How to log in to Rutorg if the site is unavailable? Solving the problem of blocking the portal

Today, the Internet is exchanging millionsgigabytes of content daily. Users download and download text, music, video files, software and other materials that are subsequently used for various purposes. Some of this content is distributed legally for free or for an additional fee, and some - illegally, using pirated channels. As for the latter, much more material is transmitted through them. For these purposes, there are numerous torrent trackers that allow you to distribute files so that other users can download them.

how to go to the rutorg

One of the largest trackers of the post-Sovietspace is Its popularity is such that millions of users are daily looking for ways to go to "Rutorg" (this is how a resource is called in the Internet sphere). The purpose of visiting this resource is to search and download, as well as the publication of a file. It is noteworthy that there is a great chance that you will easily find this or that program, music or film.

The problem of access to torrent trackers

The advantages that moderntorrent trackers (meaning a huge database of free content that counts millions of files), are blocked by attempts of different countries to stop the spread of pirated (stolen) material, which is mainly spread on such sites. It should be understood that if you go to "Rutorg", you will come across illegally filmed and produced all kinds of deceptive content paths - "cracked" programs, copied movies and audio recordings from the air and so on. Accordingly, the user who receives it all on a free basis, should have some remorse about the fact that he uses the fruit of someone else's labor without paying it.

On the other hand, in addition to the moral side, we haveand legal from the technical, which, interacting, prevent Internet visitors from logging on to torrent trackers and downloading what they want, free of charge. This interaction includes several directions at once.

Rutorg does not open

For example, search engines block resultssearch for pirated sites and remove them from the issuance; Internet providers at the subnet level shut down access to the largest resources of "free" content; registrars of domain names on which illegal sites are hosted, close them, removing them from delegation. The technique is actually quite a lot, and all of them, acting together, can deal a serious blow to the scope of stolen content.

Why does not Rutorg open?

That case, if in your browser for somereasons does not open, just falls under the scope of the means by which to combat pirates. Simply put, this means that your provider has blocked access to the resource, and you can not go to it, which means that you can download a free movie or music. This method is calculated for the fact that the user sees an error and, without knowing how to enter "Rutorg", will leave the service.

go to the rutorga

At the technical level, everything is done quite simply - the tracker's address is entered in the list of those that the visitor can not see.

Finding a solution

If the locking mechanism of Rutorg (as, incidentally,and any other pirated site) acts in this way (by blocking the resource at the level of the IP and domain name), it is quite easy to bypass protection. You can go to the site by hiding the final destination. You can do this through one of the many services that encrypt data that comes to you from the network. Such tools are called VPN-based programs, they exist both on a free and on a commercial basis. Among the first can be referred to a product called Hola: user reviews, which themselves were looking for an answer to the question of how to go to "Rutorg", indicate its efficiency.

We find an alternative to "Rutorgu"

In order to work with a VPN client,you will need to download and install it on your computer. If, for example, for you this presents certain difficulties, you can go the other way and try to find an alternative to

Fortunately, to date, the torrent of trackers,having their own database of files, a lot. You can download one or another material on any of them for free. At the same time, all trackers can not be in your provider's lists - some less popular resources will not be mentioned there, which means that you can visit them.

Search for an alternative to your favorite tracker, if notyou know how to go to "Rutorg", you can at various torrent forums. There, as a rule, publish the addresses of services and mirror directories from which you can massively download content.

A little morality

Finally, in this article, I would also like to take a little space and to mention the harm of torrent trackers and piracy in general.

rutorg why not working

It's no secret that any product - a book, music,film or program - is developed through contributions that users make. If this does not happen, and the content falls into free access through trackers, the author does not receive any deductions, and therefore he has no motivation to continue creating.

We have a huge request: before looking for the answer to the question about why Rutorg is not working, think about it.