Internet shop "Sima-lend": customer reviews

What makes the online store "Sima-lend" so popular? Discussions of purchases in it today have become an integral part of most women's forums. We will discuss what is special about this hypermarket.

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About Store

Hypermarket "Sima-lend" is one of thethe largest wholesale trading platforms in the territory of the Russian Federation. Already almost twenty years of continuous trading activity allowed the company to acquire the richest experience in its field of activity. The range of goods and suppliers is expanding rapidly, which can not but please the regular and new customers.

On the Internet resource of the hypermarket in questionyou will be offered more than five hundred thousand various goods, which you can use in everyday life, at work and on vacation. All these products are produced in fifty different countries of the world. Among them - the Russian Federation, China, Poland, the United States of America, Vietnam, Italy, Brazil, India. This Internet portal today represents more than five thousand employees on ninety-eight thousand square meters of warehouse space in the largest hypermarket in the Urals, as well as in offices located in Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Italy and China.

The company has developed many of its ownBrand names (for example, "Dude", "Kote", "Zabiyaka", "Las Gameas", "Ethel", "Loazon", "Little Ya", "School of talents", "Carnaval Country", "Forest workshop" "Tundra", "Queen Fair", "Collorist"), under which are sold exclusive products of their own production (goods for animals, bed linen, toys and sports products for children, table games, souvenirs and tricks, household goods and dishes, costumes and accessories for the holidays, goods for creativity, baby products, electrical goods, wooden toys, costume jewelry and haberdashery, tools for construction and repair, home textiles, clothing).

Internet-shop "Sima-lend" (legal address: Ekaterinburg, Chernyakhovsky street, 86) is incredibly popular. Every day it is visited by more than two hundred and fifty thousand Internet users. Among the regular customers of the store are many large wholesalers, representing retail chains, educational institutions of different levels, public organizations, legal entities, as well as offline stores of various formats. "Sima-lend" in 2013 became the only representative of the Russian Federation at the Canton Fair in Southeast Asia (the largest of its kind international exhibition).

Moreover, the company in question isactive member of AIDT (Association of Children's Goods Industry Enterprises), which also includes such world giants as Lego, Nickelodion Viacom Consumer Products, Zvezda, Stabilo and others. The level of activity of the hypermarket is appreciated by real professionals.

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The social responsibility of the store

Surprisingly, such a giant industrialtrade actively participates in charity. Most of the employees pass on to the needy various products of "Sima-lend": toys, clothes, souvenirs, dishes. They help inmates of a number of orphanages. Such children often need the simplest things, and to make them happy, do not need fabulous amounts of money. The management of the store "Sima-lend" understands this and tries to impart the same way of thinking to its employees. It is interesting that in the process of selection, approval, packaging and delivery of gifts, a wide range of employees are involved, who willingly fulfill this role.


Buyers really appreciate the hypermarket "Sima-lend." Ekaterinburg and Moscow can also offer the use of warehouses for self-transportation, which facilitates the delivery process for both parties. In general, customers like low prices and a huge range of products. Here you can really find everything: from clothes and original souvenirs to tourist equipment. It is also gratifying that all purchases can now be carried out in one online store. There is no longer any need to track payment and shipping on multiple sites at the same time. The most convenient store, of course, for wholesalers, but, thanks to the growing popularity of joint purchases, all related problems are easily solved.

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Negative feedback

Of course, they leave negative feedback about"Sima-lend." Reviews of this plan tell us about the big shortcomings with voluminous orders, a significant number of defective products. What disappoints many, the company does not return money for such products. Part of the ordered is damaged on the road due to the fact that it was not properly packaged. It is important to file your claim within a legal period (three months) in order to have the right to demand from the store your money.


Variety of products offered"Sima-lend" (online store), will amaze even the most experienced. Here you can find products that belong to the following categories: "Souvenirs", "Exclusive goods", "Gift wrapping", "Everything for the holiday", "Bath and sauna", "Garden and vegetable garden", "Construction and repair", " Tableware, Textiles, Clothing and Footwear, Sewing Haberdashery, Toys, Licenses, Creativity, Exclusive Partners, Leather Goods, Bijouterie, Haberdashery, Household Goods "," Cosmetics and perfume "," Summer goods "," Interior "," Furniture "," Household appliances "," Auto "," Digital electronics "," Sports and Recreation "," Stationery "," Electric goods " "Books", "Zo Products "," Food "," Products for adults "," Hardware "," Winter goods. " Each of these sections is conveniently divided into a number of subcategories that help you easily navigate in all this diversity.

