How to use the "Yandex" wallet. "Yandex" - a purse - how to put money

Frequently, users are faced with problematicsituations when it is necessary to master new sites and payment systems. People over the age of 40 find it difficult to change their own photos, not to mention the use of electronic currency. Therefore, in this article we will talk about how to use the "Yandex" -shell. With its help in the future it will be possible to pay even advertising in mailing lists.

Electronic wallet "Yandex.Money"

Currently, there are many differentpayment systems. Each person is given the opportunity to choose the most comfortable for him user interface. The Yandex.Money system has several advantages. This is a simple and fast procedure for creating an online wallet, the absence of special conditions for the start of use, the ease of mastering a popular service, the possibility of replenishing the account in the desired way (via ATMs, payment terminals, bank cards, mail, points for accepting cash contributions for cellular communication) in anywhere in the world. Many authors of mailings are registered here.

For permanent use by the userit is recommended to start a "Yandex" purse. There, the authors of mailings will send details for paying for the ordered advertisement. In addition, with the help of money on the account you can buy goods in various online stores.

how to use yandex purse

"Yandex.Money": the purse is ready for use

Create an account on the site is easy. After that, a person will be able to start his own electronic wallet, using the service "Yandex.Money". Attach a phone number to the account.

So, created with the help of the service "Yandex.Money »the purse is ready for use! But sometimes there is an unforeseen situation. It was easy to open an account. But the person does not know how to use the "Yandex" wallet. To begin with, you should learn how to replenish the balance. Electronic money on the account will be required when paying for advertising in mailing lists and other services.

Yandex money wallet

Replenishment of balance using the service "Yandex.Money"

After authorization, the user will see the number on the leftelectronic wallet, and in the center - a description of various options for working with him (how to translate, withdraw, spend money, tie a card, etc.). Clicking on the "refill" link, he can choose any available way of getting money to the account. Funds are transferred instantly with the help of ATMs and prepaid Yandex.Money cards, within an hour - RDB cards, within a day - cash payment through any terminal, cash desk or branch. It is possible to receive money in 2-3 working days. This is the case with a bank transfer.

Problems with replenishment of balance

Recently, more often you can observesituation, when funds do not come from ATMs and terminals to the "Yandex" purse. How to put money in the account in this case? Most likely, you'll have to call the terminal's technical support and find out where the funds could have disappeared. To avoid problems, you should refrain from replenishing the account through them. If you still want to transfer funds through ATMs, you should ask yourself, which one is used by colleagues, relatives and friends. For example, through cash desks in any of the salons of the company "Euroset" money reaches without any delays.

kiwi wallet money Yandex

Purchase, payment for goods and services using the service "Yandex.Money"

With the help of the site you can transfer money from yourbalance to the account of another person. There are three ways to accomplish this task: by clicking on the "Refill" link, activating the "Transfer to another user" footnote or applying a special "Transfer form".

How to use the "Yandex"how will the money appear on the balance sheet? For example, like this. When buying advertising in the mailing list, the author sends the number of his electronic wallet in the system "Yandex.Money": 4ХХХХХХХХХХХХ4. The user should indicate these figures and the amount of the transfer, then click the "Translate" button. When typing a number, you need to be careful, otherwise someone else will get the money. After the user enters the payment password, the funds are transferred to the account of the addressee. Next, you should notify the author of the mailing about payment for the service and indicate your purse number in the Yandex.Money system.

Protection of translation

It is carried out with the help of patronage - digitalcodes, without input of which the addressee will not receive the transfer. You must specify a certain period of their validity. This time is given to the addressee for his needs. If the recipient does not enter the required protection code in the specified period, the money will be returned to the sender's wallet. In any case, such a measure of protection will allow you to insure yourself in case of incorrect input of data about the recipient.

yandex wallet how to put money

Account replenishment with the help of special services

This task can be accomplished by exchangingelectronic money in other systems (Single Wallet, Liqpay, RBC Mani, etc.). Usually they transfer funds from WebMoney to Yandex-purse. You can replenish your account with the help of other exchange points, since the system is not cheap: the commission is 4.5% of the amount. Many webmasters to those who wish to transfer money to Yandex are advised by the service "Changed".

