Earnings on clicks without attachments with withdrawal of money: description, reviews

Earnings on clicks are one of the most popular andthe oldest earnings on the Internet. Popularity is due to its availability even for beginners. It does not require special skills and knowledge, as well as any investment. Many are wondering whether it is possible to earn real money on clicks. We will deal with this issue in the article.

What is earnings on clicks?

Earnings on the Internet on clicks representsthe usual actions that we perform every day on the web: click on banners, read letters, go to sites, follow links. And for each such action you can get a reward. Each click has its own cost. The cost depends on the complexity of the job. For example, the most inexpensive action is surfing. Surfing is called visiting and browsing sites.

Who pays for clicks? Owners of Internet resources and advertisers are ready to pay for activity on their sites and increase traffic. It is necessary for them to promote their sites and products. And the performer simply needs to perform simple tasks: likes and repots in social networks, clicks on banners, reading letters, transitions to sites, passing tests, comments, registration on sites and other tasks.

Everyone can earn money, the main conditions areavailability of Internet and free time. Earnings on clicks without attachments are suitable for schoolchildren, students, both unemployed, and those who want to receive additional income.

Earnings on clicks

How much can you earn?

The real earnings on clicks depends only on how seriously to treat this kind of earnings. You can earn 1 ruble a day, and 500 rubles, and higher. Earnings also depends:

  • From the time given to work. The more time spent on work, the more income. In feedback on earnings on clicks, it is noted that active users pay an average of 2-4 hours per day.
  • From the cost of assignments. Tasks have different complexity and cost. The price of tasks varies from a few cents to hundreds of rubles.
  • From invited referrals. Referrals are people invited to the project for a specific link. The work of referrals is passive earnings.

Many people give up such work, without really starting,because of low incomes. Often, the first rewards do not reach even 1 ruble. This type of earnings requires effort and time, only then it is possible to reach a fairly good additional earnings. Doing only surfing or reading letters, do not earn much, you need to perform tasks that are more difficult than just clicking on the mouse. But if you understand the tasks, they will not seem so difficult either.

Attraction of referrals

Good earnings bring referrals. Having created your big referral system, you can get excellent income while doing nothing.

Each web site has its own referral system, which differ by:

  • levels, most of which use a two- or three-tier system;
  • profitability from referrals, on the average makes 20-40%, but can reach and to 60%.

The more referrals, the more revenue the referee will receive. After all, from each action committed by a referral, the referent himself receives a certain percentage.

Therefore, to reach a higher income,to devote time to attracting new people and agitating them to work. Most referrals are eliminated in the first days of work, since the initial level of earnings is very small. And here the referee should help and interest his referrals to continue working. Often, referrals hold various contests for referrals.

There are several ways to attract referrals:

  1. Free. Involving your friends and acquaintances through various social networks, using "word of mouth".
  2. Paid. Placement of information on the same mailboxes or freelance exchanges, banners, contextual advertising and others, the purchase of referrals on special exchanges.

Many wonder whetherto earn without referrals. Yes, you can. There are cases when some users went to the income of a thousand rubles a day. But in this case, you have to spend a lot of time on assignments. Referrals also make work easier.

Work on the Internet


Post sponsors are sites where you canearn through clicks. These include axleboxes, mailers, a system of active advertising. These sites are designed to meet advertisers and performers. Advertisers give the task, and performers perform it. The websites themselves receive a certain percentage of advertisers.

On the Internet there are dozens of mail sponsors, we will analyze below the most popular sites that you can trust.

Seosprint (Seosprint)

"Seosprint" is one of the oldest and most popularearnings on clicks with the withdrawal of money in the territory of the CIS. It was created more than 7 years ago. The site values ​​its reputation, so every day from 5 to 7 thousand new users join it. Active users - more than 230 thousand people, assignments - more than 13 thousand.

To get started, you must register andpass a small test on the rules of the site. You can only use one account. Tasks that can be found on the site: surfing, reading letters, passing tests and other paid assignments. Earnings on clicks without attachments can vary from 5 kopecks to hundreds of rubles.

If the account is inactive for 60 days,then it is automatically deleted. But the box has an excellent function that is not found on other similar sites. If you plan to return to work after a long absence in your account, you can activate the vacation mode. If the mode is active, the system will not be able to delete the account even after 60 days.

There is a fair of referrals, where you can buy or sell them. Each referral at the fair indicates the activity and rating.

