How can I change the feedback on "Aliexpress"? User's guide

Chinese online auctions as never beforepopular, including among Russian users. The explanation is simple - on sites like "Aliexpress" you can buy anything you like, from small electronics and accessories to your new smartphone and ending with some solid-fuel boiler. The cost of such goods is an order of magnitude lower, given that they are supplied directly from China.

Plus, a convenient navigation system, a simple and attractive interface, as well as the opportunity to find a review of the product of interest to you on "Aliexpress" make this store more convenient for shopping.

Only there are some small difficulties,which not all users can fight. Take at least the very opinions. They can be changed depending on the arrangements between the buyer and the seller. But not everyone knows how to do this. On how to change the feedback on "Aliexpress", read in this article. We will describe in detail and tell you how it is done.

how to change feedback on "Aliexpress"

Feedback page

In the "Active Feedback" tab (youyou can find in your personal account on the site) there is a list of those products, reviews about which you previously left. This is what you need if you want to know how to change the feedback on "Aliexpress." Simply click on the "Report Abuse" button, which is located opposite the product you are interested in, and a form will be activated to change the left recommendation for the item. Indeed, the opportunity to change the response to "Aliexpress" gives the right to change the opinion of the seller in the event that he, for example, voluntarily compensated the funds spent for the purchase, or agreed to simply send the goods.

change review for "Aliexpress"

Can not be changed again

However, it is necessary to pay your attention to onedetail in the policy of the online store, which we describe. If you've changed your product review once, you can not do it again. Therefore, before changing the review to "Aliexpress," think, are you sure of what you are writing. After all, even from those very sellers very often you can notice the abuse of naivety of buyers. In particular, they can promise to return the goods only after you change your feedback to "positive." Do not believe it at all - you just put "five stars", and the seller will stop answering your questions. You can not change the rating back.

Write the truth

review on "Aliexpress"

In order not to seek information about how tochange review to "Aliexpress", write always the truth. After all, in the end, the system of reputations and ratings that is introduced on this site is designed to give the buyer an opportunity to understand how his counterparty-seller works, what products he offers the consumer and the like. If you constantly follow the logic of "putting a review for a promise," then you simply mislead other buyers. They, in turn, will lose their money because of an unscrupulous seller and, of course, your recall.

If the good is good, put a positivea mark; if the supplier somehow deceived you - do not even doubt how to evaluate it! Boldly put a negative review and demand a refund or send goods!