Why can not I download applications from the Play Market and how do I fix it?

Problems with mobile gadgets - enougha widespread phenomenon. Despite the fact that the operating system "Android" has the overwhelming majority of positive feedback, it is also created by ordinary people, which means that it will not be possible to avoid problems and mistakes. Today we will talk about why not download applications from the Play Market and how to fix this annoying misunderstanding.

why not download applications from the play market


Often, the solution to the problem lies on the surface. For example, on the Internet you can often ask questions: "Why are not applications downloaded from the Play Market written? There is not enough memory." Usually such questions are asked by users who do not understand the technology at all. If you have a similar error, there are two ways to solve it .

  1. Clear the space in the phone memory. Perhaps the application's size is too large for it.
  2. Check the installation path of the application and change it so that the installation is performed on a removable memory card.

So you can avoid problems with a lack of space on the device. But there are other reasons why applications can not be downloaded from the Play Market.


If the Play Market gives an incomprehensible error, then the user should execute the following instruction:

  1. Go to phone settings.
  2. Select installed applications.
  3. We find three processes - Google Play Market, "Services for Google Play" and Google Services Framework.
  4. For all three, you need to perform three consecutive operations - stop, clear the cache, delete data and delete updates.
  5. After that, go to your account settings and delete all the checkmarks next to the sync.
  6. Reboot your device.
  7. Return all the settings that you changed before.
  8. Reboot again.

After performing these operations, your "Play Store" should be restored to its operational capacity.

why not download applications from the play market does not write enough memory

My Account

There is another reason whydownloads from the Play Market. This may be due to your account settings. In order to cope with the problem in this case, one of the following two recommendations must be fulfilled.

  1. Add a second Google account and use ittry downloading what you like. If all goes smoothly, switch back to your old account and run the right application. The data in it will already be yours.
  2. Another option is to delete the entire account. After that, clean the application data, as it was indicated in the first paragraph of the article. Then perform the next reboot. And, finally, create a new account. Now I have to make everything.


If you still do not understand why you can not download applications from the Play Market to your phone, you may need to follow these recommendations. You can make one of the two.

  1. Check for updates to your system and "pump" it to more recent.
  2. Make a full "hard reset" of the device and return it to the factory settings.

why not download applications from the play market to the phone

Both methods are based on the fact that manyusers trying to find out why applications are not downloaded from PlayMarket, errors began to appear after the device has updated the operating system version. Especially often it happens on the "Samsung". So either reflash your gadget, or wait for the manufacturers to release a fix or patch for your model.