How to cancel a bet on Csgolounge. What is the service intended for?

How do I cancel a bet on Csgolounge? What kind of service is it and what is it for? How can I bet on the site, what kind of principle do they have? How do I cancel a bet on Csgolounge and try skins? These and other issues will be discussed in this article.


Probably, Counter-Strike can be calledthe only game that every gamer in the world knows about. It all began with an uncomplicated first-person shooter, based on which it is easy to confront two teams consisting of terrorists and special forces. Clashes occurred on a huge number of game locations.

History of the game

The shooter, released by Valve,quickly spread around the world and found glory from gamers from different corners of the planet. It should be noted that initially the game in most cases was not released in proud solitude, and was supplied on discs along with the legendary part of the anthology Half-Life.

In the very first part of the shooter the players wereinvited to join one of the teams and either do evil, or defend the world from the threat of terrorism. Officially, there were locations of two regimes: the destruction of the target and the rescue of the hostages. Accordingly, in two different cases, the spetsnaz had to protect the targets (and usually 2) and take the hostages to a certain zone, and the terrorists had to install a bomb on the plant (plant place - the place of the bookmark) and not give the spetsnaz rescue of the hostages.

Some maps, created by folk craftsmen,They also supported both modes simultaneously. On such maps, there were hostages, and places to lay bombs. Which, incidentally, gave rise to some uncertainty and uncertainty in the actions of the players. At the same time on these maps there were vehicles - cars. They could also be used, which made the gameplay a bit more exciting and diverse.

Game evolution

how to cancel a bet on csgolounge

Currently, many users usecorresponding service, are wondering about how to cancel a bet on Csgolounge. And what happened before? After all, before the appearance of CS: GO, nothing of the sort existed.

After the release of the version of Counter-Strike 1.1 company Valve decided not to stop at what has been achieved, but to improve. Versions were released (although some players consider them simply patches), such as 1.3, 1.5. Perhaps the end of this whole story, version 1.6 became the original border. In it, players met a slightly modified interface, the menu of buying and choosing a team. The weapons changed places. Later, on the same engine, the first storyline was built: Counter-Strike Condition Zero. Many, by the way, ascribe her version 1.7, although this is not true. In this part there is not only a campaign (exciting, I must say), but also an competitive mode with bots.

From 1.6 to Source

bet on csgolounge

The new part of Counter-Strike - Source - turned outvery successful. A new graphics engine was introduced, which increased realism, making the game more real and saturated. After that, the company began to develop a new part of the legendary shooter - CS: GO.

CS: GO. Bets, cases, skins

how to remove a bet on csgolounge

Sometimes on the sites devoted to the topicCounter-Strike: Global Offensive you can meet the question "How to cancel the bet on Csgolounge?". In principle, by the word "rate" in general terms, everything is already clear. But users, inexperienced in this matter, do not understand to the end what is at stake. Which, in principle, is not surprising. It was for such cases that this article was written: to help players who promote their account in CS: GO.

So, let's look at the basics of the game. The main sense of the series remained, even after passing through the years of change. It's still the same unpretentious "postrelushka", whose goal is to completely destroy the enemy team. But people who played in the previous parts (and it's about 1.6 and Source), remember that it was quite easy to install weapon models there. Download from the site - put it in a folder, and it's ready! In CS: GO the situation is somewhat different. Models of weapons can be purchased for money.

You can buy them on the trading floor, opening the cases, exchanging with other players, and using third-party sites. One of them is the Csgolounge service.

The bet on Csgolounge is done by weapon models,which the player has in his inventory. I would not like to tell the whole process in a concise form, so we'll try to paint it if not in all the details, then most of them are exact.

Preparing for an account

To work with the site, you need to set up an accountplayer in the Steam service. To do this, go to the profile settings. There we go to the section "Privacy settings". The status of the profile is set open, in the "Comments" section, tick the "Open" checkbox, the item "Inventory" also by analogy.

Now you need to log in to the site where weWe will bet. Speech, of course, is about the service Csgolounge. Authorization there passes through Steam, it will be necessary for the service to allow some manipulations with our account. It is not necessary to be afraid of this. The thing is that Csgolounge must have access to your inventory in games, so that you can bet or trade things.

The authorization button is located in the right corner. Click on it. A button will appear with the words "Yes, sign in". We press on it. After that, you need to go to the profile, copy the URL link for the exchange, then paste it into the appropriate box and confirm everything. Thus, we have completed the preparation of the account for the trade and the rates.

How to remove a bet on csgolounge

how to return a bet on csgolounge

In order to remove the bet, it is necessaryfirst of all, do. To do this, choose the match to which we will bet on the right side of the screen. After that, the inventory will be displayed, items from which you can put. Cases may not be displayed, as well as very expensive things.

Often, users ask themselves howreturn the bet to Csgolounge. It must be understood that this system is sufficiently thought out. Therefore, to bet when the outcome is already clear, or to remove the bet, when the match is already going and you feel that you are losing things, it is impossible.