How to put the site on the Internet?

The Internet has such an array of information,that here everyone can find something interesting for him. But if you have a desire to share your achievements with the world, or you want to earn online, creating your own website, then you will be interested in the question of how to put the site on the Internet, what you need to do for this. After reading the article, you will understand that everything is simple.

Free and paid hosting

In order not to pay extra money for accommodationsite in the network is better to choose free hosting. It allows without financial expenses to choose for your site a third-level domain name and put the site on the Internet, although the free hosting has its drawbacks. First of all - it's advertising, which is laid out on the site hosting provider as a result of which the design is distorted. The possibilities of free hosting are limited. The number of visits from your site will be small. For this reason, if you are hoping to earn with the help of the site created by you, free hosting will not help you in this matter.

Above mentioned the domain name. Let us explain what it is. Before you put the site on the Internet, it is assigned a name that will be subsequently entered into the browser's search line. There are three levels of the domain name. For example, consider the name of the site: www. ***. Ru, - "ru" refers to the first level, "***" - the second level. Free hosting adds an additional word to the second-level domain name - ***. Ru - the word "art" is a third-level domain name.

In addition to free hosting, there is a fee,which allows you to choose a domain name of the 1 st and 2 nd levels. If you know how to put a site on the Internet and choose paid hosting, then every month you will pay for the site's placement on the network, which will cost you four to twelve. e. per month.

Hosting the site on the network

Now consider the immediate processpublishing a website on the Internet for free hosting. There are many of them. For example,,, etc. "" provides an opportunity after registration to place a site or page for free.

You need to start by creating your account onservice "". On the main page, click on the button "Create a site" and a window will open. In it, select the "Register" link and click on it, fill in the registration fields. It is important to know that the name of the site will be the same as the login name. Specify the password, answer the secret question and to protect the service code - numbers. Click the button "Register". It is mandatory to copy the information that was entered during registration.

Click on the link "Start using the servicePeople ", go to another page and click on the button" Create a site ". Then the wizard for creating yandex sites opens. Answering the questions, fill in the fields. After that, the "Site Builder" will be opened. Click the "Manage files" button. Using the opened file manager on the hosting, upload the files: click on the button "Upload file", and then "Select file". In the appeared window click on the button "Open". The file you selected will be uploaded to the hosting server. It is maximum permissible to place on the service "People" up to ten files, and in terms of volume they should not exceed five megabytes. On the hosting server, you need to create a folder named "image", images from your site will be placed in it. After downloading files, click on the Refresh button and reload the site already from the hosting server.

Check the operation of the site on the network by typing in the browserhis address. Pay attention before you post the site on the Internet, whether the file names are spelled correctly. Invalid characters include Russian letters, spaces, etc. The name assigned to the file must consist of numbers, Latin letters. Use when encoding windows files.

You can also place a website on the Internet using the Filezilla program, which allows you to download the pages of the site to the server of your chosen hosting provider.

Tips on how to run a website on the Internet, will certainly help you find your place in the network and find a way of self-expression and additional earnings.