Revenue from referrals can be up to 40%. The referral system is two-level. The withdrawal of funds at the initial level is possible once in 10 days, on subsequent - every day. The minimum amount for withdrawal to Webmoney is 2 rubles, Yandex.Money and Payer are 10 rubles, Perfect Money is 30 rubles.

Vktarget (Vktarget)

Vktarget is one of the best platforms for working withsocial networks: husky, reposts, comments, fallovers. Allows one to promote their page in social networks, others to make money on it. Every day on the site, up to 6 thousand people are registered.

To get started, you must register andconnect their social network profiles ("facebook", "facebook", "classmates", "Twitter", "Instagram"). Earning money on clicks depends on how filled the profiles. To increase earnings, you need to pump your accounts in social networks. The number of jobs also depends on how many social networking accounts are connected.

On the site you can use up to 4 quality accounts by one person. Most boxes are forbidden. The referral system is simple, the income is 15% of the work of the referrals involved.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 25 rubles, the withdrawal is made within 2 working days. You can withdraw to Webmoney, Yandex.Money, PayPal, Kiwi, Steam and a mobile phone.

The tasks themselves are not complicated, they arefew seconds. The check takes place instantly, and the money is credited immediately. Earnings on instant clicks are quite acceptable, for joining the group you can earn up to 50 cents. And as advertising in social networks is getting more and more coverage every day, there will always be work there.

By cons are: a small number of tasks, there are new rarely, sometimes the site is overloaded, delays in payments.

Mouse clicks

Wmmail ("Vmial")

"Vmilj" is also a popular and oldestwith an axle. Included in the top best earnings on the clicks of Russia. It was created in 2004. Earnings are calculated in dollars. The project has paid more than $ 6 million in its history. Users - more than 400 thousand people, active tasks - about 5 thousand. Assignments are similar to "Seosprint."

To work on this platform you need to have an electronic purse "WebMoney". This condition is mandatory.

There is such a service as the exchange of articles, whereyou can sell or buy an article. Has a five-level referral system. Revenue from referrals is up to 10%. One of the main amenities of the platform is: tasks come to e-mail. This does not let you miss interesting and well-paid assignments.

There is a stock exchange of referrals. You can withdraw the earnings on Webmoney (the minimum amount is $ 0.1), at Payer (the minimum amount is $ 0.2), Yandex.Money, Kiwi, the phone (at least $ 0.2).

AdvertApp ("AdvertApp")

"АдвертАпп" is an interesting project that allows you to earn money using a mobile phone. Works with smartphones "Android", "iPhone", "Aypad".

First you need to download the program"АдвертАпп" on your smartphone and then perform tasks. Tasks are associated with downloading various applications to your phone. There are no difficulties with the fulfillment of such tasks. And payment is made immediately after opening a new application on your phone. A day is available from 2 to 15 new applications. The price varies from 4 rubles to 10 for downloading. After payment, the application can be deleted.

There is a referral system, according to which for eachthe referral is paid 10% of the earnings. The payment is good enough if you compare the complexity and time spent on the task. There are no malicious programs and restrictions on the withdrawal of funds.

The withdrawal of money takes place instantly and without commissionon a mobile phone, "WebMoney", "Yandex.Money", "Kiwi", "MILRU" and others. The pluses also include: downloading new and interesting applications that you can try to use.

Seo fast (Seo Fast)

"Seo fast" - another earnings on instantclicks. It's just over 6 years, site users - more than 1.5 million, every day 1 to 2 thousand new users are registered, active users - about 100 thousand. More than 53 million rubles have been paid. On the site you can see the top of the earned money for the day and for all time.

Tasks: surfing, reading letters, tests, video scans, teasers, activity in social networks, other paid assignments. There is a two-level referral system, income from referrals from 10 to 60%. Buy or sell referrals at the fair. For lack of activity during the week, points are selected.

There is no minimum amount for withdrawal, but money can be withdrawn, only having received the status of "Worker". Instant withdrawal of money to Webmoney, Yandex.Money, Kiwi, Perfect Mani.

In reviews of "Seo Fast", users note that the earnings on this site are slightly higher compared to others.

Socpublik (Sotsplick)

"Social Security" - earnings without attachments on clicks. It has more than 160 thousand active users, every day 4-5 thousand new users are registered. Assignments are the same as on all other boxes: surfing, writing, viewing, etc.

Has a three-level referral system, income from referrals - up to 60%. The referral system on "Social Security" is considered one of the most profitable.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0,01 rubles. The withdrawal of funds occurs instantly, excepting only the first conclusions. You can withdraw money from "WebMoney", "Yandex.Money", "Perfect Mani", "Payer", "Kiwi".

