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Making purchases online bringsa lot of positive emotions. Online shopping can significantly save your own time, effort and even, usually, cash. Often the prices for identical goods in shops in your city and on various Internet resources are very different. Online you can buy everything much cheaper. This may be due to the fact that most online stores do not need to spend money on the many items of expenditure that actual stores have.

However, fortunately, at the moment it is notthe only way to save on this kind of shopping. Now, any client of an online store can receive a pleasant discount in the form of a refund of a part of the amount spent on the goods (in the form of a fixed percentage). This is possible with the use of cash-back services.

One of the most popular resources of this group is How does this system work? What are the advantages of using this particular cashback service? How can I withdraw the money saved from my personal account on the resource in question? The answers to all these and many other questions will be detailed in this article.

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About the service

The progenitor of this resource successfully exists inGreat Britain. It was after his success that the creators decided to try to master the market of the Russian Federation, which at the moment they have turned out well. Work on the creation of the service in question began in the distant 2008. Since then, a whole team of professionals has been developing and preparing a unique cashback service. also begins to interest many in the open spaces of the Runet. However, it has some significant differences from the resource under consideration. What they are and why users are increasingly choosing, we will discuss later in this article.

Such a system in Russia is only gaining itspopularity. Many people were interested in this idea, but did not know how to use it for their own good. This is due to the fact that until recently the e-commerce market on the territory of the Russian Federation has not been so developed yet. However, now the cacheback system is more relevant than ever.

What is the resource under consideration different from other similar ones (for example, from https: Reviews show that there are a lot of such differences. Among them are:

  • The use of the service is absolutely free.
  • The presented choice of online stores, with which the resource in question, is simply amazing.
  • There are many opportunities to withdraw funds from the resource.
  • Payments can be made daily.
  • The resource supports the four most common currencies: rubles, euros, dollars and even British pounds.
  • You can use the code invitation code and promotional codes, coupons and discounts, which help to save even more.
  • The tremendous professional team is working on the development of the project, which has considerable experience in this field.

In turn, the resource ePN shares with itscustomers only part of the commission, which receives from the stores. Also, the number of partners among Internet shopping resources is much less, which significantly limits the possibilities of the buyer.

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Partner shops

Cashback reviews are called one of the most useful cashback sites, as it cooperates with a huge number of online stores (almost seven hundred separate resources). They offer goods of various categories, including Tourism and Hotels, Fashion and Clothing, Beauty and Health, Mobile and Communications, Office and Business, Internet Services, Games and Software, Gastronomy, Children's, Gifts and Flowers, Avia and Tickets, Hypermarkets, Everything for the Home, Electronics, Finance and Credit, Sport, Entertainment, Gambling and betting "," Animals "," Cinema, books, hobbies "and" The rest ". The most popular partners of are "AliExpress", "Ozone", "GirBest", "", "Labyrinth", "Ibei", "Yulmart", "Buking.kom", "Technosila", "Bangguid" "," Mediamarket "," Asos "," Aviasales "," Lamodu "," Sportmaster "," Everbain "," La Redoubt "," Messenger "," Fasttech "and" May Takes. " The percentage of money spent on the purchase, which will be returned to the buyer, depends directly on the online store in which he makes it.

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Methods of withdrawal of money

A question arises when using the how to withdraw money? The administration of the resource did everything to make the withdrawal of money as comfortable as possible. This cashback site offers the following output methods for its users:

  • Credit or debit cards "Visa" or "MasterCard".
  • Purse "Webmoney".
  • Purse "Kiwi".
  • Wallet "Yandex. Money."
  • Purse "PayPal".

This diversity adds incrediblepopularity service The reviews confirm the comfort of using this resource. The choice of a method of a conclusion of money resources in full measure remains for you.


As evidenced by feedback from users, howrule, the service functions perfectly. The funds intended for return are correctly reflected, and the tracking of the cashbacks occurs in the correct way. Many users have already assessed the full benefits that the resource provides to their customers. It is easy to use, effective and invariably useful for customers.

