Alexander Lapshin - blogger: biography

Alexander Lapshin is a well-known Russian blogger and traveler, who invented himself the nickname of Puerto. About him and talk in our article.

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Alexander Lapshin. Biography

Our hero was born in Ekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk) in1976 year. Sasha's father is Russian, mother is Jewish. When the boy was 13 years old, his family moved to permanent residence in Israel. Having finished school there, Alexander Lapshin served in the Israeli army for 3 years, even fought in hot spots and managed to get 2 higher education. From 2003 to 2008, he again moved to Russia, but already to Moscow. There he engaged in business, namely, the resale of real estate and shares. This allowed him to buy his own apartment in Moscow.

After the financialcrisis in Russia, he again returned to Israel. There he lives in a small quiet place near the border with Lebanon and works as an editor of Russian Internet sites dealing with the topic of travel. He was never married. Sasha does not have any children.

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Occupation and interests

As mentioned earlier, Alexander Lapshin -blogger, a very famous and avid traveler. His online diary he leads in the "Live Journal." His page on this site has collected more than ten thousand subscriptions and is the most visited among travelers. Alexander has already visited more than 100 countries, and some of them several times.

I would like to note that all his trips hecarefully thinks out and plans, starting from buying tickets for flights and finishing with hotel reservation, actively using special offers, burning tours and discount tickets. Lapshin would never go on a trip, if it cost him dearly. And on his trips he always uses a rented car.

His impressions Alexander Lapshin with pleasure shares with the numerous army of readers of his rather interesting blog.

Another of Sasha's hobbies is the desirecitizenship of different countries. Interesting hobby. Russian citizenship he already received at birth, since he was born in Russia. Israeli citizenship was issued to them upon their arrival in Israel at a young age.

A little later, Lapshin received a Ukrainiancitizenship. Although our hero did not live a single day in this country. But soon he was deprived of it by the Ukrainian authorities. In addition, he filed documents for obtaining Georgian citizenship, but to no avail.

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Civil position and worldview

The blog of Alexander Lapshin is not onlyimpressions from trips. He often and much criticizes officials of all stripes and representatives of power structures of various countries of the world. Particular emphasis is placed on the creation of all kinds of obstacles for travel and non-compliance with prescribed laws. For this reason, he was suing the Ukrainian Ministry of the Interior because of his deprivation of his citizenship. Also, with the Russian consulate of Israel, there were debates because of the numerous fees for issuing passports. To top it off, he sued the Israeli Ministry of Security for his arrest.

In a conversation with officials, according to Lapshin,it is necessary to have a recording device with you, the information from which can be used in the future as a means of exposure and pressure on them.

Alexander Lapshin does not appear anywhere on secular and other public events, despite numerous interviews with the press and active publicistic activity.

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International scandal around the figure of Lapshin

In mid-December 2016, Sasha was arrested inMinsk at the request of Azerbaijan. Prior to these events, he visited Nagorno-Karabakh in 2011 and 2012. After that, the authorities banned him from entering the country and blacklisted him. But in 2015, he crossed Azerbaijan from Georgia on the Ukrainian passport, in which instead of "Alexander" "was inscribed" Oleksandr. " On border control, he was allowed to pass unchecked without recognizing the very same Lapshin from the blacklist. In addition, our hero twice made calls to recognize the independence of Nagorno-Karabakh. As a result, the Azerbaijani prosecutor's office accuses Alexander of illegally entering the country and declared him on the international wanted list, filing two criminal cases.

Representatives of Russia and Israel, a citizenwhich countries is Alexander, actively participated in the fate of the blogger. They tried to prevent his extradition to Azerbaijan, since he shines from five to eight years in prison.

As a result, the internationalembroiled and involved diplomats and officials of the five countries. An international scandal broke out around Lapshin: after a demonstrative conflict, Belarus spoiled relations with Russia, Israel and Armenia.