reviews about the system that allows you to find profitable tours

Given how big the market is todaytourist services, you can only imagine what a large number of proposals expose operators to their customers. In addition to the fact that they include different directions, dates of departure and arrival, as well as various places to stay, a simple tourist to follow all this and choose the best option is almost impossible. In fact, every operator (and there are many of them on the domestic market) has its own set of proposals, which, moreover, is regularly updated. Until recently, it was simply impossible to find really profitable offers. A few years ago a service was launched to help in this. They called him Reviews about the resource indicate the tremendous benefits that it brings to people who want to travel.

How does work?

So, as already noted above, this serviceIt is based on the principle of aggregator - a resource with a huge amount of data that is constantly updated. All the information on it is structured and selected according to certain criteria, through which an ordinary visitor has the opportunity to get it on a particular issue.

All the data that can be obtained on this portal can be divided into several groups: it is information about tours, special offers in hotels, discounts on certain directions and others.

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If a person wants to go on vacation, he goes (Turkey is either Egypt, the United Arab Emirates or Thailand - it does not matter). Further, using the "smart" form of search, it is necessary to specify the criteria by which the selection of tours will be conducted, which is available. Here you need to select the date, destination, specify additional parameters related to comfort and additional amenities, as well as the cost. After that, the service will offer a number of options available to this or that operator in the presence. Agree, it's pretty simple! If you read about reviews, you can also find confirmation in them. A person quickly and easily finds a way to visit another country at a minimum cost.

Advantages for travel agencies

True, it can not be said that such a portal is beneficialexclusively ordinary travelers. No, is also used by travel agencies that provide intermediary services between their clients and tour operators who organize travel.

Yes, many agencies work on mutually beneficial terms with tour operators: they receive discounts, more current prices, operative information about "burning tours" and more.

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True, now these same data are supplementedinformation from Burning tours can be monitored at once from two sources, which increases the relevance of the data. In turn, their agency provides the client.

Benefits for operators

For those who are directly involved in the organization of tours - operators, both the largest and most famous in the world, and small, regional, services like Sletat also bring a lot of benefits.

Imagine that the operator hasunsold several tours that need to be implemented urgently. Of course, in this case they are reduced by prices, referred to the category of "burning", especially as the date of shipment approaches. There are situations that agencies can not sell this tour even at cost, which is why the company's money is gone.

In the same case, if the operator cooperates (reviews of the company's representatives contain information that there are more than 100 operators in the database), it can realize this "burning" tour much faster. At the same time, their operator will return the funds, and maybe even get some profit.

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How to use the service?

In fact, the use of the Sletat system(reviews, by the way, this is confirmed) is very simple. Some information in general can be obtained in general terms even without registration, simply by visiting the resource. Here you can see the calendar, with which it is easy to draw up a schedule of the planned tour, as well as fields for entering data about where and where the trip will take place. All intuitively simple and informative - even a user without experience with such systems will figure out quite quickly. For example, you can choose a tour in general, a hotel for housing or air tickets in the right direction, selected by date. Still here you can find a direct tab of "sweet suggestions", where action tours are collected.

Regarding registration, the site of the service explicitly states that will not send spam, while the created account will give access to a wider range of services.

What is the vulnerability of the Sletat system? Feedback from dissatisfied customers

This system functions quite wellqualitatively, benefits people, is an effective tool for finding practical suggestions. This conclusion can be made by analyzing about reviews that users leave about this site. In this case, of course, we can not do without negative recommendations, which left dissatisfied customers. About them and we will talk further.

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So, the most common about reviews are complaints about the slow operation of the system and the irrelevance of the information presented on it. Regarding the first people write what you have to wait until the data is updated and provided sufficiently, and the second statement says that the site provides irrelevant prices.

Some of reviews indicate that the prices placed on their service do not coincide with those that, in the end, dictate the operators. And this is important, because this is the meaning of the service. You can fight this in one way: to check with the administration of the resource, whether the cost of a particular product is relevant.