Of course, positive feedback can be found aboutresources-competitors, for example, about Customer testimonials indicate that the administration of the site is responsible for the performance of its duties, and the service itself operates smoothly. Negative feedback is mainly related to the implementation of the cashback at the time of a special download of the resource, for example, in days of massive sales.

What kind of money refund service for purchases do you choose? After reading this article, you will be able to make an informed opinion about the resource of and make this decision.

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Negative feedback

Negative responses, as a rule, are connected with that,that users are not sufficiently acquainted with the rules of the service. For example, some do not like the existence of a minimum threshold for withdrawal of funds, which is five hundred rubles. Also, when using Internet purses, a commission will be withheld. This should be taken into account before resorting to cooperation with the resource under consideration. Many are frustrated because of the lack of a referral program. Sometimes there are certain technical problems and there are violations in the process of returning money for purchases. However, it is better to clarify such issues immediately with the technical support service, which, incidentally, always meets customers, doing everything to ensure that the use of the service brings only positive emotions.

How do I shop to get a cashback?

Do I need to make any purchases?in a special way in order to be able to return some of their money back? No, you can do everything as you normally do. There is only one nuance: you need to go to the site of the chosen online store through the service Feedback indicates that this procedure does not take much time and does not require significant concentration of attention. It is important only to send the goods to the shopping cart online after you switch from the service under the "Get Cashback" link. After placing an order, you receive information about the amount of the order and the amount of money that you can receive back. It is she who will be credited to your personal cashback account.

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When can I withdraw my cashback?

Once the online store confirms the factordering, it is necessary to make payment. Only after this the commission will be paid. Sometimes it is paid weekly, sometimes monthly, depending on the particular online store and the conditions of its work. In turn, https: (reviews repeatedly confirm this fact) do not provoke any delays: cash will be available to you on the same day the store will pay the resource. The average duration of the entire procedure is six to eight weeks. However, some online shops pay a commission much faster (within two weeks).

How to track cacheback?

Usually information is received on theresource from the online store during the first hour, but sometimes the amount of time can fluctuate depending on the speed of the work of a particular online store. Finally, all purchases will be tracked and displayed in your profile after seven days.

Advantages of this resource

According to what they say about reviews, the main advantage of it is that it gives customers one hundred percent commission, which it receives from online stores. Is this not a profitable cooperation?

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What does the site earn?

The given cashback-service gives allCommission, which receives from the store, to its users. But why this is the creators of this site? Is it charity? Of course not. Then how does the resource receive revenue? At the moment, the service earns a service charge from users who saved more than thirty euros per year. This fee is withheld once a year at a rate of five euros. Another source of income is additional advertising.

At the moment, the only cashback service,which gives customers the entire commission, is The invitation to cooperate with him should not be ignored. There is a generous and creative team of specialists working there.

What for it to shops?

Similar cash-back servicesorganize various stores (for example, cashback). Why is it profitable for them? First, it's a good way to tell new potential customers about yourself, attract new customers and ensure their loyalty. As a rule, every online store plans a certain budget for advertising on the Internet. How it would be more reasonable to spend these funds, specialists decide. And often the right decision would be to invest it in cooperation with cashback services (ePN, Customer testimonials indicate that this is really an extremely effective way of advertising and a reasonable investment of money.

cashback ru reviews

Today's economy becomes not just artthe most skillful housewives. Now this is a necessity for different groups of consumers. It is important to be able to buy more necessary or desired things for a smaller amount. Considerable help in this is provided by the new for the expanses of Runet cashback services. The essence of their functioning lies in the fact that the resource in question concludes an agreement with various online stores and receives a certain commission in the form of a percentage of the amount that customers attracted by the cashback service will spend in the store.

Some resources of this kind give only a portion of this commission to their users. But is ready to give everything that it receives. This service is the most generous of those existing on the open spaces of the Runet at the moment. Feedback indicates that using this cashback is incredibly simple. It is enough to go through the registration procedure and make purchases by visiting online store sites through your personal account on the cashback service.

Do not be afraid of the new! Save on your purchases, allow yourself more along with the resource</ span </ p>