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Now it is easy to pay for purchases in the store "Sima-lend", retail it or wholesale - it does not matter. Payment is carried out either by a card on the site, or by bank transfer.

The resource accepts the following types of bank cards: Visa Classic, Visa Gold, Visa Platinum, MasterCard Mass, MasterCard Gold, MasterCard Platinum. In the event of claims, the return of the spent money will be made on the same card.

If it is more convenient for you to make payment by banktransfer, then you will receive an invoice for it to your email address. There are two options for calculating: one hundred percent prepayment before assembly or fifty percent prepayment before assembly. In the first case, the order will be sent immediately, but it is possible to create an overpayment that will remain in your account and it will be available for further orders. In the second case, the second half of the amount will need to be made after the assembly of the product, however, it will need to wait for about five days to send it. This is due to the expectation of the rest of the money coming to the account.


Transportation of goods organized by the store"Sima-lend", reviews are called convenient and accurate. It is carried out in most cities of the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan with the help of its own delivery service. The products are delivered to the entrance. As a rule, the goods are delivered within five to six days from the date of payment of the order. In some cities, the parcel can be picked up independently from the point of self-transportation. When ordering from twenty thousand rubles it can be done free of charge, and when ordering from ten thousand rubles it will be necessary to pay additionally three percent of the total purchase amount. "Sima-lend" delivers the goods at different tariffs. So, an order of thirty thousand rubles will be delivered free of charge. Delivery of an order of twenty thousand rubles will cost six hundred and fifty rubles. And for transportation of the purchase, which cost you ten thousand rubles, you will have to pay three percent of the order amount plus another six hundred and fifty rubles.

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Receipt of goods

What you need to know before accepting the products of "Simalend"? Feedback is strongly recommended to familiarize yourself with the procedure for action.

To begin with, it is important to calculate the quantitydelivered places and check whether it coincides with the data of the bill of lading. On each of them, your data or data of your organization should be correctly indicated. Damage to the tape or packaging suggests that the parcel has already been opened. In this case, it is recommended to take a reception in the presence of witnesses, taking pictures of what is happening on the camera. Claims must be noted in the act of receiving the goods. With a recipient must have a passport or power of attorney, if necessary, the organization's seal.


Not always send a quality product company"Sima-lend." Reviews report a large number of marriages. What if you received a product that does not comply with the declared quality? It is important to contact the quality department of the online store as soon as possible.

When can I expect a refund?

  • Incomplete completion of the products sent.
  • Obvious shortage among the shipped goods.
  • The goods are defective, that is, they absolutely do not meet the quality standards that were originally claimed.

It is important to report your claim on time. If you find a shortage, tell the quality department staff not later than five working days from the time you received your goods. If you find a clear marriage, you have five days, and if hidden - three months.

You can issue a refund with the help ofintended for this form on the website of the online store. The presence of a picture of defective products can significantly speed up the process. Such claims, as a rule, should not be considered longer than ten working days. The result of the examination will be notified to you.

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"Sima-lend" (online store) does everythingpossible in order to win the loyalty of its customers. That's why there are regularly held various actions, which allow you to save considerably on your purchase. For example, LLC "Sima-lend" regularly offers a 4% discount on a number of products in each category. Their list can change over time, which allows those who want to buy the thing they need is much cheaper. Also sometimes set super-prices for certain products. Goods for which the stock is relevant are marked on the Sima-land website with a special badge.

Every two to three weeks, new and new special offers come into force, promising big discounts on certain groups of goods. A little patience, and you can get what you want by an order of magnitude cheaper.

For the purchase of goods in large quantities, you can also get a solid discount or a nice gift from Sima-lend.

For such a variety of shares, buyers appreciate the store in question.

"Sima-lend": work in the store

There are new and new vacanciesdifferent directions (for example, "Office", "Warehouse", "Production", "Hypermarket"). Most of them are relevant for the city, where the head office of the company "Sima-lend" (Yekaterinburg) is located. However, you can always find suggestions for other cities. The team of the online store is friendly and creative. Such cooperation will allow not only to realize themselves through interesting activities, but also to make new acquaintances, to develop as a person. Specialists of the resource Sima-land tend to treat their work as an art, which in essence is today the development of promising areas of business. Dare, join the team of professionals who are in love with their work.



"Sima-lend" is a place where you will find everything thatnecessary for a comfortable life. Most customers are satisfied with the quality of the products they purchase, however, cases of marriage are not uncommon. It is important to know in advance the rules of return and to know your rights, so as not to get lost in the problem situation.

Successful purchases!