There is a stock exchange of referrals, various contests with money prizes are held.

Work in social networks

How to choose a site

What to pay attention to first of all when choosing a site on which it is planned to work:

  1. The minimum amount of output. Some platforms limit the withdrawal of fundssetting the minimum amount for withdrawal. Those who want to receive their money immediately, you need to pay attention to this, so as not to wait until the earned amount will reach the desired.
  2. Reviews. Prior to the beginning of work, you should familiarize yourself with the reviews about the specific earnings on clicks with instant withdrawal of money. Often they write a lot of interesting information. And also it can save you from scammers.
  3. Referral system. If you plan to attract people, then this should be paid attention. Some axleboxes have very good and profitable affiliate programs.
  4. Popularity of sites. On large and popular bookshops a large numberassignments. They follow their reputation, do not admit to themselves scammers. Also, large advertisers choose such reliable sites and expose jobs with higher pay.
  5. Try several sites. Everyone chooses that box, which is more convenient and interesting. It makes sense at first to try a few and decide which one will like more.
Working on a laptop

How to get started

  1. Register on one of the postalsponsors, you can choose from those that are presented above. To increase earnings you need to register on several such sites. 2-3 will be enough. Carefully read the rules and conditions, as they all have different.
  2. Start an electronic wallet, if it does not already exist. This is necessary to withdraw funds from the site. The most popular ones are "Webmoney", "Yandex.Money", "Kiwi". Each email sponsor has its own list of e-wallets, to which it is possible to withdraw. This should be taken into account when choosing a payment system.
  3. To complete tasks. Choose from the list of tasks and perform. To begin with, you should try all kinds of tasks, and then choose the ones that you like.
  4. Withdrawal of funds. The most pleasant thing is the withdrawal of money. It should also be borne in mind that the first conclusion can be with the verification of the data and be spent a few days.

Merits of earning

Earnings on the Internet without attachments on clicks has a number of incomparable advantages:

  1. Work does not require knowledge, skills and experience. It is enough to be able to use the computer on an amateur level.
  2. Suitable for beginners, who only master earnings on the Internet.
  3. A variety of tasks, as well as areas where they can be performed. Each job has instructions.
  4. Start the work at any time, and execute it anywhere. It is also possible to combine work or study.
  5. You can go to a good extra income.
  6. No attachments are required.
  7. You can withdraw money instantly and the minimum amount. Do not wait for the end of the month to receive a reward.
  8. Payments are stable and guaranteed, subject to the selection of proven sites.
  9. Passive earnings from people involved.
Work anywhere


All the disadvantages of earning on clicks without attachments with withdrawal of money can be reduced to several items that are typical for any book:

  1. The low cost of most assignments, and hence low income. To reach an acceptable income, you need to work hard and give it enough time.
  2. The need to develop your referral system, this is the only way to earn good money.
  3. Limited tasks, they all look alike.

Reviews about earnings

Reviews on earnings on clicks are contradictory. Some consider it a good extra earnings, others - a waste of time, for here you will not earn anything, and all the tops with an income of several thousand rubles on the boxes are simply drawn. There is some truth in both of these reviews.

Indeed, earnings on the performance of assignmentssmall. It can not be called simple, since it requires a lot of time, at least at first. But if you set a goal to earn, you can get a good income.

Earnings on the Internet


Since earnings on clicks are connected with money, it was not without fraudulent schemes. The most common of these are:

  1. Promise high incomes for simple clicks. The cost of all tasks at different sites is almost the same. And if they promise clearly inflated incomes, you need to be alert.
  2. Duplication of sites-boxes. This is very common, when scammers use sites with a similar name and design. This is done in order to steal your login and password from this site (the so-called phishing). After the login and password are entered on such a double-site, the attackers will be able to enter the real site and collect all the money from the account. Therefore, you need to carefully check the reliability of the site.
  3. The requirement to make money. Checked sites-boxes do not require making money on any accounts. Earnings on clicks do not require investment. All fees for withdrawal are paid from the earned money.


Can I make money on clicks? Definitely, you can. But you do not need to rely on high earnings in a few mouse clicks. It will be necessary to give this kind of earnings enough time, only in this way it is possible to achieve success. In addition, it is necessary to attract other people, thereby increasing their income.

Earnings on the Internet on clicks without attachments will suit everyone who wants to earn money on the Internet. This is also a good pastime, for which they also pay money.