There is a good method for studying reviewsusers to determine the best service. True, the site belongs to WebMoney. It's called Advisor. There the participants of the system leave feedback about the sites with which they have already dealt. Among the reliable resources indicated by people, you can find a suitable exchange service with the most profitable rate.

Transfers between QIWI and Yandex.Money purses

The first step is to check the settingssecurity. This applies to "Kiwi" -wallets, and "Yandex.Money", and PayPal, and any other. You need to visit the section "Security", there are all the necessary instructions. In addition, you should familiarize yourself with the basic schemes of fraud, which are used by dishonest people in pursuit of profit.

Refill the balance of Yandex.Money "through QIWI is possible using the exchange service. The reverse procedure is carried out in the same way. The user translates QIWI / "Yandex.Money" to the selected site. Further all is simple. Exchange service makes a translation of "Yandex Money" / QIWI owner of funds after deduction of commissions. The fee can reach 12%, depending on the services of which site will be used.

electronic wallet yandex

Choice of exchange service

After that, the money is in the accountuser, except when a person accidentally gets to scammers. He transfers money to the exchange service, and in return, of course, does not receive anything (you can consider it a 100% commission for the service). Such situations are not uncommon.

The actual question remains: with the help ofwhat exchange service should be replenished with "Kiwi" purse, "Yandex.Money"? By monitoring the rate of electronic currencies, the user can choose the most reliable site. You should open a resource from the checked list with the appropriate rate. After the transfer of electronic money to the details of the service, the site replenishes the owner's wallet in the currency desired by the user, minus the agreed commission.

Binding of bank cards

To accomplish this task, he who desireslearn how to use the "Yandex" -shell, you should go to the settings under the link "Account Management". Then you need to select the "Bank Cards" area. The user is offered three options for use.

One of them is for payments. It allows you to pay for purchases and services by e-currency from a bank card without replenishing the account in the system. In this case, the funds are written off directly, without getting into the account.

Binding a bank card (Visa, MasterCard)ensures the security of payments. During the verification procedure, a small amount will be blocked, which should be specified at the time of the binding. The commission is not charged at all. After that, the user will no longer need to repeat the card details at each purchase, it will be enough to inform them about the site, which he a priori trusts.

yandex purse to transfer money

Issue of the Yandex.Money bank card

This method is used to pay for purchases andservices. The account of the full bank plastic card "Yandex.Money" is equal to the content of the user's wallet. You can go to any supermarket and buy electronic currency for all the necessary products and things. This is a great way to withdraw funds. With a card issued for 3 years and sent by mail for 100-200 rubles, you can make purchases on the Internet and cash in ATMs for only 3%.

Other binding options

Use of Alfa Bank cards for replenishment"Yandex" wallet is the most traditional way. After the binding is not charged. The same applies to the card of the bank "Otkrytie". For the withdrawal of funds are withdrawn 3%.

If the user owns his own site, thenhe can place a button on the resource pages to make donations. To do this, copy the informer code in the settings section called "Collect money". How to do it? You need to tick the button to add a button and specify a certain amount of the fee. After that you should activate the informer. Then there will be a code for copying, which can be inserted into the necessary place on the pages of your own or someone else's resource.

Withdrawal of money with account opening

For the service, the system charges a small commission inthe amount of 3% (and 10 rubles in the implementation of non-cash bank transfer). Such a conclusion is possible only in Russia. To accomplish this task, all funds or their part should be transferred to an account in an ordinary bank, which receives additional interest for this service. You can also use the RBR card registered in your wallet, and transfer the money to the card balance with a preferential commission of only 2% (the bank does not charge it).

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Other output options

If you want to receive money without opening an account,then you should contact any point of the Contact system. In this case, the commission is only 1.5%. It is best to receive cash through the specified system, since the withdrawal from the user does not require knowledge of various bank details and the filling of many fields. It is enough just to correctly enter the passport data and indicate the department, and upon receipt - to present the identity card and to name the amount and number of the required payment.