Igor Sokolovsky is a confident son of an oligarch who has never worked anywhere, although he has a prestigious education.

He walks at night, does everything he wants,and never thinks about the consequences. In one dark night the hero of the series becomes the instigators of a fight with a policeman. As a result, the father decides to take everything from his son once and for all.

The father of the protagonist sends him to work inpolice, and it is in that department where the policeman, with whom Igor had a fight, is serving. Here, for majeure, a completely different life begins, in which he is a nobody. Sokolovsky junior is humiliated, despised, and his father refuses to help his beloved son.

Having passed this serious test, Igor will become a real man, he will meet his love ...

"Major" takes first place in the TOP "Best Russian crime serials," and we continue!

The project "The Law of the Stone Jungle" (2015- ...)

Do you know what to look in the evening in a quiet family company? The series "ZKD" is sure to please you!

The basis of the plot for this picture wasa typical story that is familiar to millions of people in our country. Parents day and night at work, they want to provide their children so that they have learned and become serious people.

Of course, in such situations, the time to raise children is not enough. As a result, every second child associates with unpleasant people, from which he takes a bad example.

We are sure that you have already guessed that the main characters of the series are looking for adventures on their fifth point. Know, it's very interesting to watch!

The best Russian crime serials

And, by the way, many Russian criminal-detective series have a rather tedious one-type plot, which can not be said about this work.

The series "Karpov" (2012- ...)

The main character of the television series is a man -lieutenant colonel in retirement Stanislav Karpov, who just left the psychiatric hospital. Now he has no friends, no money, no other. He convinces himself that he will cope with all his problems, begin life anew and find his new destiny.

Constant mental breakdowns and nightmares do not give a calm life to the hero. The man decides to get a security guard in a small warehouse to earn some money.

Karpov does everything in order to again becomean ordinary person. Slowly, but surely he is approaching his goal. Once Stas sees a criminal report on television, in which he discovers one of the defendants of the case.

The man decides to return to his formeractivities. He opens his own detective agency. Now he does his favorite thing. After a while, the hero finds people ready to work with him. Karpov's popularity in the city is growing every day. And one day in the house of Stanislav Karpov a young girl appears, assuring the hero that she is his daughter ...

Many Russian crime series, in which viewers simply fall in love, always have a continuation. We hope, we will soon see new series of the TV series "Karpov".

The television project "Next" (2007- ...)

This multi-series film has been popular in our country for almost 10 years. During this time, more than 1300 series of the remarkable detective series "Track" were shot and released.

Russian criminal-detective series

"FES" is a well-known organization,professionally engaged in the investigation of the most complex and incredibly complicated cases in Russia. The federal expert service is equipped with the best research apparatus, therefore the main actors of the television series find criminals who have been on the run for more than a year.

To talk a lot about this show is stupid, since everyone probably heard something about him.

Today you were presented with the best Russian crime serials, which every film enthusiast should see.

Live, look, be surprised!