How to put a heart on the keyboard - three elementary ways

The need to stand out from the crowd - the "crowd"is inherent in us by nature. If we recall the structure of snowflakes, among which there is not one identical, then God himself told us to stand out. After all, in fact, we not only stand out, but also assert ourselves in the general mass. And among young people, blindly led by the notorious youthful maximalism, the tendency to differences simply grows to irrepressible proportions. And in this there is nothing wrong or reprehensible. Everyone stands out as best he can: some with the mind, others with beauty, the third with eccentricity and extravagance.

how to put a heart on the keyboard
The original status in "Contact": how to put the heart on the keyboard?

Imagine the averageuser of all known social network "VKontakte", which wants to stand out among similar ones. The original photo on the avatar, mysterious, intriguing pictures with profound statements of the philosophical plan ... The turn comes to the status, and here the problems begin. It seems that all successful statements, a veiled attitude to life, moral messages have become disgusting and have become a common phenomenon. What should I do in this case? The answer is elementary simply - in the status it is necessary to put any non-standard symbol, and to make it absolutely not difficult. And since the majority of VKontakte users have already boldly entered the beautiful time of the birth of tender and sensual relations, that is, love, the heart in the status will always be one of the most popular and popular. But how to put the heart on the keyboard? It's pretty simple. It is necessary to press the following combination of keys - Alt + 3 (plus, of course, you do not need to press).

heart how to put
It is worth noting that the heart appearsnot at the very press of the keys, but after they are released. You can practice on a standard Word document, and after that, you can safely go to social networks, without breaking your head about how to put the heart in "Contact".

Heart, and not only

It is worth mentioning another way, which, perhaps,in a more accessible form will explain how to put the heart on the keyboard. Click on the Windows icon "All programs", then select the "Standard" among the list of programs. The next line is "Official", in which the link is "Symbol table". We launch, and there you will see the coveted badge - the heart. How to deliver? Simpler: copy and paste into the text or status field.

You can receive the necessary information without fearseem incomprehensible and ignorant, that is, to some extent a "teapot". In the social network "VKontakte" is full of groups with names like: "How to make hearts", "Fans to put hearts", etc.

how to put the heart in contact
In them, each user will not only be taught how toon the keyboard to put a heart, but even how to draw a crocodile. Displaying all the characters that are not on the standard keyboard is not magic. The fact is that personal computers have always had the ability to transmit a lot of different symbols - much more than what we see on the keyboard every day. At the moment, the standard code symbol table includes more than 100 non-standard (for ignorant) characters that can be displayed using various manipulations - exactly as you put a heart on the keyboard.